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What Happened to Stormtroopers After Sidious’ Death?

What Happened to Stormtroopers After Sidious’ Death?

From the moment you glanced at the title, you’ve likely guessed the topic we’re diving into. 

It’s common knowledge that the Star Wars Expanded Universe, once revered as Legends, is no longer part of the official canon, having been replaced by the Disney-acquired Star Wars universe. 

In this discussion, we’ll focus solely on the Disney era of Star Wars, specifically exploring the fate of the Stormtroopers following the Empire’s downfall. 

So, let’s get started!

Rejoin and Rebuild The Empire

Moff Gideon and Stormtroopers

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After the demise of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the mighty Empire crumbled, leaving its forces scattered and divided. 

To give you a clearer picture, this fragmentation became especially pronounced after the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Endor.

Like in any conflict, some troops and their leaders surrendered, while others went into hiding, refusing to give up the fight.

After the Empire fell into disarray, it set into motion Operation Cinder, a devastating strategy aimed at attacking planets, whether they were allied with the Empire or against it. Making sure the big shots like generals and engineers got out safely. 

Many stormtroopers, however, stayed loyal to their commanders, who now acted as warlords.

The fleeting Empire stormtroopers and the officers gather and hide on planet Jakku.

Subsequently, the Rebel Alliance took action to pursue and eliminate the remaining Empire forces on Jakku.


The end of significant operations came with the defeat at Jakku, but this was not the final chapter for the Empire’s remnants. 

Selected groups were dispatched to the unknown regions, claiming territories, especially in the Outer Rim, where the New Republic’s influence was minimal. 

Here, stormtroopers continued to serve their leaders, often finding themselves in conflicts with New Republic forces or competing groups.

“The Mandalorian” series highlights this tale of persistence and aspiration following the Empire’s collapse. It centers on Moff Gideon and his devoted stormtroopers, who are united in their mission to resurrect the Empire.

Imperial Ground Forces on The Forest Moon

stormtroopers in the forest moon

Following the Battle of Endor, the Imperial Ground Forces, accompanied by numerous stormtroopers, were deployed on the moon of Endor. 

The Imperial troops stationed on Endor’s moon had a critical mission: to guard the shield generator of the second Death Star. 

Despite their efforts, the Rebels, led by Han Solo, executed a successful strike on the forest moon. 

They infiltrated the Imperial base and managed to destroy the shield generator, leaving the second Death Star vulnerable.

Faced with overwhelming odds, some stormtroopers opted to surrender to the Alliance forces, while others chose to conceal themselves, planning to counterattack the Rebels. 

Unfortunately, their efforts to fight back were largely unsuccessful, with the majority being overpowered and defeated by the Rebel forces.

Gunman For Hire

Gunman for hire stormtrooper

Interestingly, after the Empire’s downfall, stormtroopers were forced into a tough spot. They had to strip off their iconic armor because it carried the Imperial logo. 

Keeping it on wasn’t just about loyalty; it was a matter of survival. If seen wearing it, they risked being shot on sight.

A few of them found a different kind of freedom, turning to the life of a mercenary, or as you might call it, guns for hire. 

This wasn’t about picking sides anymore; it was about making it through each day in a galaxy that had moved on without them. 

Imagine going from serving the most powerful force in the galaxy to just trying to keep your head above water – that’s the reality these former stormtroopers faced.

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