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5 Character Is Universally Loved and Has Zero Haters

5 Character Is Universally Loved and Has Zero Haters

In the Star Wars world, fans often have different favorites and opinions. But there are some characters that everyone just seems to love. 

They’re the kind of heroes who never get any hate, only love. We’ve picked out five of these special characters who stand out for being really cool and loved by all. 

Let’s take a look at these stars of Star Wars who have a special place in the hearts of fans everywhere.

Nien Nunb

Nien Nunb


In the vast expanse of the Star Wars universe, few characters capture the essence of an unsung hero quite like Nien Nunb. 

A skilled Sullustan pilot and resourceful arms dealer, Nien Nunb rose from the shadows of his smuggling days to become a celebrated hero of the Rebel Alliance. 

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His expertise in the cockpit was matched only by his quick wit and readiness to face the Empire.

Nien Nunb’s claim to fame came as the co-pilot alongside Lando Calrissian aboard the iconic Millennium Falcon during the pivotal Battle of Endor. 

Together, they navigated the treacherous space battle that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the second Death Star. His adept piloting skills were instrumental in the mission’s success, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers and the galaxy at large.

Beyond his piloting prowess, it was Nien Nunb’s cheerful demeanor and unwavering courage that endeared him to fans across the galaxy. 

His infectious laugh and optimistic outlook provided a stark contrast to the often grim realities of war. In every appearance, Nien Nunb’s spirit never waned, embodying the heart and resilience of the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars but only Nien Nunb


R2-D2 is a courageous little droid who plays a big role in the Star Wars stories. Despite his small size, he’s got a brave heart that helps him get through tough challenges. 


He’s really important when things get tricky, like sneaking around the dangerous parts of the Death Star or delivering important messages that could save the Rebel Alliance. 

R2-D2 always shows how strong and reliable he is.

His bravery and loyalty aren’t just small parts of the story; they’re actually key to the whole Star Wars adventure. 

R2-D2 has helped important heroes like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, changing the way things happen in the galaxy. 

He’s done big things like getting the Death Star plans to the right people and supporting Luke as he grew into a Jedi. R2-D2 has been right in the middle of the most important actions of the Rebellion.

What makes R2-D2 so loved by fans everywhere are the unique beeps and whistles he makes. These sounds let him express feelings and thoughts in a way that’s clear without using words. 

They’re what make R2-D2 stand out, showing that even though he’s a machine, he’s got as much personality as any person or creature in Star Wars.

Every Time R2-D2 Saves the Day

Obi-Wan Kenobi


Obi-Wan Kenobi is a shining example of what a Jedi should be. His wisdom and strength are felt throughout the Star Wars stories, showing how much he has shaped the galaxy. 

As a Jedi Master, he was very important in the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, influencing what happened with his actions and teachings.

Obi-Wan is known for being a great mentor. He taught Anakin Skywalker, setting up a very interesting story in Star Wars, even though things ended sadly. 

He never gave up on Anakin. Later, he trained Luke Skywalker in the desert of Tatooine, starting Luke’s journey to become a Jedi like his dad. Obi-Wan’s teaching was about more than just fighting and using the Force; it was about the heart of being a Jedi.

He was always calm and in control, which helped his friends a lot, especially when things got tough. 

His strong sense of right and wrong and his ability to stay calm made a big difference. Fans all over the world feel connected to Obi-Wan because he is the perfect Jedi Knight, full of hope, peace, and justice.

Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus


Kanan Jarrus, who was once called Caleb Dume, is a great example of how strong the Jedi can be, even when times are really tough. 

He got through the scary Order 66 and changed from someone with a sad past to a smart Jedi Knight. His story is full of hope and shows how someone can change for the better. 

He went from hiding because he was a Jedi to being proud to help fight the Empire.

Kanan is a hero because he always looks out for his friends, like his student Ezra Bridger and the others on the Ghost ship. 

He even gave up his own safety to save his friends and make sure their plan worked. 

This brave act made him a true hero and someone people can really look up to. It’s a story about a hero that everyone can understand and feel close to.



Leia Organa is a symbol of strong leadership. Ever since she first appeared, she has been inspiring people. 

She took on big responsibilities as a princess and a senator when she was still quite young. She’s always shown that she’s capable and tough. 

Her dedication to fighting for freedom against the Empire and her work in creating the Resistance have made her a very important character in movies.

Beyond the Star Wars movies, the character of Leia, played by the one-of-a-kind Carrie Fisher, has become a sign of empowerment and strength. 

Her influence goes past the movies and encourages many fans to lead and push for change. 

Leia’s lasting importance is not just because of what she does in the Star Wars story but also because of how she motivates people in the real world.


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