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Lucas’s Original Plan Almost Made Boba Fett an Elite Imperial Soldier

Lucas’s Original Plan Almost Made Boba Fett an Elite Imperial Soldier

Isn’t it fascinating to imagine Boba Fett in white armor? If this is new to you, here’s a fun fact: the original design of the white armor was meant for elite stormtroopers. But due to budget limitations, George Lucas decided to repurpose it for Boba Fett.

Later, they decided to add a touch of green to Boba’s armor, giving our beloved bounty hunter his unique green Mandalorian armor.

In time, the concept of Mandalorians in white armor made a comeback. Join me as we explore the significance of Mandalorians wearing white armor.

Let’s begin!

The Concept of the Imperial Soldier

Boba Fett in white

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In the vast expanse of the Star Wars universe, an intriguing fact lies in the original concept of Boba Fett that you should know. 

Initially, Boba Fett and the distinctive design of Mandalorian armor were conceived as a new breed of Imperial soldier, an elite variant of the Stormtrooper. 

This early design featured a white bodysuit with white plastic armor, intended not for a single character but for an entire army of upgraded stormtroopers.

However, due to budget constraints, the idea of an army of super troopers was dropped, even though they had already built the prototype suit. 

George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, decided to repurpose the suit and suggested making the character a bounty hunter. And thus, Boba Fett was born. 

His original white suit, which was later screen-tested and eventually evolved into the distinctive color scheme we know today, marked his transformation from an Imperial super trooper to the legendary bounty hunter.

Boba Fett in white

Yet, as the Star Wars Expanded Universe evolved, the Mandalorians started to go their own way, separate from the Empire. 

Interestingly, this initial concept appears to have been revisited in the Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian series. 

The introduction of the Mandalorian Supercommandos might be seen as a homage to this original concept of the Imperial soldier.

For a more detailed look at how George Lucas created Boba Fett, we suggest you watch ‘Under the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett’ on Disney+.

Mandalorian Supercommando

In the “Star Wars Rebel” series, specifically in season 3 episode 7 titled “Imperial Supercommandos”, we see the Mandalorian Supercommandos in white armors. They are led by Gar Saxon.

Gar Saxon is a leader of the Mandalorian Supercommandos. He wears armor that is a mix of red and white, showing his leadership. 

Mandalorian Supercommando

His fighters, who are loyal to the Empire, wear white beskar armor and jetpacks.

So, after many years, the creators of Star Wars have brought back the concept of Mandalorians in entirely white armor, symbolizing their allegiance to the Galactic Empire.

Imperial Supercommandos | Star Wars Rebels

Boba Fett’s Influence

Boba Fett’s first known association with the Galactic Empire was seen in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”. 

He was hired by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon. Fett’s work for the Empire highlighted the power of individual skill and resourcefulness, contrasting with the faceless conformity often associated with the Empire’s stormtroopers. 

Boba and Vader

His success might have influenced the Empire’s decision to employ other independent agents, such as the Mandalorian Supercommandos.

Interestingly, even after the fall of the Empire, remnants like Moff Gideon continued to incorporate Mandalorian culture into their forces. 

Moff Gideon, a character in ‘The Mandalorian’ series, has indeed created a new generation of stormtroopers, also known as Dark Troopers, whose armor is made with beskar metal. 

These troopers also have jetpacks, a feature commonly associated with Mandalorians, including the renowned bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Moff Gideon himself wears an armor made from beskar metal. His vision involves rebuilding the Empire with an army equipped with beskar armor.

Last Word

It’s been fascinating to see how the original white armor, symbolic of the Empire, has been reimagined and reintroduced over time. 

This reflects the changing allegiances and identities within the Star Wars saga. 

From Boba Fett’s individualistic influence to Moff Gideon’s vision of an Empire rebuilt with beskar-armored forces, the journey of the Mandalorians continues to add depth and intrigue to the Star Wars narrative.

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe we’ll even get to see Boba Fett don the white armor in a future Star Wars installment. 

Now, wouldn’t that be something to look forward to? The Star Wars universe is always full of surprises, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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