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The Dark Lord Who Tried To Destroy The Sith Order

The Dark Lord Who Tried To Destroy The Sith Order

After the era of Darth Bane, a secretive Sith Lord worked alongside just two others. These Sith harnessed their power, rising from darkness to dominate the galaxy. 

However, during a period of waning strength, one Sith Lord couldn’t resist the pull of the light side of the Force. 

This Sith believed that the path to power lay in following the Jedi Order. Although their plan nearly succeeded, it was ultimately thwarted, and the Sith persisted as we know them. 

So, who was this enigmatic Sith Lord, and why did they seek to embrace the light side? 

The answer awaits below.

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Sith Order After Darth Bane’s Rule of Two

Following the implementation of Darth Bane’s “Rule of Two,” which limited the Sith to a master and an apprentice, significant changes occurred within the Order. 

No longer a sprawling network of power-hungry Sith Lords, it transformed into a secretive duo operating in the shadows. However, whispers of discontent persisted.

Around 533 BBY, Darth Gravid held the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. 

He belonged to the Order of the Sith Lords, established by Darth Bane in 1000 BBY. 

Gravid, understanding the Sith’s rule, began seeking an apprentice. He chose a Twi’lek female, whom he named Darth Gean.

With Darth Gean, Gravid starting his plan to rule the Galaxy like any Sith Lord.

Journey of Darth Gravid: Drawn to the Light Side



During Gravid’s time as a Sith Lord, Gravid came to believe that the Sith should blend Jedi teachings with their own, but these attempts drove him to madness.

Gravid had been persuaded that unwavering commitment to the dark side would ultimately doom the Sith Order.

In an effort to balance this, he introduced Jedi principles of selflessness and compassion into his teachings. 

However, he forgot a crucial truth: once an adept delves into the dark side, there is no return to the light. 

Driven to madness by balancing both realms, Gravid believed that safeguarding the Sith’s future required hiding or destroying the accumulated lore—texts, holocrons, and treatises—so they could forge a new path to guaranteed success.

Darth Gravid the Sith Lord Wants To Destroy the Sith Order

During Gravid’s madness, he raised Force barriers around his stronghold and began destroying all the Sith artifacts, holocrons, and tomes. 

These barriers were meant to protect him while he carried out this destructive task.

But his apprentice, Gean, breached those barriers. She sought to prevent her Master from erasing the Sith’s knowledge.

In their ensuing duel, Gravid inflicted severe wounds upon Gean. He cleaved off her arm, shoulder, and part of her face and chest. Remarkably, despite being unarmed, Gean overpowered Gravid and killed him.

Even though Gravid was defeated, his impact echoed through the Sith Order for generations. By destroying much of the Sith knowledge, he disrupted Darth Bane’s ambitious plan to wipe out the Jedi Order and overthrow the Galactic Republic. 

Nearly five centuries later, Sith Lord Darth Plagueis recounted Gravid’s tragic demise to his apprentice, Darth Sidious.

James Luceno Explained Why Gravid Wanted to Destroy the Sith Ancient Knowledge

James Luceno, the author of the 2012 novel “Darth Plagueis,” sheds light on Gravid’s motivation for destroying Sith ancient knowledge. According to Luceno, Gravid’s actions were part of his plan.

James said “Gravid was an invention of mine. I needed some way to distance Plagueis from the ancient teachings and powers. The more I thought about Gravid, the more interesting his/her story became. In my mind, at any rate.


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