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Can Mace Windu Beat Yoda?

Can Mace Windu Beat Yoda?

The Prequel Trilogy in Star Wars boasted two powerful Jedi in Mace Windu and Yoda. 

They were so powerful that they held the highest ranks in the Jedi Order, with Windu serving as the Master of the Jedi Order, and Yoda, the Jedi Grand Master. So who was the stronger Jedi?

Yoda once beat Mace Windu in a sparring match. But Windu’s Vaapad fighting style gave him an edge against the Sith, allowing him to absorb and use dark side energy without falling to the dark side. 

Overall, both Yoda and Windu possess unique strengths. 

Was Mace Windu the Strongest Jedi of His Time?

Mace Windu

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Screen Rant provides a compelling case regarding Mace Windu as the strongest Jedi during the Prequel Trilogy. The same article also touts Yoda as the strongest, giving five reasons in favor of Windu, and five in favor of Yoda. 

However, Screen Rant further theorizes that perhaps if Mace Windu served as Grand Master instead of Yoda, the Jedi could have avoided their downfall. 

They cite Windu as the more aggressive of the pair, and more of a go-getter while simultaneously accusing Yoda of leading the Jedi Order into complacency. 

And while Master of the Jedi Order is up there with Grand Master, the Grand Master holds the ultimate say, placing Yoda one cut above Windu. This made Windu subservient to Yoda, despite his cynical nature compared to the latter’s benign approach. 

Can Mace Windu Beat Yoda?

Mace Windu could beat Yoda given his unpredictable yet coordinated offensives, but not with his adopted Vaapad fighting style. 

While Vaapad gave Windu an edge against dark side wielders like Palpatine, it required Windu to absorb dark side energy to turn it against his opponent. 

Yoda was a staunch light side wielder, which would render Windu’s Vaapad fighting style ineffective. Not that Yoda’s ability to resist Windu’s Vaapad style would guarantee him victory. 

Overall, it would come down to who boasted more skills with the lightsaber. Yoda possessed a methodical approach, while Windu remained centered and utilized random, aggressive movements. 

Yoda vs. Mace Windu 

Yoda and Mace Windu were accomplished duelists who found a common enemy in Darth Sidious. And while neither beat the Sith Lord outright, they gave him all he could handle in Revenge of the Sith. 

No one matched Mace Windu on the battlefield, as shown during the Battle of Geonosis when he beheaded Jango Fett and struck down anyone that came near him. 

Yoda was unable to apprehend Count Dooku, however, his actions saved Anakin and Obi-Wan. 

As for who is the stronger Jedi, you can make the case for both Yoda and Mace Windu. And there are clues from the Prequel Trilogy that support arguments in favor of both characters. 

Why Mace Windu Was the Strongest Jedi in the Prequel Trilogy

Jedi General Mace Windu and clone troopers

His purple lightsaber symbolizes more than actor Samuel L. Jackson’s preference for the color. Jackson’s preference created a narrative behind the amethyst’s kyber crystal’s rarity. And like any rare object, only the best can wield and possess it. 

Purple is the finished product of blue (Jedi) and red (Sith). This strikes a narrative that Windu uniquely wielded the Force, teetering between light and dark. 

Further, Mace Windu struck more balance with the Force by tapping into the dark side when necessary while Yoda ran from it. 

Evidenced several times in Star Wars, Yoda constantly warns peers against even making the slightest movement that could imply a shift to the dark side. 

In some situations, Yoda’s warnings made him come across as the stronger of the two Jedi. But that wasn’t always the case, and Mace Windu’s Vaapad fighting style confirmed that some Jedi could fight like a Sith without falling to the dark side. 

Windu’s Vaapad fighting style stemmed from the 7th form of lightsaber combat. 

This was something most Jedi avoided because it required them to become relentless and display rage during a duel. A trait that held dark side qualities. 

Mace Windu also overpowered Palpatine, something Yoda was unable to do. Sure, Yoda survived his encounter. And perhaps Windu would have outright defeated Palpatine had Anakin Skywalker not interfered. 

Why Yoda Was the Strongest Jedi in the Prequel Trilogy

Yoda with May the 4th be with you logo

To become a Jedi Grand Master, the High Council must unanimously elect you. 

Yoda received the nod over Windu. If the High Council believed Windu was a better fit for the role, they would have elected him over Yoda. In the Council’s eyes, Yoda was the stronger Jedi. 

Windu’s aggressive nature even led him into hypocrisy. Yoda, regardless of the situation, held his emotions in check. Revenge of the Sith gives us a major example that Windu was willing to abandon the Jedi Code when he apprehended Palpatine. 

While Anakin Skywalker did a terrible thing to join the Sith, he was right that Darth Sidious deserved a fair trial. However, Mace Windu wanted to kill the Sith Lord without giving him his day in court. 

This certainly opposes the Jedi’s “peace and justice” narrative. 

Yoda did not confront Darth Sidious until the Republic fell. He even warned Windu that usurping Palpatine and taking control of the Senate would lead down a “dark path.” Yoda’s restraint gives him the edge over Mace Windu. 

Yoda is also more proficient overall with the Force. Even during his waning years in The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda could levitate gigantic objects. His vision during his duel with Darth Sidious served as another example of his Force-wielding power. 

Screen Rant claims Yoda lost his duel with Palpatine, while Windu won his. It’s easy to believe this, but Yoda’s vision caused him to retreat. The odds were stacked against him with incoming clone troopers approaching. Had Yoda continued fighting, he would have lost. 

Who’s the Better Lightsaber Duelist?

Mace Windu’s ability to use Vaapad and defeat dark side enemies with ease, caused many to believe he was the better lightsaber duelist. Yoda, however, beat Windu once in a sparring match. 

Based on sparring, Yoda is the better duelist. Still, given Mace Windu’s fighting style, he was better suited to take on the Sith. 

Both defeated Palpatine in their respective lightsaber duels, although they were unable to kill the Sith Lord.  

Although Yoda retreated, Revenge of the Sith’s novelization stated Palpatine put his lightsaber away because he realized he could not defeat Yoda strictly with a lightsaber, forcing him to resort to his long-range Force abilities. 


Was Anakin More Powerful than Mace Windu?

Jedi Anakin Skywalker showing his fighting skill with his lightsaber

Mace Windu had the power to do something neither Yoda nor Obi-Wan Kenobi were capable of. He kept Anakin Skywalker in check, and he did so calmly. 

Screen Rant stated Windu only needed to tell Anakin to “take a seat,” and the troubled Jedi Knight never rebuffed the request. 

And while Qui-Gon Jinn theorized Anakin would become stronger than the rest of the Jedi Order, Windu may be an outlier. At least in the Prequel Trilogy. 

While Anakin sliced off Mace Windu’s hand that led to his ultimate death, it never meant Anakin was the more powerful Jedi.

Here’s a scenario for you:

What if Obi-Wan Kenobi apprehended Darth Sidious and Anakin contributed to his former Master’s death? And what if Windu dueled Anakin on Mustafar?

While Obi-Wan defeated Anakin during the climactic battle scene, it took a misstep from Anakin for the Jedi Master to gain an upper hand. Before Anakin’s mistake, it was clear he held the upper hand in the duel. 

With his Vaapad fighting style, Mace Windu would have exerted Anakin’s rage back onto himself. While Anakin’s power grew following his turn to the Sith, his emotions would have played into Windu’s hands. 


Mace Windu and Yoda were the Jedi Order’s most evenly-matched duelists. 

Sure, Yoda won in a sparring match and was one of only two Jedi to have ever defeated Windu. However, Mace Windu was the better fighter against the Sith because of his Vaapad style. 

You can make the case that Mace Windu could find a way to defeat Yoda, especially in the latter’s twilight years. 

Following his duel with Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones, Yoda was visibly exhausted while Windu enjoyed the prime of his life. 

Both were accomplished Jedi, with Windu mastering Vaapad and Yoda mastering Ataru. They both outlasted Darth Sidious in lightsaber duels. 

Furthermore, no other Jedi, not even Anakin Skywalker, matched them in strength during the Prequel Trilogy.

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