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Is E.T. Part of the Star Wars Universe?

Is E.T. Part of the Star Wars Universe?

If you have seen Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, you may have caught a glimpse of E.T.  

E.T.’s species does appear briefly in one scene. 

While E.T. is from a 1980s movie, is he actually part of the Star Wars universe? 

Although there are some good arguments about E.T. and Star Wars belonging to the same universe, ultimately the evidence points more toward E.T. as an Easter egg.

When Did E.T. Appear in Star Wars, and Is E.T. Part of the Star Wars Universe?

In The Phantom Menace, a group of aliens that look exactly like E.T. appear briefly in the Galactic Senate. They do not have a role in the movie and nothing is said about them, but they are the very same species as E.T.

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E.T. appears in Star Wars - The Phantom Menace (1999)

They are Asogians with paddle-feet, large eyes, small in size, arms that touch the ground, and an elongated neck. This particular group is led by Senator Grebleips. 

E.T.‘s species appears in the 1999 Star Wars movie and seems to be a direct link back to the 1982 E.T. movie. Moreover, their home planet appears to be the same in both movies.

In the 2002 novel, E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet, it is revealed that E.T. could be from a planet called Brodo Asogi with a leader named Grebleips. This is the same as what the Star Wars Wookieepedia indicates.

E.T. The Book of the Green Planet by William Kotzwinkle Book Review

Although there is a difference in time and space between the Star Wars galaxy and the Milky Way, the group of E.T.s in the Galactic Senate may have traveled back in time from Earth’s perspective. 

Another notable argument that suggests E.T. could be part of the Star Wars universe is the interaction between E.T. and Yoda in the movie E.T.

In E.T., we see a child dressed up as Yoda for Halloween. E.T. seems to recognize Yoda and calls out “home.” This could be evidence that Yoda and E.T. coexist together. Yet, this is probably unlikely.

Is E.T. an Easter Egg in Star Wars?

The famous directors/writers Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas are friends. When E.T. came out, Spielberg paid respect to the success of Star Wars by including the Yoda costume in his movie.

When E.T. sees Yoda, this scene really serves as an exchange between movie maker friends. Just because E.T. recognizes Yoda does not mean that E.T. actually knew him. 

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (6/10) Movie CLIP - Halloween (1982) HD

It could just be that they are both aliens and look similar. Both E.T. and Yoda are different from those on Earth. The difference from Earthlings may help E.T. identify with Yoda, but not really know him.

Although E.T. reacts strongly upon seeing Yoda, and exclaims “Home!”, we could assume E.T. is just excited about seeing someone who is similar looking to him

On the flip side, Lucas most likely added E.T.’s species into The Phantom Menace because of their friendship. Lucas actually commented to this effect, indicating that Speilberg actually asked him to do it and that E.T. is copyright protected.

These cross-director and cross-film connections happen in other movies too. For example, the Spielberg film Raider of the Lost Ark, has a scene with hieroglyphics of R2-D2 and C3PO. 

So, we can plausibly see how E.T. could really be an Easter egg placed in the Star Wars universe. 

Is ET a Jedi or Sith?

Some Star Wars fans think that E.T. is a Jedi. Since the two movies do intersect, and Yoda and E.T. appear to come from the same origins, we may draw this conclusion. 

We may also believe E.T. could have Force powers like a Jedi. For example, E.T. does make bicycles fly through the air.

Other grounds for Jedi status lay with the premise that an ancestor of E.T. was a Jedi. These conclusions require a leap of logic, but it is possible. 

Yet, there is a counterargument to consider. Even if E.T. can make bikes fly, this does not make E.T. a Jedi

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial | Flying Bike Rides

On the other hand, could E.T. be a Sith? 

A major point of reference for this line of speculation is that E.T. brings a dead flower back to life. The ability to bring something dead back to life is something only a Sith can do. 

Then again, E.T. does not seem to lust for power that way Sith do. If anything, E.T. wishes to help those around him, the way Jedi do.

What If E.T. Is A Jedi Or Sith Lord?

Are ET and Yoda From the Same Planet?

E.T. and Yoda may not be part of the same universe, but could they be from the same planet?

E.T.’s species is from the planet Brodo Asogi and Yoda’s home planet is Dagobah. So, no, they are not from the same planet.

However, Brodo Asogi is known as the Green Planet. Dagobah is also green and swampy. So, in theory, the two planets could be the same. 

E.T. and Yoda also have a similar look, so they may have come from the same planet.

This is very speculative, but these conclusions do keep us wondering about the connections between E.T. and Yoda. 

E.T.’s species is in Star Wars, and Yoda appears in E.T. Yet, these appearances seem to be more like gestures between filmmakers, rather than characters connecting with one another.

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Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Dagobah isn't Yoda's home planet. He just lived hidden there after order 66.