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If Anakin Had Never Become Darth Vader, Would He Have Been More Powerful Utilizing the Light Side of the Force?

If Anakin Had Never Become Darth Vader, Would He Have Been More Powerful Utilizing the Light Side of the Force?

What if Anakin Skywalker had never succumbed to the dark side and become Darth Vader? Imagine a path where he remained a champion of the Light Side of the Force.

This alternate reality presents a tantalizing question: Would Anakin have grown to be even more powerful without the shadows of the Sith looming over him?

If Anakin Embraced the Light Side of the Force

Anakin using Force healing

Anakin Skywalker, known as the chosen one destined to defeat the Sith and restore balance to the Republic, held immense potential.

Had he fully embraced the light side of the Force, the galaxy might have witnessed remarkable feats. 

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The light side, fueled by feelings of happiness, joy, and benevolence or even just calmness could have significantly empowered Anakin.

Anakin once mentioned with Padme, “Attachment is forbidden; possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi’s life. So, it could be said that we are encouraged to love.

Embracing this aspect of the Force, Anakin could have unlocked abilities like force healing, environmental manipulation, force light, electric judgement, and many more, enhancing not only his strength but also his capacity to bring positive change.

Anakin using Lightning Judgement

Anakin’s innate connection to the Force was undeniable, demonstrated vividly through his podracing talents.

Competing in such high-speed, perilous races required reflexes beyond the human norm, indicative of his Force sensitivity.

In this fan fiction scenario, where Padme did not die from her giving birth, Anakin and his secret wife still happy

What If Anakin Had Never Become Darth Vader

Let’s start at the pivotal scene from the movie where Anakin turns into Darth Vader. However, in our story, he chooses the Light instead of aiding Palpatine.

Mace Windu, a revered member of the Jedi Council, engaged in a fierce duel with Chancellor Palpatine, who had revealed his true identity as the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. 

The air crackled with the energy of their lightsabers clashing, each strikes a potential turning point in the age-old conflict between the Jedi and the Sith.

Anakin Skywalker, a hero of the Clone Wars and a Jedi Knight torn between his loyalties and his fears, arrived at a crossroads that would define his destiny. 

This time, he chose the light. Ignoring Palpatine’s manipulations, Anakin joined forces with Windu, tipping the balance of the duel.

Together, they managed to overpower Palpatine, though the Sith Lord fought with a desperation fueled by dark power.

Anakin vs Palpatine

In that moment, Anakin’s connection to the Light Side of the Force shone brightly, guiding his actions with clarity and purpose.

Anakin extended his senses, anticipating Palpatine’s attacks before they happened, a manifestation of his profound bond with the Force.

In a moment of triumph mixed with dread, Palpatine cornered and disarmed, uttered two words that would change everything: “Execute Order 66.” 

Across the galaxy, clone troopers turned against their Jedi generals, a massacre unfolding in real-time. The temple alarms blared, a dire warning of the betrayal that had been set in motion.

Realizing the extent of the treachery, Windu and Anakin knew they had to act fast. Their first priority was to save the younglings, innocent lives caught in the crossfire of a sinister plot.

Together, they navigated the chaos of the Jedi Temple, their lightsabers deflecting blaster shots as they shepherded the younglings to safety.

As they moved, Anakin’s mastery of the Light Side became evident. He healed a youngling injured in the chaos.

Anakin using Force healing

Amidst the turmoil, Anakin’s thoughts raced to Padmé Amidala, the love of his life, and the secret wife he had vowed to protect at all costs. 

With the Jedi Order under attack and the Republic crumbling, Anakin feared for her safety more than ever. 

Breaking away from the group momentarily, Anakin found Padmé at their apartment, a scene of worry and confusion. Assuring her of his resolve, Anakin led Padmé back to where Windu and the younglings awaited, their escape from the temple urgent.

The clone troopers, relentless in their pursuit, closed in on them. Windu, ever the protector, made a decision that would echo through history. 

He told Anakin and Padmé to go on without him, to flee Coruscant and find refuge where the Sith’s reach could not find them. Windu’s sacrifice was a beacon of hope and selflessness, a reminder of what it truly meant to be a Jedi.

As Anakin and Padmé, accompanied by the younglings, made their way to the hangar, the weight of the moment settled over them. This was not just an escape; it was the beginning of a new chapter. 

Anakin, who had stood at the brink of darkness and turned back to the light, felt the enormity of the path ahead. 

They boarded a ship, one of the few remaining vessels not commandeered by the clones, and set their course away from the only home many of them had known.

As the ship ascended, leaving the turmoil of Coruscant behind, Anakin took one last look at the receding planet. 

The future was uncertain, fraught with challenges and the need to rebuild—not just the Jedi Order but their own lives. 

Padmé took his hand, her presence a comforting anchor amidst the storm of change. Together, with the younglings who represented hope for a new generation of Jedi, they journeyed into the unknown.

Their immediate destination was Naboo, Padmé’s homeworld, a place they hoped would offer a haven from the Empire’s reach. 

The journey was quiet, reflective, and filled with whispered conversations about what the future might hold. Anakin knew that the road ahead would require all of his strength, wisdom, and compassion. He would need to train the younglings, to pass on what he had learned—not just about the Force, but about making difficult choices.

Once on Naboo, Anakin took a moment to teach the younglings about the Force. He spoke of its light and dark sides, emphasizing the importance of choice. “The Force is not just about power,” he explained, “It’s about making the right decisions, even when it’s hard.”

Anakin showed them how to sense the life around them, to understand it, and to respect it. 

Anakin teaching younglings

The galaxy they knew had changed irrevocably, but in the darkness, there was a glimmer of light. A glimmer of hope. A glimmer of Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, who had chosen the light.

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