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My name is Vance, founder of May 4 Be With You.


The Star Wars franchise has captivated fans the world over with its exciting films, in-depth lore, and breathtaking cinematography; and I am no different!

From the awesome clashes between Jedi and Sith to the most intricate details of singular lightsaber crystals, the Star Wars universe continues to amaze me.

I couldn’t help but create this site as a way to pour my heart out and share everything that I love about Star Wars!

I am constantly working on new articles about everything in and related to the Star Wars universe: lightsabers, Jedi and Sith, the 7 dueling forms—you name it.

You’ll also find reviews and solutions to all kinds of Star Wars products, all written to help you find accurate information as quickly as possible.

Take some time to look around and be sure to come back, I’m putting out new articles all the time!

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and may the Force be with you!