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Is Yoda Grogu’s Dad?

Is Yoda Grogu’s Dad?

Before we discovered his name, we knew Grogu as either the Child or Baby Yoda. Perhaps Baby Yoda is a more accurate assumption than we initially thought. 

Grogu and Yoda share a lot of similar traits. And given the rarity of the species, evidence exists that Yoda is Grogu’s dad. 

Grogu’s high Force-sensitivity and midi-chlorian count lead many to believe he’s Yoda’s son. But, it’s just as possible Grogu bears no relationship to the Jedi Grand Master and that his parents were not even in the Jedi Order. 

Is Yoda Grogu’s Dad?

Several interesting theories exist that Yoda is Grogu’s dad. YouTube’s Star Wars Tonight expands on this and further theorizes Yaddle to be Grogu’s mother. 

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What kind of evidence exists that Yoda is Grogu’s father and Yaddle, perhaps, is the mother?

Grogu’s Force-sensitivity resembles Yoda’s. He is unusually strong in the Force, despite his young age.

It’s possible Yoda’s species may all share strong Force-sensitivity. But, since they’re such a rare species, Yoda, Yaddle, Grogu, and a few unnamed extras are all we see of the species. 

So there is not enough evidence to hypothesize whether the Force-sensitives in the species enjoy the same level of Force-sensitivity. 

Maybe they’re all a cut above even the most Force-sensitive beings in the galaxy. Or maybe we’re just seeing a skewed sample size of three unusually strong Force-sensitives in the same species. 

Does the Jedi Code Forbid Reproduction?

The biggest obstacle would be Yoda’s insistence on following the Jedi Code, which forbade relationships. 

Given the evidence in the Prequel and Original Trilogies, Yoda repeatedly warned that even the slightest deviation from the Code could lead to the dark side. 

Having a kid could mean an emotional attachment, which could further lure one to the dark side, as we saw with Anakin Skywalker. 

Here’s the kicker: The Jedi Order made exceptions for those in the Order to reproduce if their species was in danger of going extinct. 

Take Ki-Adi-Mundi, who produced seven children with four wives at the Jedi Order’s blessing. 

Why Ki-Adi-Mundi was Allowed to Marry Multiple Women by the Jedi Council - Explain Star Wars (BessY)

And reproduction wasn’t the only thing the Jedi made exceptions for. 

They insisted Anakin was too old to train because he picked up traits like emotional attachments. But in the end, Yoda permitted Obi-Wan Kenobi to train him, despite his reservations. 

Did the Jedi Order Make an Exception for Yoda?

We know Yoda’s species is among the most mysterious in the galaxy and that they were rarely seen. It’s impossible to say for sure whether they were going extinct, but enough evidence exists to theorize this. 

This means, if the species neared extinction, the Jedi Council would have allowed Yoda to reproduce. It would also show that, given the exception, Yoda would have fewer qualms regarding the Jedi Code forbidding relationships. 

The timing of the Yoda-Yaddle Theory also makes sense, given Grogu’s birth year at 41 BBY. 

Yaddle’s Disappearance

How Yaddle Decided to Leave the Jedi Council(Canon) - Explain Star Wars

Yaddle stepped down from the Jedi Council following The Phantom Menace. While she remained active in Jedi affairs, her role within the Order diminished. 

Star Wars creator George Lucas never revealed why Yaddle stepped down. But it’s easy to theorize she left the Council to look after Grogu. 

It’s also possible that Yaddle trained him between 32 and 26 BBY, which marked her death in Star Wars Legends.

Following Order 66

During Order 66, someone took Grogu into hiding and concealed his Force-sensitivity during the age of the Galactic Empire. We don’t know who took him, but it’s easy to theorize that it was Yaddle. 

It’s also believed Yaddle survived the purge, given Greez Dritus’ claim of hearing tales about Yaddle while growing up on Lateron. 

So it’s easy to speculate Yaddle took Grogu into hiding. There is also further evidence in The Mandalorian when Ahsoka Tano notes a gap in Grogu’s memory, stating his timeline grows dark in the events following Order 66. 

Baby Yoda meets Ahsoka Tano

A prevailing theory is that Yaddle supported them with a hard labor job, correlating Grogu’s early childhood to that of Anakin Skywalker’s who grew up in dire straits with his mother. 

It’s also worth noting that Grogu also holds emotional attachments, as Ahsoka pointed out to Din Djarin when she refused to train him. It’s possible Din Djarin wasn’t the only parent figure Grogu grew attached to.

Though still a young child, Grogu is 50 during the events of The Mandalorian, which would have given him five decades to form an attachment with someone else before Din Djarin found him. 

It’s also important to note that in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, Grogu reacts upon hearing Yoda’s name

How is Grogu Related to Yoda?

Grogu and Yoda come from the same species, which remains one of the galaxy’s most mysterious. For this reason, many fans referred to Grogu as Baby Yoda. 

They also share higher Force-sensitivity than most, although Grogu used the infamous Force choke, something Yoda, given his disdain for the dark side, would never do. 

But since Grogu hasn’t had much Jedi training, can he tell right from wrong at his young age?

While the two come from the same species with roots traced back to their home planet, it’s possible Yoda and Grogu have no blood relation. 

The Mandalorian may expand on this topic and let us know at a later date if Grogu and Yoda are blood relatives. Until then, we can only speculate. 

Who are Grogu’s Parents?

No one knows who Grogu’s real parents are. And while there is plenty of reason to speculate Yoda and Yaddle are the parents, it’s also important to remember there were more members of their species within the Jedi Order. 

It’s easy to speculate that if not Yoda and Yaddle, other Force-sensitives in the species could have given birth to Grogu in the Jedi Temple.

Grogu was also the same age as Anakin Skywalker, born in 41 BBY. 

Since the Jedi Council claimed Anakin was too old to train at nine, it’s clear Grogu was living in the Jedi Temple for at least a few years, coming to live in the Temple most likely between infancy and age five. 

Baby Yoda Remembers Order 66

This is assuming he wasn’t born in the Temple, but in his home world. If he was born on his home planet, then there are several possible candidates for Grogu’s parents. 

Until we discover more as to whether the parents are Yoda and Yaddle, another set of Force-sensitives of the species in the Jedi Order, or a couple from the species’ home world, Grogu will look to Din Djarin as a father figure. 


It’s easy to speculate Yoda is Grogu’s dad while Yaddle is the mother given the supposed rarity of the species. 

Theories regarding Grogu’s relationship to Yoda run wild. Some say Yoda is Grogu’s biological father while others state the two aren’t blood-related and that Grogu’s parents could still reside on the mysterious planet that houses the species. 

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