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10 Best Star Wars Games of All Time

Over the past two decades, Star Wars has become a major pop culture phenomenon with recognition all over the world.

Star Wars is now found in almost every form of media and content possible, from movies and TV series to novels and comics, and even video games with their own storylines and characters.

It has become nearly impossible to be caught up with everything happening in the Galaxy at any one time; even if it was just a tiny easter egg that you missed.

There are uncountable stories and characters in the Star Wars universe now. But it is our goal to help you filter through these stories or at least those in the video games (for now).

So, join us on our journey to find and bring you the top 10 best Star Wars videogames of all time across an array of consoles, platforms, and eras. Hence, without further ado, let us start the rankings.

Star Wars

10. Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars: Republic Commando, first released in 2005, is perhaps the best First-Person Shooter based title in the Star Wars video game universe.

Given that all the other Star Wars based titles around its time were trying to give players the feeling of being a Jedi by just swinging a lightsaber, the game focused on shooter-based combat.

Set in the era of the Clone War (the same as the TV show), Republic Commando allowed the players to control a Clone Commander by the name of “Boss” and his team of elite Clone Troopers. The player would lead the Clones into increasingly difficult battles throughout the Clone Wars.

Republic Commando ended up being a breath of fresh air to an oversaturated gaming community that had grown tired of every game trying to emulate the previous one, and never truly bringing something different.

Its initial success was revamped in recent years by the success of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars show. This, in turn, served to integrate hits of nostalgia into the game.

Renewed popularity called for, and eventually allowed the game to be re-released in April 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and PS4, along with a PC remaster

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9. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Being one of the more nostalgic titles on this list, The Force Unleashed was one of the first Star Wars video games to be released on every major console in 2008. The game served as an introduction to Star Wars for most of the younger fans at that time.

The Force Unleashed bridged the gap between the two trilogies with its storyline. Players would start their adventure as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, codenamed Starkiller, and be sent on missions across the Galaxy.

The main objective was to eliminate the survivors of Order 66 and make sure that the Jedi were wiped out entirely as part of their training. The game utilisted lightsaber combat coupled with Starkiller’s Force abilities.

The game was based on an upgrade system that allowed the player to acquire more abilities and skills through gameplay. Awarding exploration with character costumes and lightsaber colours was also a feature.

The story, for its time, was one of the best that Star Wars videogames had to offer. The ability to choose an ending after Starkiller discovers the Light Side of the Force, while keeping the movie plot intact, was highly commendable.

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8. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Serving as a direct sequel to The Force Unleashed, the second part of Galen Marek’s (Starkiller’s) story was the peak of satisfying lightsaber combat and gameplay that made you feel like you were in the game itself.

The sequel followed the story of the first part and built upon what the first game did exceptionally well. A whole new style of lightsaber combat was introduced by equipping Starkiller with another lightsaber.

Galen also acquired a plethora of new Force abilities, while retaining some of the more iconic ones too. New abilities were highlighted by the now iconic Force Repulse.

The game also built upon the easter eggs that the prequel featured, with additions like every lightsaber color having its own unique effect on gameplay or Starkiller’s abilities. This, coupled with the insane graphics improvements kept audiences tied to the game till the very end.

Even today, The Force Unleashed II is undoubtedly our go-to game for a healthy dosage of Star Wars nostalgia; despite where it ranks on this list.

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7. Star Wars: Squadrons

Released in 2020 and made to utilize the best of what the current generation of consoles has to offer, Star Wars: Squadrons was hyped up as the single most immersive Star Wars video game to date.

But alas, that was not the case. Squadrons, while single-handedly being one of the most beautiful video games to ever exist, takes away from what the community had defined as an enjoyable Star Wars video game, and tries out something new entirely.

The setting of the game is after Return of the Jedi and the player follows the story of both the Empire’s “Titan” Squadron and the New Republic’s “Vanguard” Squadron. Missions are played in an alternating scenario from the perspective of each Squadron, while based around the New Republic’s “Project Starhawk”.

The gameplay, which allowed players to be able to engage in space battles from the inside of a New Republic or Imperial starfighter, was seen as something to be enjoyed. But the majority did not share this opinion.

The lack of immersion, along with a reward system that felt not-so-rewarding, caused the game to leave players feeling disappointed and wanting more.

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6. Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)

After EA acquired the rights to Star Wars games, one of their first projects was a reboot of the classic Star Wars Battlefront game released in 2004 by LucasArts.

While the original was and is to this day, one of the most popular Star Wars games to ever exist, the same could not be said for this iteration of the title. This was surprising given the decade-worth of graphics improvements.

Battlefront II was critically acclaimed for its gameplay and visuals, bringing a near-perfect balance of blaster and lightsaber combat on a multiplayer scale. An impressive array of characters was also featured.

Battlefront II’s 40 player lobbies, while being smaller than the original’s, were one of the reasons for what success it had. The same, however, could not be said for the campaign.

Other than the traditional Galactic Assault game-mode, Battlefront II added new ‘instant action’ game modes, out of which Heroes Vs Villains – a mode featuring all the big heroes and villains in a four versus four duel – turned out to be a major hit.

But what this new version of Battlefront II had going for it in terms of multiplayer, it lacked in the campaign department. The single-player side of the game felt disconnected from the rest of the Star Wars universe and disappointed the player base enough to be one of the worst received storylines in Star Wars.

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5. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was the first and only Star Wars game to be released for Android and iOS. The game was initially received extremely well, with the hype surrounding it allowing for most of the major flaws and lack of plot to be overlooked.

The game was set in a cantina in a distant corner of the Galaxy, where two players would face each other in a holographic battle with a turn-based mechanism in place. The playstyle, although new for Star Wars, had grown redundant for mobile games.

Characters and pieces have taken straight from the main Star Wars storylines were brought to life in these battles with their own sets of unique abilities and stats.

Despite its fresh take on a franchise that had been lying dormant for quite a while, Galaxy of Heroes received tremendous amounts of backlash due to it being heavily reliant on microtransactions.

The game incentivized players to spend real-life money by allowing them to buy or upgrade their characters. This caused a divide between free-to-play players who were there for the experience only.

This, coupled with slow updates, caused the game to die out extremely quickly; with the only people still playing being the ones who had emptied their wallets into the game.

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4. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

In the fun-filled and joke-riddled universe of Lego and exploring iconic stories in the form of building blocks, Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga is (no pun intended) the most complete entry to date.

Released in 2007, The Complete Saga has held itself well over the years, with the only foreseeable competition being the release of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in the upcoming future. That too at the end of 2021 (hopefully).

Featuring storylines and characters from the first six Star Wars movies, The Complete Saga was the ultimate experience for anyone who wanted to live through the story themselves. And with over 128 characters to choose from, the game never seemed to get boring at all.

From the events of The Phantom Menace, all the way to the destruction of the Second Death Star, the player gets to play through every moment. Albeit with Lego’s own twists on a few of them.

With an acute lack of dialogue, and Lego’s own twist on the story, the game promises hours of exploration and dumb fun that no other title has been able to match.

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3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II, better known as KotOR was an era defining game for the Star Wars franchise. Even though it was only released on PC

Taking stories from the time before The Phantom Menace, in the era known as the Old Republic, KotOR brought players to a time when the lines of Light and Dark were much more blurred.

Released in 2005, KotOR II was based around a role-playing mechanic, coupled with the turn-based combat that allowed the player to act and react simultaneously. KotOR II featured drastic graphical and combat improvements that allowed for better immersion at the time.

The game’s defining features included a captivating storyline that let players dive into the lore of the Old Republic. With a choice system that would affect the outcome of the story, every action, from dialogue to combat, determined how the story would turn out.

The game, even in the modern day and age, is regarded by some as the best Star Wars game to ever exist. But our next two picks are sure to change your mind.

Despite its amazing reception, the follow-up title, KotOR III was cancelled by LucasArts and the storyline was later retconned in 2014 by the Disney acquisition of Star Wars.

The expanded universe became known as Star Wars: Legends, and KotOR became the only content-producing Legends asset in Star Wars today.

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2. Star Wars: Battlefront II (2005)

Star Wars Battlefront II, first released in 2005 was, and still is, single handedly the best Star Wars multiplayer game to ever be created. The game was originally released in 2005 on the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC as a follow-up to Star Wars Battlefront.

The game took what the original Battlefront had done right and built up on it while bringing improvements where needed. The game added new features, such as the ability to play as the Jedi and Sith.

And allowing for movement such as sprinting and rolling forward, the gameplay became far more enjoyable and immersive. Better gameplay also came with better graphics for that time, which meant the game was a true improvement.

The game developed the storyline better by telling the story of the Republic and the Empire from the perspective of a veteran Clone-turned-Stormtrooper. This, combined with the extremely satisfying combat turned the game into a complete package.

Along with the near-perfect campaign, Battlefront II brought back online multiplayer from Battlefront I. With the return of Hunt, Capture The Flag and Hero Assault, Battlefront II has truly earned its spot on this list.

Star Wars: Battlefront II (Classic) for PC Video Review

1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

While ranking the rest of the games on this list was in fact a struggle, the number one spot had, from the very beginning, belonged to Fallen Order. Released in the later half of 2019, Fallen Order took the Star Wars Universe by storm and quickly rose to become the best video game in Star Wars history.

Set in the years between Order 66 and the events of A New Hope, the game follows the story of Cal Kestis, a Padawan who survived Order 66 and is being hunted by the Inquisitors after being discovered.

The character was designed for the game and introduces a new story to the timeline between the two events. The story, unsurprisingly, fits seamlessly into the Star Wars universe without any issues.

The player controls Cal Kestis on his journey to overcome his trauma and rekindle his connection with the Force through flashbacks of training with his Master. The journey takes the player throughout the Galaxy to locations both new and familiar.

Fallen Order’s gameplay is perhaps the most satisfying on the list. With lightsaber combat that feels rewarding with every strike and Force abilities that feel beyond realistic, the game keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout the game.

With an emotionally invested story, filled with tear-jerking moments, and combat more satisfying than any other Star Wars game on the list, Fallen Order is fully deserving of the number one slot on the list. And is definitely worth getting for any Star Wars fan out there.

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