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The Secret Tomb of Darth Bane on Moraband

The Secret Tomb of Darth Bane on Moraband

Darth Bane, even in death, left behind a powerful legacy within his tomb. 

Secrets remain concealed, waiting to be unveiled. 

In this article, I will explore the hidden chambers and ancient Sith language found within Darth Bane’s tomb—a fascinating journey awaits!

Without further ado…

Darth Bane’s Final Resting Place

Darth Bane's statue

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Darth Bane’s Tomb is a key landmark in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Moraband, the old Sith homeworld. It’s part of the valley’s biggest structure, a row of ancient monuments that were used as crypts for the Sith Dark Lords.

The tomb is a grand structure, with a huge statue of Darth Bane in his Sith armor at the end of the large burial chamber. This statue silently guards Bane’s resting place.

Underneath the statue is Bane’s stone coffin, which is a hidden entrance to a room the ancient Sith used for Jedi sacrifices. This implies that the tomb was not only a burial site, but also a location for dark rituals.

The tomb stands as a symbol of Darth Bane’s strength and impact. Even after his death, his presence is still sensed, serving as a cold reminder of the Force’s dark side. It holds great importance for those who follow the Sith path, and instills fear and awe in others.

In the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, Yoda visits Darth Bane’s Tomb on Moraband. During his visit, Yoda sees a vision of the ancient Sith Lord. The Sith ghost tries to persuade the Jedi Master to join the dark side, but Yoda resists.

Darth Bane’s Tomb is more than just a burial site. It’s a symbol of the Sith’s dark past and a testament to the dark side of the Force’s power.

Secret Chamber Beneath Darth Bane’s Tomb

Darth Bane

At the moment Yoda succeeded in eliminating the spirit of Darth Bane, a secret chamber lying beneath Bane’s tomb was unveiled.

Below Darth Bane’s tomb, a hidden chamber exists that was utilized by the ancient Sith for the purpose of sacrificing Jedi. 

Yoda enters Darth Bane's Tomb on Moraband/Korriban [4K ULTRA HD] | Star Wars: The Clone Wars Scene

This chamber can be accessed through a concealed entrance located in Bane’s stone sarcophagus.

The ancient Sith, notorious for their brutal and ruthless practices, used this secret chamber as a testament to their ways. This was the location where they would bring Jedi captives for the purpose of sacrifice.

These sacrifices were not random acts of violence, but rather, they were likely part of intricate dark rituals. These rituals were aimed at amplifying the Sith’s power or aiding them in achieving their ominous objectives.

The Ancient Sith Language: ur-Kittât, on Darth Bane’s Tomb

One fascinating detail about Darth Bane’s tomb is the mysterious language etched onto its surface. 

According to the linguistic patterns in Star Wars, it appears that the inscriptions on Darth Bane’s tomb are in ur-Kittât, often referred to as Sith or the Old Tongue. 

Darth Bane's tomb

This language was traditionally used by members of the Sith Order and the Sith Eternal cult. 

They used it as a secret form of communication, typically written in a runic style. 

However, my attempts to decode this language have proven to be quite challenging, as the translations don’t seem to make much sense. For instance, this is the translation I derived from the first line on the tomb: 


If you have any insights on how to decipher the language on Darth Bane’s tomb, please share your thoughts in the comments below. I appreciate your input!

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