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Are There Zombies In Star Wars

Are There Zombies In Star Wars

Zombies have become a popular subject in many movies nowadays. But did you know that zombies also make appearances in the Star Wars universe? 

If you’ve watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you might recall episodes featuring zombie-like concepts.

This article introduces three instances where zombies appear in Star Wars, spanning both the canon and the expanded universe. 

Keep reading to discover how Star Wars has brought zombies to life for its fans. 

Let’s begin!

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Brain-Worm in Star War: The Clone Wars

The concept of zombies we can first approach in Star Wars is through the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

In the second season, episodes 7 and 8, titled “Legacy of Terror” and “Brain Invaders.”

The Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker embark on a mission to rescue Luminara Unduli, who has gone missing on the planet Geonosis.

During their search in “Legacy of Terror,” they uncover a horrifying new threat: the Geonosian brain worms

While investigating the catacombs of Geonosis, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the Clone Troopers discovered that Poggle the Lesser, a Geonosian leader, had been using these parasitic brain worms to reanimate dead Geonosians and control living hosts.

These brain worms can take over the minds of their victims, turning them into zombie-like creatures who follow Poggle’s commands without question.

When Anakin and Obi-Wan first time confront the Geonosian brain worms, they try all types of attacking, like lightsaber, blaster shots from the Clone Troopers, and not all of that work.

As they delve deeper into the catacombs, they confront Poggle and his undead minions in a series of intense battles. 

Anakin’s quick thinking leads to the discovery that the brain worms are vulnerable to cold temperatures. Using this knowledge, the Jedi manage to incapacitate the worms and free Luminara from their control.

Star Wars the Clone Wars - Zombie Geonosians [Part 1]

Blackwing Project: The Creation of Death Stormtroopers

In the chilling novel “Death Troopers” by Joe Schreiber, the Star Wars universe takes a dark turn with the introduction of a terrifying virus that reanimates the dead, known as the Blackwing Project. 

This secret research project was initiated by the Galactic Empire’s Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons

Their ambitious goal? To unlock the secrets of immortality. However, as with many scientific endeavors, things took a dark and twisted turn.

The project was led by Sith scientists who combined conventional science with Sith alchemy to achieve eternal life a power coveted by the Sith Lords. 

Unfortunately, their experiments led to unintended consequences. Instead of immortality, they created a sinister viral agent known as the Blackwing virus. 

Infected individuals experienced slower movement but heightened resilience, transforming into cannibalistic, brutal zombies called Undead Troopers.

These Undead Troopers wandered the galaxy, driven by primal hunger and aggression. Their skin texture changed, and their eyes glowed with an eerie malevolence. 

Imperial forces struggled to contain the outbreak, fearing the virus could spread beyond control.

However, the Blackwing Project is part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU). 

Imagine if it were made canon we might see Darth Vader against the Undead Troopers or even a zombie Darth Vader! What are your thoughts on that?

The Blackwing Virus (Star Wars Explored)

Nightsister Zombies

Once again, we encounter the zombie concept in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. This time, the zombies come from the Nightsisters of Dathomir.

In Season 4, Episode 19, titled “Massacre,” we get a glimpse of the Nightsisters’ dark, mystical powers, introducing us to their terrifying ability to reanimate the dead and create Nightsister Zombies.

In this episode, General Grievous launches a massive assault on Dathomir under orders from Count Dooku, aiming to eliminate the Nightsisters and Asajj Ventress. 

Faced with overwhelming forces, Mother Talzin calls upon the clan’s elder, Old Daka. Through ancient rituals and forbidden knowledge, Old Daka summons the lifeless bodies of fallen Nightsisters.

Through her powerful sorcery, Old Daka reanimates corpses, transforming them into loyal minions to bolster their defenses.

These Nightsister Zombies, with their glowing eyes and menacing presence, rise from their graves to fight against Grievous’s droid army, showcasing the eerie and formidable magic of the Nightsisters.

Grievous Attacks Nightsisters & Ventress - Part 2
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