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The Epic Battle That Darth Bane Single-Handed Defeated 5 Jedi

The Epic Battle That Darth Bane Single-Handed Defeated 5 Jedi

Darth Bane’s remarkable victory, where he faced off against five Jedi – including three Jedi Masters and two Jedi Knights – in a lightsaber duel, stands as a testament to his formidable strength. 

The fascinating strategies and tactics he employed to win this battle offer a glimpse into the sheer power of Bane in his prime. 

Join me as we delve into the intricate details of this epic confrontation. 

Let’s get started!

Bane and Zannah First Confrontation with 5 Jedi

Bane vs 5 Jedi


Before the impending duel, Zannah was conducting undercover research within the Jedi Temple. This led to the initial confrontation between Bane, Zannah, and five Jedi.

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However, her cover was blown by her cousin, Darovit, a young man sensitive to the Force. 

Instead of revealing the Sith to the Jedi Council as he initially intended, Darovit alerted Zannah about the Jedi’s plan to hunt her and her master, Darth Bane.

Knowing the Jedi are aftering her master, Zannah hastily left Coruscant with Darovit and returned to Tython to warn Darth Bane. 

Preparing for the upcoming battle, the Sith Lords took shelter in an old, abandoned fortress on Tython, which once belonged to the Dark Lord Belia Darzu, who is no longer alive.

In the meantime, the Jedi, under the leadership of the formidable Lord Valenthyne Farfalla, were doggedly chasing the Sith with the aim of terminating their rule. 

They tracked Zannah and Darovit to Tython, thereby setting the stage for the monumental duel.

The Epic Duel Begins – Darth Bane & Darth Zannah vs. The Jedi

The Jedi arrived on Tython and landed their ship near to Bane’s ship. On the Jedi side, with the leading of Jedi master Valenthyne Farfalla and following with another 2 Jedi masters are Raskta Lsut and Worror Dowmat and 2 Jedi knights Johun Othone and Sarro Xaj.

Together they entered the abaddone castle to chase down the two Sith Lords Bane and Zannah.

Duel On Tython | The Jedi Arrive On Tython (Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two)

Darth Bane’s Encounter with Three Jedi Masters

The confrontation unfolded in a circular room, each side having a door. The Jedi had a plan to corner the Sith. 

On one side of the room were Jedi Masters Farfalla, Lsu, and Worror. Worror was focusing on Battle meditation, a technique that enhances the abilities of his allies, rather than engaging in direct combat. On the other side were the two Jedi Knights, Othone and Xaj.

Bane and his lightsaber

Understanding the disadvantage of being cornered and outnumbered, Bane decided to take the offensive. 

Bane rushed towards the Jedi Masters, confident in the protection provided by his orbalisk armor, which made him immune to the Jedi’s lightsaber attacks.

In the midst of the battle, Bane unleashed a barrage of purple Sith lightning towards Farfalla. To protect himself, Farfalla conjured a Force barrier. 

However, Bane’s Force lightning was so powerful that it tore through the barrier. Lsu, displaying quick reflexes, managed to dispel the lightning, preventing it from reaching Farfalla.

Duel on Tython | Darth Bane Duels Against 3 Jedi (Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two)

Zannah’s Duel Against Two Jedi Knights

On the opposite side of the room,  Darth Zannah was engaged in a fierce battle against Sarro Xaj and Johun Othone. 

Xaj, a towering human male wielding a double-bladed lightsaber, attacked Zannah with raw power, causing her to stumble.

However, Othone’s use of the Niman style (Form VI) disrupted Xaj’s onslaught, helping Zannah regain her balance. 

Zannah, who was trained in the aggressive Djem So style (Form V), had only learned to defend herself against her Master, who rarely needed to defend due to his symbiotic relationship with the orbalisks.

She found herself unprepared for an adversary who skillfully blended defensive moves into his combat style. Xaj’s refined technique and unexpected defensive maneuvers caught her off guard.

Duel on Tython | Darth Zannah Duels Against 2 Jedi Knights (Star Wars: Darth Bane: Rule of Two)

The Final End

Acknowledging Bane’s near invulnerability, Jedi Master Farfalla sought help, which Othone promptly provided. 

Bane found himself on the defensive, flanked by Othone on his right and Farfalla on his left. From the center, Raskta Lsu attacked Bane, skillfully exploiting the contrasting styles of Othone and Farfalla.

Despite their combined might, the Jedi couldn’t overpower Bane. Othone spotted a weak spot – a glimpse of Bane’s wrist between the shells of his orbalisk armor. 

Othone aimed his next strike on Darth Bane’s wrist, startling Bane and causing him to drop his weapon. However, the pain only fueled Bane’s rage.

Bane fighting with a Jedi

Bane retaliated with a Force wave that sent the Jedi Masters away. He retrieved his lightsaber and advanced towards Worror. 

Othone, realizing Bane’s intentions, used the Force to push Worror to safety.

Othone’s Force push saved Worror but disrupted his beneficial Battle meditation. The effects were immediately felt by Sarro Xaj, who found his strength waning. 

As Xaj turned to see what had happened, Zannah seized the opportunity to cast her spell of insanity on him. Overwhelmed by its effects, Xaj was driven to madness. 

Zannah swiftly moved in and struck him down without hesitation.

She then cloaked her Force essence with her sorcery, sneaked up behind Raskta Lsu, and impaled her. 

Lsu crumpled to the floor, lifeless. With only two Jedi left to face Bane, Darth Bane easily severed Othone’s weapon-hand and proceeded to disarm and behead Farfalla.

Bane then attacked Worror, slashing at his four throats and fatally wounding him. 

However, before Bane could use his purple lightning to electrocute the wounded Othone, Worror used his last bit of strength to trap himself and Bane in a Protection bubble, causing the Force lightning to electrocute him and Bane instead.

Worror was dead, and Bane fell to the floor unconscious, a smoking, orbalisk-encrusted husk. Othone sent his opponent a pleading look, but it was ignored. 

Zannah ran her lightsaber blade through his chest as he lay on the floor. With Johun Othone dead, the contest was finally over.

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