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The ONLY Jedi That General Grievous FEARED

The ONLY Jedi That General Grievous FEARED

You’re familiar with General Grievous, right? The towering, coughing, Jedi-hunting robot who boasts an impressive collection of lightsabers he definitely didn’t acquire on Space eBay. 

A character like that seems unstoppable, fearless even. But, believe it or not, there was one Jedi who had Grievous scrambling for the exit: Master Yoda.


The Dance Off

Yoda’s Ataru style is all about using what you’ve got, and boy, does he use it. Imagine him flipping, jumping, and twisting through the air. This isn’t just for show. 

Ataru allows Yoda to turn his small size into a whirlwind of surprises, making him a hard target to hit, let alone predict.

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Grievous, on the other hand, relies on his mechanical arms to do the work, spinning lightsabers in a way that’s pretty predictable once you’ve seen it a couple of times. 

Think of it as listening to the same song on repeat—after a while, you know every beat that’s coming next.

Why Grievous Can’t Keep Up


When Yoda and Grievous face off, it’s like watching a grandmaster chess player going against a supercomputer that can only play checkers. 

Yoda’s combat style, powered by his connection to the Force, lets him adapt on the fly. Grievous’s mechanical limbs, although fast and furious, move in patterns that Yoda, with his Jedi smarts, can predict and counter, turning Grievous’s own moves against him.

Yoda’s size is his stealth mode. In the midst of battle, he’s darting around so fast, making use of his acrobatic prowess, that Grievous’s monotonous moves stand no chance. 


Every flip and leap Yoda makes isn’t just for show; it’s a calculated move designed to outmaneuver and outpace the robotic rhythm of Grievous’s attacks.

So, when we get down to it, Grievous’s approach, though formidable against many, is like bringing a blaster to a lightsaber fight where your opponent can predict every shot.

Yoda, with his dynamic and unpredictable style, exemplifies how sometimes, the biggest surprises come in the smallest packages, especially when they wield the Force with as much finesse and agility as he does.

So, we’ve had our fun with Yoda, the green dynamo who could make General Grievous think twice about jumping into battle. But hang on, there’s another twist in the tale. 

As we zoom out from our close-up on Yoda’s acrobatics, we stumble upon another Jedi heavyweight who deserved a spot on Grievous’s “be wary of” list. 

Cue Obi-Wan Kenobi, the unsung hero who was more than just a thorn in Grievous’s side—He took Grievous’s life!

Bonus Insight: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Man Grievous Should Have Feared, Too


Grievous’s inability to recognize the threat posed by Obi-Wan Kenobi was a grave miscalculation.

Three crucial aspects underscore why the general underestimated Obi-Wan at his own peril:

  1. The Health Disadvantage: 

Facing Obi-Wan wasn’t just another battle for Grievous; it was one where he was already at a significant disadvantage, hindered by his previous encounter with Mace Windu.

This compromised state was far from ideal for taking on a Jedi of Obi-Wan’s stature.

  1. A Clash of Styles: 

Obi-Wan’s mastery of the defensive Soresu form of lightsaber combat made him the antithesis of Grievous’s brute force approach. 

Where Grievous sought to overwhelm with power, Obi-Wan waited, watched, and struck with precision—turning the general’s strength into his weakness.

  1. The Perils of Underestimation: 

Grievous strutted into battle thinking Obi-Wan was just another trophy to add to his collection. Oops. Big mistake. 

It turns out underestimating a Jedi who’s survived everything the galaxy threw at him wasn’t the best strategy. Who knew?

In waltzing past Obi-Wan Kenobi on his hit list, Grievous skipped over the fine print that might as well have read, “Warning: Underestimating this Jedi could lead to sudden and irreversible defeat.” And as history shows, that oversight was indeed a critical misstep.

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