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[Review] Vader’s Vault Vs. Saberforge: Which Should I Buy?

Companies that specialize in creating lightsaber replicas are becoming more and more lucrative these days.

It’s all due to the growing fan base of the whole Star Wars franchise.

While we’ve already covered Saberforge in a comparison with Ultrasabers, we’ve yet to know more about Vader’s Vault.

The details and features of this company are thoroughly discussed below and juxtaposed to Saberforge.

Below is a video of Vader’s Vaults products as showcased in New York Comic Con.

Custom Combat Ready Lightsabers! Vader's Vault at NY Comic Con!

Saberforge has a Youtube channel where you can learn more about their products.

Here’s a video sample from them.

Hero RGBA Infinite Color Option

Star Wars

1. Sound and light effects

The soundboard is an extremely important component in a functioning lightsaber replica since it’s where the sound and light effects come from.

In this comparison, we’ll find more about the various soundboards used by Vader’s Vault and Saberforge.

Vader’s Vault

Vader’s Vault makes use of the Crystal Focus soundboard for their lightsabers.

What I find most fascinating and convincing about this is the multiple choices you get in terms of sounds and lights.

According to Vader’s Vault, this soundboard has many features and the caliber of the audio is excellent.

It’s also guaranteed that you can make use of unlimited sound fonts.

But you already get 15 sound fonts which include the “Plecter Labs” primary sound font.

Each of the sound fonts includes blaster sound effects, flicker, pulse, lock up, multiple boots, and force effect. So you’re sure to have a flexible variety of choices which you can customize so it’s unique to you.

Impressively, this soundboard has a whopping 16 color choices for the blade and 16 “Blade FX” profiles. However, it’s necessary to get the RGB upgrade in order to use the color change.

Overall, if you’re looking to add more fonts and upgrades that you can add in your SD card, you can check out the Saberfont website. These available fonts are compatible with the Vader’s Vault soundboards.


If you haven’t already read our Saberforge and Ultrasabers comparison, you can check out the review here. Basically, Saberforge makes use of 3 different soundboards, and each varies in pricing, and features.

If you choose the blades that use LED lights, you can choose from 18 color choices. Saberforge utilizes 4 Cree XQ-E LEDs which are said to have the best lumen efficiency.

Veteran Soundboard 2.5

This is the entry-level soundboard available on Saberforge. I would definitely recommend it for those who have a limited budget.

It makes use of an HD sound driver and has 3 sound fonts featured. Of course, this too has sound effects that amplify the sensory experience of using this saber.

You also have the choice to program the flicker, making this great for customization. Also, effects are activated by motion sensors.

Champion Soundboard 3.0

This too is quite a basic soundboard in terms of some features. However, the main highlight of this soundboard is that it uses Sabercore 3, an accelerometer that makes motion-detecting more accurate.

This too has 3 sound fonts and they’re all customizable. With 3 effects, 5 blade effects and flash on clash, you’ll be able to mix and match the lights and sounds according to your liking.

Hero Soundboard

With the Spark Color 3 soundboard by Naigon’s Electronic creations, you get a variety of features that you will definitely enjoy. Unlike the Veteran and Champion soundboard, this one has 6 sound fonts.

If you’re looking for a soundboard with unique sound effects, this one is definitely for you. In terms of sound, it’s clear and accurately detects motion. Best of all, it also plays music!

As for the light effects, I definitely like how it is color changing. Of course, it also flickers and has other effects with it.

You can adjust the settings making use of the buttons on the hilt. Choose one color or select the feature where the blade color interchanges continuously from one to another.

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2. Blade

This is by far the part of the saber that receives the most abuse, especially if you duel actively. So it’s important to weigh out your options in terms of what blade will be best for you.

Vader’s Vault

Visually, their blades are stunning in terms of the distribution of light. So if you’re looking for something that looks great when illuminated, you’re sure to enjoy this blade.

I found that the Vader’s Vault and Saberforge have similar choices since both companies have day blades and clear blades for LED light illumination.

1” Day blades

If you’re going to a convention and you plan to spend a lot of time under the sun, a LED light blade would probably be difficult to see. So purchasing a day blade would definitely be a more visually pleasing choice.

The day blades come in a variety of colors such as red, green, blue, purple, and yellow. You also have the option of purchasing a heavy grade day blade but it only comes in red, green, and blue.

As for the length of the blade, you can choose from 30”, 32”, 34”, and 36”. It’s also great that they give you the option of a rounded or a bullet tip.

In addition, you can opt for a sanded finish for dual diffusion, or you can simply leave it unsanded so that it has a shiny finish. So depending on your preference, you can have a variety of choices.

Enhanced day blades

If you use these with their individual colors, the blades offer a brighter quality to them. Particularly, the problem of glare from overhead lighting can be avoided with this blade.

Therefore, this is great for photography where intense lighting is used. Three color choices are available, namely red, blue, and amber/gold.

Just like the regular day blades, you can also choose if you want to order a rounded or a bullet tip. The size options come in 30”, 32”, 34”, and 36”.

Plecter pixel blades

This particular blade is illuminated and it comes in the same size options as the day blades. Moreover, you have the option of getting the regular plecter pixel blades or the heavy grade version. In fact, you can also choose the 1” or ⅞” plecter pixel blade.

Vader’s Vault Dual Diffused Blade

Color options include standard clear and trans-white. Again, the sizing options come in 30” to 36” and it’s possible to choose from a rounded and a bullet tip.

The tip style options are mirrored and shine through, but the latter requires an additional fee. It comes in 1” or ⅞” diameters.

Again, the ⅞” diameter blade is great for lightsabers that require this smaller sizing. Great news for those who love to duel, you can also get this ⅞” blade in a heavy grade version.

1” Heavy grade dueling blade

This, too, comes in the same sizes, colors, tip types, and styles as the ⅞” diameter blade. However, Vader’s Vault does offer a warning that heavy grade blades can definitely be painful.

Yet, the demand is high and plenty of people look for the heavy grade blade because it’s durable and it lasts longer. Just be careful not to physically hurt or injure yourself or others!

Photon Blade™

One thing I can say about this blade is that it has a striking color. It has an aura that surrounds it when it’s on and even in sunlight it looks amazing.

At this point, it only comes in green but they are working on other colors. Basically, this blade makes use of a Blue LED light to activate the photons within the dye of the blade in order to produce that impeccable glow.


As mentioned above, Saberforge also has day blades and other blade options that require colored led lights. But they don’t only have blades, they also have options for other lightsaber types.

V4 Infinity Edge Blade

Being that this is made from polycarbonate material, you can be assured that this is durable. Also, this particular option is frosted and can diffuse the LED light very well.

They made sure that there are no defect spots in terms of the lighting and that the tip is threaded so that it is sturdily attached to the blade. Depending on the compatibility of your saber, you can choose from a standard or thin neck type.

Similar to Vader’s Vault, you also get the option of a rounded or a bullet tip. However, the sizing is much more diverse for the Infinity Edge Blade since it comes in 18”, 26”. 32”, and 37” length options.

V4 Infinity Edge Day Blade

Just like Vader’s Vault’s day blades, this too is great for when you’re under the sun or in intense lighting. It comes with the same features as the regular Infinity Edge Blade regarding the lighting, threaded tips, type, and length.

You can choose from a variety of colors. These include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple.

Other Blades

Unique options include axe sets and a whip blade. The Berserker Axe Blade set is marketed as a bright and durable blade option that can be used on crossguard sabers and single-bladed sabers to make kami blades.

Another one is the Crusader Axe Blade set which has the same features and functions as the Berserker Axe Blades. The only difference is the overall look but both do come in either a frosted or clear finish.

Made from a 6mm 10ft fiber-optic cord, the Light Whip Blade is absolutely beautiful to look at, especially in the hands of someone skilled with whips. It also comes in various socket sizes so that it’s compatible with various sabers.

3. Dueling ability

When it comes to dueling, the main concern is with the blade. In regards to Vader’s Vault, the heavy grade option is the way to go if you plan to duel intensely.

That’s not to say that the other blades cannot be used for duels but they’re definitely not as durable as the heavy grade ones.

Saberforge’s polycarbonate blades are definitely solid and capable of withstanding high impact strikes. Of course, when dueling with more intensity, the standard size is more appropriate than the thin neck option.

4. Customer service

When it comes to shopping for your saber, you need to have good customer support so that any questions you have can be answered accurately and in a timely manner.

It also covers warranty, returns, shipping, and others.

Vader’s Vault

With every purchase, customers get a 1-year warranty for flaws in workmanship. Other causes of damage such as accidents, misuse, abuse, and such are not covered by the warranty.

However, you’ll have to pay for the shipping to and fro when you successfully apply for the warranty. Also, if you try to fix the saber yourself, the warranty cannot be used.

Returns are not available and if there are any issues, the customer should refer to the issues covered by the warranty.

I definitely appreciate that they have a contact page, email and phone number on their website in case customers need to reach out to them.

Customer ratings on each product are present on the website and most of them are positive and it looks like the customers are satisfied.

On Facebook, their page has received terrific recommendations and they’ve garnered excellent assessment from plenty of individuals.


In terms of the warranty, Saberforge offers a 1-year warranty, too. Defects from the manufacturer and even damage from dueling are covered by this warranty. Just like Vader’s Vault, the customer must shoulder the shipping.

Repairs are also offered by Saberforge. Of course, there is an additional fee but this is something I find to be unique because not all companies offer repairs outside the warranty.

I also like that you can return the product within 15 days if you are not satisfied. To apply for the return, you’ll have to contact them and you can do that through their website.

But you will get store credit or exchange rather than your money back. To find out more about how to return the products, you can read the full instructions here.

Customer reviews are a bit hit or miss as you can see in this review. There are reviews for each product on their website, which are generally positive.

However, there are no full company reviews regarding the full services that they offer. You can find reviews on other websites such as Better Business Bureau®.

Nevertheless, considering that many of Saberforge products are sold out, their popularity is definitely superb. Overall, Vader’s Vault probably has better customer service considering the ratings and feedback on certain websites.


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