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The Top 10 Most Powerful Imperial Star Destroyers

The Top 10 Most Powerful Imperial Star Destroyers

Hello Star Wars fan! We’d love to hear about your favorite Star Destroyer and why it holds that special place in your heart.

Don’t forget to leave your comments below. But for now, let’s dive into the top 10 Imperial Star Destroyers that we’ve ranked based on their strengths, weaponry, and sheer awe-inspiring presence.

From the formidable Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer to the colossal Assertor Class Star Dreadnought, each of these starships is a testament to the might of the Galactic Empire.

So, let’s get started!

Top 10. Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer

Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer


Length  1,600 meters (5250 feet)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) 60 MGLT
Officers 9,235
Troopers 9,700 Stormtroopers
  • 60 turbolaser batteries 
  • 60 heavy ion cannon emplacements
  • 10 tractor beam projectors.
Cost  150,000,000 credits

Advanced Weaponry: The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer is equipped with an impressive arsenal of 60 turbolaser batteries and 60 heavy ion cannon emplacements.

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These weapons can cause significant damage to enemy ships, making the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer a major threat in any battle.

Tractor Beam Projectors: With 10 tractor beam projectors, this Star Destroyer can control the movement of enemy ships, either by holding them in place for attack or pulling them into the Star Destroyer’s hangar bays.

Large Fleet: The ship carries a fleet of 72 TIE fighter series starfighters, 8 Lambda-class T-4a shuttles, 20 All Terrain Armored Transports, and 30 All Terrain Scout Transports. This large fleet allows it to launch a significant assault force.

Strong Defenses: The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer has a reinforced hull and advanced deflector shields, making it resistant to enemy attacks. It also has internal defenses installed within the ship, providing an additional layer of protection.

Command Capabilities: An Imperial II-class Star Destroyer is capable of commanding an assault on an entire planet. It can control smaller siege vessels or use its large carrying capacity to deliver a surface assault force. The ship can also form part of a fleet, serving as a command ship for other vessels.

Top 9. Allegiance Class Star Destroyer

Allegiance Class Star Destroyer


Length  2,200 meters (7,217 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) 10 MGLT
Crew members Approximate 51,000
  • 80 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries 
  • 50 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons 
  • 50 Ion Cannons
  • 20 Warhead Launchers
  • 15 Tractor Beam Projectors
Cost  N/A

Advanced Weaponry: The Allegiance Class Star Destroyer, a product of Kuat Drive Yards, boasts a formidable array of weaponry. 

It is armed with 80 heavy turbolaser batteries, 50 heavy turbolaser cannons, 50 ion cannon emplacements, 20 warhead launchers, and 15 tractor beam projectors. 

Tractor Beam Projectors:Equipped with 15 tractor beam projectors, the Allegiance Class Star Destroyer can manipulate the movements of enemy vessels, either immobilizing them for targeted attacks or drawing them into the Star Destroyer’s range.

Extensive Crew: The Allegiance Class Star Destroyer requires a large crew for its operations. Approximately 51,000 personnel, including enlisted members and officers, work together to ensure the efficient functioning of this massive ship.

Robust Defenses: The Allegiance Class Star Destroyer is built to be tough. It has a strong outer shell and high-tech shields that can really stand up to attacks from enemies. It also has extra defenses inside for added safety.

Commanding Presence: The Allegiance Class Star Destroyer is really good at leading attacks on whole planets. It can control smaller attack ships or send out ground troops because it can carry a lot. When it’s with other ships, it can also be the main ship giving orders.

Top 8. Bellator Class Star Destroyer

Bellator Class Star Destroyer


Length  2,200 meters (7,220 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) 60 MGLT
Troopers 28,000 Stormtroopers
  • 94 Heavy Turbolasers
  • 176 Medium Laser Turrets
  • 12 Heavy Ion Cannons
  • 10 Seperate Tractor-Beam Projectors
  • Multiple Concussive Missle Lauchers
Cost  N/A

Powerful Armaments: The ships are outfitted with 94 heavy turbolasers, 176 medium laser turrets, 12 heavy ion cannons, multiple concussion missile launchers, and 10 separate tractor beam projectors. This impressive array of weapons makes it a formidable force in any battle.

Impressive Speed: Despite its massive length of 7,220 meters, the Bellator Class Star Destroyer’s speed allows it to perform a variety of combat positions, including search and destroy, escort, and patrol operations.

Large Crew: The Bellator Class Star Destroyer requires a large crew for its operations. On average, it is operated by approximately 88,000 personnel. However, a minimum of 28,000 could safely pilot the ship if needed. Additionally, it can accommodate 28,000 Stormtroopers and a full crew along with 125 kilotons of cargo.

Additional Craft: Along with its impressive weaponry, the Bellator Class Star Destroyer carries approximately 120 TIE fighters and bombers, along with 24 shuttles and light freighters.

Long-Term Deployments: The Bellator Class Star Destroyer is capable of operating for four years without resupply, making it an ideal craft for long-term deployments.

Top 7. Xyston Class Star Destroyer

Xyston Class Star Destroyer


Length  2,406 meters (7,894 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) N/A
Crew 29,585
Troopers 12,000 Stormtroopers
  • 1 Axial Superlaser
  • 40 Heavy Turbolasers Batteries
  • 40 Point-defense Laser Cannons
  • 40 Ion Cannons
  • 35 Variable-ordance Warhead Launchers
  • 10 Heavy Tractor Beam Projectors
Cost  N/A

Heavy Armor: Despite its relatively small size, the Xyston Class is heavily armored and battle-ready. It is characterized as an orbital bombardment vessel.

Powerful Armaments: This ship is equipped with 40 heavy turbolaser batteries, 40 ion cannons, 40 point defense laser cannons, 35 variable ordnance warhead launchers, and 10 heavy tractor beam projectors. 

In addition, each Xyston Class Destroyer is also equipped with a complement of 72 starfighters to provide fighter support.

Axial Super Laser: Its most powerful weapon, however, is the impressive axial super laser that fires from its reactor by utilizing kyber crystals. A single blast from the Xyston Class is capable of destroying an entire planet within minutes.

Advanced Propulsion: The warship is equipped with a solo ionization reactor and several separate ion engines. This allows it to achieve impressive speeds and maneuverability.

Automated Systems: In contrast to other destroyers, the Xyston Class was designed with a greater number of automated systems. This significantly reduces the required crew size. On average, most vessels require approximately 29,000 crew members, including both officers and enlisted personnel.

Top 6. Resurgent Class  Star Destroyer

Resurgent Class  Star Destroyer


Length  2,900 meters (9,500 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) >130 MGLT
  • 19,000 Officers
  • 55,000 Enlisted
  • 8,000 Stormtroopers
  • Over 1,500 turbolaser batteries and ion-cannons
  • 16 Port and starboard primary dual turbolaser batteries
  • 8 Twin dual and single heavy turbolaser batteries
  • 2 Lower-mounted heavy triple turbolaser turrets
  • Hundreds of turbolaser cannons
  • Point-defense quad concussion missile emplacements
  • Multiple Tractor beam projectors
Cost  N/A

Versatile Role: Characterized as a multirole ship, the Resurgent Class Star Destroyer could be utilized as a carrier, destroyer, escort, or command ship.

Unique Structure: The ship has heavy armor and possesses an off-centered bridge that was built into the existing structure of the vessel.

Crew and Capacity: In order to operate a ship of this size, approximately 55,000 enlisted crew members and 19,000 officers are required. With a large cargo capacity, these vessels are believed to be capable of operating for two years without resupply.

Powerful Armaments: Designed with orbital assault and ship-to-ship combat in mind, the Resurgent Class Star Destroyer was designed with many offensive potentials. This included over 1,500 turbolaser batteries and ion cannons, along with point defense quad missile emplacements and multiple tractor beam projectors.

Additional Craft: Most Resurgent Class cruisers included 100+ atmospheric assault landers and TIE fighters, speeders, artillery, and ground-based transport.

Top 5. Assertor Class Star Dreadnought

Assertor Class Star Dreadnought


The Assertor-class dreadnought saw use in the Imperial Era during the time of the Rebel Alliance, with the lead ship of the class, the Assertor.

Length  19,000 meters (62,335 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) N/A
  • 125,000 Officers, Pilots, Enlisted
  • 20,000 Troops
  • 40 Quad heavy turbolaser batteries 
  • 30 Quad battleship ion cannon batteries
  • 10 Twin heavy turbolaser batteries 
  • 30 Quad light turbolaser batteries
  • 20 Twin battleship ion cannons
  • 20 Medium ion cannons
  • 60 Turret-mounted quad laser cannons
  • 90 Concussion missile launchers
  • 20 Heavy tractor beam projectors 
Cost  1,100,000,000 Credits

Size and Power: In terms of size and power, the Assertor Class was second only to the Executor Class Star Dreadnought, which measured 19,000 meters. As such, it was the largest vessel in the family of Imperial Navy dreadnoughts that included the Bellator Class and Mandator Class.

Communications and Sensor Suites: The Assertor Class Star Dreadnought was equipped with numerous sophisticated communications and long-range sensor suites. 

These advanced systems allowed the ship to maintain effective communication channels and gather crucial information from far distances.

Command and Control Systems: The ship featured state-of-the-art command and control systems. These systems provided its commanders with a near-unparalleled view of the battlefield, enabling them to make informed decisions and strategies during combat.

Hyperdrive: The ship was equipped with a class 2 primary hyperdrive, with a class 12 hyperdrive acting as secondary. These hyperdrives allowed the ship to travel faster than the speed of light, making interstellar travel possible.

Consumables: The Assertor Class Star Dreadnought was stocked with enough consumables to last three years. This included food, water, medical supplies, and other necessities, allowing the ship to operate for extended periods without needing to resupply.

Top 4. Sovereign Class Star Destroyer

Sovereign Class Star Destroyer



Length  15,000 meters (49,212 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) N/A
  • 601,670 Officers, Pilots, Enlisted
  • 130,100 troops
  • Axial superlaser
  • 500 Heavy laser cannons
  • 500 Turbolaser batteries
  • 75 Ion cannons
  • 100 Tractor beam emplacements
  • 5 Gravity well projectors
Cost  2,500,000,000 Credits

Axial Super Laser: A key feature of the Sovereign Class is its axial super laser, which is on par with the Death Star. The ship’s hull was designed to be 15,000 meters to house the generator powering the super laser.

Armament: In addition to the super laser, the Sovereign Class possesses 75 ion cannons split equally between the front and side, and 100 tractor beam emplacements. These armaments make it a formidable force in any battle.

Cargo and Consumables: The Sovereign Class Star Destroyer can carry five years’ worth of consumables and 400,000 metric tons of cargo. It also has the capacity to carry 130,000 troops, similar to the larger Eclipse Class Super Star Destroyer.

Additional Craft: The Sovereign Class Star Destroyer can carry 35 squadrons of TIE/IN interceptors, five squadrons of TIE/sa bombers, and 75 All Terrain Armored Transports. These additional crafts significantly enhance its combat capabilities and versatility in various mission types.

Top 3. Executor Class Star Destroyer

Executor Class Star Destroyer


 It’s one of the biggest ships from the time of the Galactic Civil War.

Length  19,000 meters (62,335 ft)
Megalight per hour (MGLT) 40 MGLT
  • 280,784 Officers, Gunners & Enlisted
  • 38,000 Troops and Support staff
  • 2,000 Turbolaser batteries
  • 2,000 Heavy turbolaser batteries
  • 250 Heavy ion cannons
  • 250 Assault concussion missile tubes
  • 40 Phylon Transport Q7 tractor beam projectors
  • 500 Point-defense laser cannons 
Cost  N/A

Weapons: The Executor-class was equipped with an impressive arsenal of over 5,000 weapon stations, which included turbolasers, assault concussion missile launchers, and ion cannons. 

The unique ability of these warships to channel all their energy into their weapons gave the Executor-class a firepower that was at least 100 times greater than that of an Imperial-class destroyer.

Cargo and Supplies: This spaceship can carry a lot of stuff – 250,000 metric tons of cargo to be exact. It also has enough food and other supplies to last for six years.

Extra Craft: The Executor Class Star Destroyer can carry at least 144 starfighters, 30 AT-ATs, 40 AT-STs

Top 2.  Eclipse Class Star Destroyer

Eclipse Class Star Destroyer


Length  17,500 meters
Megalight per hour (MGLT) N/A
  • 280,784 Officers, Gunners & Enlisted
  • 38,000 Troops and Support staff
  • Axial superlaser
  • 550 Heavy laser cannons
  • 500 Turbolaser 
  • 75 Ion cannons
  • 100 Tractor beam emplacements
  • 10 Gravity well projectors
Cost  N/A

Size and Propulsion: The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer is one of the largest Superstar Destroyers in galactic history, reaching approximately 17,500 meters or 11 miles in length.

It is powered by six different engines and a Class 2 hyperdrive, necessary for propelling the vessel through real space and atmospheric conditions due to its tremendous mass.

Axial Super Laser: The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer is equipped with an axial super laser, similar to the one used on the first and second Death Star. This feature significantly enhances the ship’s destructive capabilities.

Cargo and Consumables: The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer has a cargo capacity of 600,000 metric tons and can carry approximately 150,000 Storm Troopers. It is capable of going 10 years without resupply, demonstrating its exceptional endurance.

Crew Requirements: Due to its tremendous mass, the Eclipse requires an extremely large crew. For full combat strength, the vessel needs approximately 700,000 crew members, along with an additional 4,000 gunners to operate its weapons systems.

Additional Craft and Troops: An Eclipse-class ship is equipped with a formidable fleet and ground assault capabilities. It houses 600 TIE/IN interceptors and 96 TIE Bombers, organized into 58 squadrons. For ground operations, it carries 150,000 Imperial soldiers, 100 AT-ATs, and five ready-to-deploy bases.

Top 1. Supremacy,  Mega Class Star Dreadnought 



Length  13,239.68 meters
Megalight per hour (MGLT) N/A
  • 1 Supreme Leader
  • At least 1 Knight of Ren
  • 8 Elite Praetorian Guards
  • 2,225,000 personnel, including (First Order officers, First Order Security Bureau personnel, First Order Special Forces personnel, First Order fleet engineers, First Order TIE Fighter Pilot, Stormtroopers, Executioner troopers, Flametroopers, Megablaster heavy assault troopers, Riot control stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, BB-series astromech droids, First Order Patrol droids, IT-S00.2 medical droids, SO-1P autovalet droids, MSE-6 series repair droid)
  • Heavy turbolasers
  • Anti-ship missile batteries
  • Heavy ion cannons
  • Tractor beam projectors.
Cost  N/A

Function and Capabilities: The Supremacy served Supreme Leader Snoke as a mobile command center. It has the industrial capability of a planet and serves as a test bed for the First Order’s newest military advances.

Propulsion: The Supremacy is equipped with approximately 32 sublight engines, an improvement over previous systems, as well as a very powerful hyperdrive.

Advantages: With its high aerodynamic efficiency and extremely large payload, the Supremacy has advantages over previous and existing Star Destroyers. It is large enough to dock six Resurgent-class Star Destroyers externally and two internally.

Armament: The Supremacy is armed with thousands of heavy turbo lasers, anti-ship missile batteries, heavy ion cannons, and tractor beam projectors. It also possesses numerous long-range heavy turbo laser towers. Only the Death Stars and the Starkiller Base were more powerful.

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