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10 Force Groups In Star Wars (& How They’re Different From Jedi & Sith)

10 Force Groups In Star Wars (& How They’re Different From Jedi & Sith)

In the expansive Star Wars universe, the spotlight often falls on the Jedi and Sith—masters of the Force. But they’re not alone. 

Other Force groups play crucial roles, each with distinct practices and philosophies.

Join me as we explore ten remarkable Force groups that stand apart from the Jedi and Sith. 

Let’s begin!

10. Fallanassi



The Fallanassi is a group in Star Wars known for their unique understanding and use of the Force.

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They see the Force as a sea, with the light side being the ‘White Current’ and the dark side as the ‘Dark Tide’. This perspective is different from that of the Jedi or Sith.

They have a special ability to create illusions or projections of themselves that can appear anywhere in the universe. This skill, called Similfuturus, was documented by ancient Jedi masters. 

It involves the user channeling their life force into the Cosmic Force. 

Luke Skywalker used this technique in the Battle of Crait to buy time for the Resistance to escape the First Order.

The Fallanassi are mostly women, similar to the Witches of Dathomir, and they rarely teach men. 

They played a key role in defeating the Old Republic’s Sith Empire and were asked by the Jedi to cleanse red kyber crystals. 

They could heal lightsaber crystals that the Sith had corrupted, and the Jedi considered their powers to be essential.

9. Jensaarai 



The Jensaarai are a special group in Star Wars that use the Force. They come from the Suarbi system and started during the Clone Wars. 

Unlike the Jedi and Sith, the Jensaarai use teachings from both, showing a balanced view of the Force.

They believe in a mix of Sith and Jedi ideas. They say they are perfectly balanced with the Force, using both kindness and anger for power.

For the Jedi, crafting a lightsaber was a significant milestone in a Padawan’s journey towards Knighthood. It was an outward manifestation of the Jedi themselves, with each lightsaber as unique as the Jedi who crafted it. 

This was equally true for the Jensaarai, but they generally constructed their lightsabers at an earlier stage in their training compared to the Jedi. 

They saw the construction of their armor, inspired by Sith teachings, as more important, symbolizing their unique blend of Jedi and Sith philosophies.

The Jensaarai had three ranks within their order: apprentices, defenders, and the Saarai-kaar. Each rank had its own responsibilities and roles within the order, reflecting their unique approach to the Force and their distinct practices.

8. Baran Do Sages

Baran Do Sages


The Baran Do Sages are an old group in Star Wars from the Kel Dor race. They’re known for their strong ability to see the future. This lets them warn people about dangerous storms and give advice to government officials. 

This is different from what the Jedi or Sith usually do.

The Baran Do Sages’ teachings are split into three parts, each inspired by a natural element: the Guided Wind, the Guided Lightning, and the Guided Stream. 

The Sages follow the Force completely and try to act at just the right time and place to avoid problems. 

Even though they focus on being patient and meditating, some of them also train in quarterstaff fighting and learn to control the elements.

For a long time, the Jedi Order took in the strongest Force-users from Dorin. This made the Baran Do Sages less well-known. But they kept protecting their home planet, Dorin.

7. Nightsisters of Dathomir

Nightsisters of Dathomir


The Nightsisters of Dathomir, also called the Witches of Dathomir, are a group of witches from the mysterious planet of Dathomir. 

They’re an old group of female magic users whose powers come from the dark side of the Force and are tied to Dathomir. 

Theys use a special kind of magic, called Nightsister Magick, which is different from the powers of the Jedi and Sith.

The Nightsisters were the rulers, with the power to use dark magic. The Nightbrothers, the men of Dathomir, lived separately from the witches and followed their orders. 

Even though they were powerful, the Nightsisters stayed out of the fights between the Republic and Sith and focused on their own things.

The Nightsisters used the Force for their powers, but they weren’t Sith or Jedi and didn’t side with either.

6. Knights Of Ren

Knights Of Ren


The Knights of Ren are a religious group in Star Wars known for their use of the Force. They follow the dark side, which they call the shadow, and their beliefs are symbolized by the lightsaber. 

Originating from the Unknown Regions, they have been known as dark side legends for centuries. They’re not Jedi or Sith, but they use the dark side of the Force in a direct way, as noted by both Luke Skywalker and Palpatine.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Knights of Ren were active participants. 

By the time of the Imperial Era, they were one of the few remaining groups that could use the Force, as the Empire had eradicated the Jedi Order and other Force-using groups. Their leader, a warrior named Ren, embodied the beliefs of the Knights.

Ben Solo, the nephew and apprentice of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, destroyed the new generation of Jedi and joined the Knights by killing Ren. 

He then took on the name Kylo Ren and became a warlord of the First Order and the apprentice of Supreme Leader Snoke. 

As the leader of the Knights of Ren, Kylo Ren filled the void left by the destruction of the Sith.

5. The Acolytes Of The Beyond

The Acolytes Of The Beyond


The Acolytes of the Beyond, also known as the Acolytes, were a group of dark side followers who became well-known during the last year of the Galactic Civil War. 

They grew into a network across the galaxy at the start of the New Republic era. They were known for sacrificing living beings and supposedly talking with the ghosts of dead Sith.

The Acolytes of the Beyond couldn’t use the Force, so they couldn’t feel the power or clearness of a Sith or Jedi. 

Without being able to see the Force, the Acolytes followed a twisted understanding of the Cosmic Force. 

They thought the Force was like a river, and that the dark side was the only way to change its flow.

After Darth Vader died in the Battle of Endor and the New Republic was created, the Acolytes of the Beyond came out and followed the Sith religion. They bought what they thought was the lightsaber of the fallen Dark Lord of the Sith, planning to give it back to him after death. Two months after buying the lightsaber, the Acolytes started a revolution in Coronet City on Corellia.

The Acolytes of the Beyond worshipped many dead Sith, who they saw as martyrs for their cause. 

Some Acolytes had dreams about the future that were connected to Sidious or Vader, which guided them on their dark path. They searched hard for Sith artifacts to keep the memory of their idols alive.

4. Dagoyan Masters

Dagoyan Masters


The Dagoyan Masters are a group from the planet Bardotta who can use the Force. Unlike the Sith or Jedi, they’re not warriors. 

They focus on learning, intuition, and the balance of the universe, and use their abilities in peaceful ways.

The Dagoyan Masters are strong in the Force and are part of Bardotta’s government. They live simply and rely on donations, living in high monasteries like the Halsoun monastery. 

The ones who spend their lives meditating earn the title of Master.

The Dagoyan Masters called the Jedi ‘kidnappers’ when some children from Bardotta joined the Order. They thought the Jedi had forced the children to join. 

During the Clone Wars, the Frangawl Cult kidnapped the Dagoyan Masters to use their Force energy. Queen Julia asked Jar Jar Binks for help, and he and Mace Windu stopped the plan.

3. The Ones – Mortis Gods

The Ones - Mortis Gods


The Gods Of Mortis, also known as The Ones, are a powerful family from the planet Mortis who can use the Force. 

The family includes the Son, who follows the dark side of the Force, the Daughter, who follows the light side, and the Father, who represents the balance of the Force.

The Ones live in the spiritual realm of Mortis, which is in the remote Chrelythiumn system of Wild Space. 

The Son, who represents the dark side of the Force, and the Daughter, who represents the light side, are immortal as long as the Father is alive and keeps the Force balanced.

The realm of Mortis is a channel for all the Force in Star Wars, and the Ones control this flow and make sure the dark side and the light side stay balanced. 

The Ones are respected throughout the galaxy as legendary.

During the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano were pulled into the spiritual world of Mortis. There, they met the Father, the Son, and the Daughter. 

The Father, who stood for the balance of the Force, saw Anakin as the Chosen One who could bring balance.

In a chain of events, the Son showed Anakin a vision of his dark future. The Son offered Anakin the power to avoid this fate. 

But the Father saw that the Son had broken the rules of time. He erased Anakin’s memory of these visions of the future and took the Mortis Dagger to stop the conflict.

The conflict got worse when the Son tried to kill the Father. In a sad twist, the Daughter jumped in front of his blade, sacrificing herself. After this, the Father stabbed himself with the Dagger of Mortis. This cut off the Son’s connection to the Force, letting Anakin kill him with a lightsaber.

2. Guardians Of The Whills

Guardians Of The Whills


The Guardians of the Whills are a group of spiritual warrior-monks from Jedha City on the planet Jedha. They are known for their craftsmanship in making the lightbow, a complex type of bowcaster native to Jedha. 

Their main responsibility is to protect the Temple of the Kyber and its visitors. The Guardians are a significant part of Jedha City, where they continue the tradition of handcrafting the native lightbow.

Unlike the Jedi and Sith, the Guardians have a unique approach to the Force. They don’t use the Force to show superhuman abilities, nor do they split it into the Light and Dark Side. 

Instead, they sense the Force and try to listen to it, understanding its will to guide their actions. This is different from the Jedi, who mainly use the Force as a source of power.

As part of their spiritual progression, a guardian traditionally had to construct a lightbow. 

This process required the guardian to attain the necessary skill to combine handcrafted artisanry with technology. 

Their beliefs included a preaching praxis, regarding the Force, demonstrating their unique interpretation and practices of the Force, setting them apart from the Jedi and Sith.

1. Force Priestesses

Force Priestesses


The Force Priestesses are five mystical beings that live on the Wellspring of Life, where the midi-chlorians come from. 

They represent the link between the Living Force, which living beings experience, and the Cosmic Force, which plays a role in the universe.

The Force Priestesses can change their forms, and they can appear as Serenity, Joy, Anger, Confusion, and Sadness. 

They exist in a state between the Living Force and the Cosmic Force, and they can show themselves to living beings whenever they want.

During the Clone Wars, Jedi Grand Master Yoda met the Force Priestesses on a planet at the center of the galaxy. They made him go through a series of tests. 

These tests made Yoda face his pride, resist a big temptation, and finally, go to Korriban, the Sith’s home planet, to take the final test, which was out of the Priestesses’ control. 

When Yoda finished the tests, the Priestesses decided that he could keep his identity after he died.


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