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Charlie Barnett’s Special Message to “Yord Horde” After Shocking Turn in The Acolyte

Charlie Barnett’s Special Message to “Yord Horde” After Shocking Turn in The Acolyte

The fifth episode of Star Wars: The Acolyte, titled “Night,” was released on Disney+ this week, and it featured some major surprises. (Warning: Spoilers for The Acolyte Episode 5 ahead…) 

One of the biggest revelations was that Qimir, portrayed by Manny Jacinto, was unmasked as the Sith stranger. 

This episode took a dark turn as Qimir engaged in a fierce battle, resulting in the deaths of Jedi characters Yord and Jecki, played by Charlie Barnett and Dafne Keen.

Charlie Barnett and Dafne Keen have both commented on their characters’ dramatic fates. Barnett, in particular, shared a heartfelt message with his fans, who have affectionately named themselves the “Yord Horde.” 

He expressed gratitude for their support and reflected on the journey of playing such a memorable character.

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Addressing his fans, Barnett said, “My dear Yord fans, I love y’all and I love all of the kindness, appreciation, humor, pride, and joy that you have been investing into this Yord Horde, and into Yord. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to notice me and notice this performance. And notice the Yords of the world, the people who are trying to do what’s best. I hope we all have space and patience for people like that, but I’m also sorry I’m dead.

Here is the video about Charlie Barnett to his fans 

Additionally, the intense fight scenes and emotional character arcs in “Night” have been praised by viewers and critics alike. 

The performances of Jacinto, Barnett, and Keen were highlighted for their intensity and depth, contributing to an episode that is both shocking and compelling. 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Charlie Barnett discussed his character’s death in The Acolyte.

He shared, “No one ever wants to be cut out of a show. But when you’re playing a character that you know is going to die, it’s a little more fun. If it’s a surprise to you and your job is gone next week, it sucks. But when you know what you’re walking into, you get to have a little more control over it. And I tried to find the lemonade through the lemons.

Dafne Keen added her thoughts, saying, “Charlie and I were joking about it all the time. Whenever we were on set and anyone would be complaining, we’d say, ‘Peace out, we’re dying in two weeks!’ I had so much fun doing the death scene. It was a huge honor to get to be part of that moment.


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