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General Grievous Lightsaber collection

How big is General Grievous’ Lightsaber collection?

General Grievous’ lightsaber collection is arguably one of the most famed collections of lightsabers throughout the galaxy. Or is it? The lightsaber collection in question here is none other than the famed trophies of the fearsome General Grievous. A source of fear for the Younglings of the Jedi Order and a constant thorn in the…

how are you supposed to hold a lightsaber

How are you supposed to hold a lightsaber?

Do you want to make a cosplay or Halloween costume with a lightsaber, but aren’t sure the most authentic way to hold it? Are you fascinated by the world of lightsaber dueling but get confused by the various forms and stances? Don’t worry, to find out everything you need to know about the various ways…

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