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Luke Skywalker green lightsaber

How did Luke Skywalker get his Green Lightsaber?

  Star Wars has put us through a lot of unresolved questions. One of the popular ones is where did our protagonist get his green lightsaber from? Before we go into the possible theories of how and when Luke built his lightsaber, we would like you to wear your stormtrooper helmet and be on the…

real-life light saber

How To Make a Real-life Lightsaber?

  Ever since the first time we saw Luke Skywalker ignite a lightsaber on screen in 1977, nerds and geeks worldwide have wanted to have a lightsaber of their own. After all, who doesn’t want a laser sword that can cut through (almost) anything? After the mesmerizing ways lightsaber duels would play out, it became…

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