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How Sabé the Handmaiden Rescued Darth Vader From the Brink of Death

How Sabé the Handmaiden Rescued Darth Vader From the Brink of Death

Darth Vader, a Sith Lord whose name strikes fear throughout the galaxy, unexpectedly faces a situation that leaves him vulnerable and close to defeat. 

Despite his legendary power and his role in imposing the Empire’s will, Vader finds himself unable to avoid the severe repercussions of his choices. 

In this critical time, help arrives from an unlikely source, forcing a reevaluation of what defines an ally or an enemy.

Sabé a Royal Handmaiden


Sabé, a handmaiden in the Royal House of Naboo, was entrusted with the safety of Queen Padmé Amidala, serving as her handmaiden, decoy, and devoted protector during Amidala’s tenure as queen.

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The narrative shifts back to Sabé’s driven mission to liberate the slaves on Tatooine, a goal inspired by Anakin Skywalker’s desire to rescue his mother—a sentiment that deeply affected both Padmé and her handmaiden.

Tormented by these visions, Sabé, with the support of the Tonra royal guards, initiates a secretive mission to free numerous slaves.

Bravely confronting Darth Vader, Sabé offers a deal: she will help take down a segment of the Crimson Dawn if he aids in the release of the slaves.

To finally address the issue of slavery, Sabé requests Vader’s help in eliminating the Governor, marking a decisive step towards ending the oppression.

Sabé Saving Darth Vader from an Explosion

Sabe saves Vader

After agreeing to Sabé’s proposal, she leads Darth Vader to Governor Tauntaza’s starship, which orbits Tatooine. Before using the Death Star’s capabilities to obliterate the Governor’s ship, Vader insists on visiting Tatooine to verify Sabé’s claims.

Upon his investigation on Tatooine, Vader decides it’s time to confront the Governor. 

Alongside Sabé and stormtroopers, Vader launches an assault on the Governor’s facility, liberating the slaves laboring in her factory.

While Sabé leads the effort to free the slaves, Vader confronts Governor Tauntaza.

In their initial encounter, the Governor attempts to incapacitate Vader with a blaster machine. The attack nearly harms Vader but ultimately only disorients him momentarily. 

Taking advantage of Vader’s brief stun, the Governor flees to her shuttle and returns to her starship.

In response, Vader embarks on an Imperial shuttle, setting a course directly for Governor Tauntaza’s starship. 

At the same time, Sabé discovers on Tatooine that the Governor’s facility is draining the planet’s energy, triggering purple lightning storms. 

Intent on stopping the energy extraction, Sabé courageously enters the storm, but the powerful winds soon overpower and sweep her away.

Following the confrontation on Governor Tauntaza’s starship, Darth Vader demands the Governor’s commanders and their forces to yield and reveal her location, threatening to label them traitors to the Empire if they refuse.

Learning that Sabé was lost in the storm, Vader sets out to find her. 

Navigating the storm on a speeder, he discovers Sabé trapped under a tank. 

Using the Force, he lifts the tank and frees her. After the rescue, Vader orders the starship to target the extractor with a laser blast, only to find it protected by a shield.

Vader, set on handling the situation himself, finds the extractor impregnable. He cleverly uses a droid to carry his lightsaber inside. 

Once the droid ejects the lightsaber, Vader controls it with the Force from a distance, slicing through the extractor’s shell and causing a small blast that opens up its defenses.

Inside, Vader confronts Governor Tauntaza, who is armed with armor that emits a powerful blue energy beam. 

Vader attempts to deflect the beam with his lightsaber, but the beam’s intensity overpowers him, causing an explosion that damages the extractor and Vader’s armor.

Darth Vader caught by fire

Injured and struggling, Vader lies amidst the ruins of the extractor. Sabé arrives just in time to find Vader incapacitated. T

Though initially considering this an opportunity to end him, she instead chooses to revive Vader’s armor, allowing them both to escape the crumbling extractor together.

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