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What Does Plo Koon Wear on His Face?

What Does Plo Koon Wear on His Face?

Ever caught yourself staring at Plo Koon and wondering about that chic mask and goggles combo he sports? 

It’s not just a bold fashion statement or to keep up with Jedi trends, believe it or not. 

There’s a whole galaxy of reasons behind it, and guess what? 

His life literally depends on it. Let’s dive into the mystery behind what Plo Koon wears on his face – it’s more than just accessorizing; it’s survival!

Plo Koon’s Breather Mask

Plo Koon

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credit: wallpapercave

You see, the mask filtered air to mimic the atmosphere of his home planet, Dorin, because, surprisingly, oxygen was toxic to Plo Koon. 

Meanwhile, those goggles did more than make him look mysterious; they protected his eyes from evaporating in environments not suited to his species. 

So, every piece of his gear was essential, ensuring he could thrive anywhere in the galaxy, far from the comforts of Dorin. 

Without these protective measures, he’d face dire consequences, especially where oxygen was concerned.

Dorin, Plo Koon Home Planet

Just like many of his Kel Dor kin, Plo Koon called the planet Dorin his home before his adventures with the Jedi Order took him far and wide. 

You might find it interesting that Dorin, tucked away in the galaxy’s Expansion Region, isn’t your typical Star Wars setting. 

Dorin’s atmosphere is a rich mix of gas and helium, perfectly breathable for Kel Dors but pretty unusual for the rest of us. 

Gas planet

Now, when Kel Dors like Plo Koon decide to explore beyond their home planet, they’ve got to gear up with breather masks and goggles for protection. 

It’s exactly this setup that Plo Koon sports, ensuring he can venture across the galaxy safely. 

Plo Koon without His Mask

Plo Koon is known for being the chill and collected one among the Jedi Masters. 

That mask and those goggles aren’t just for show; they’re literally what keep him breathing in all that oxygen we take for granted. 

But hey, ever caught a glimpse of Plo Koon minus the mask? It’s quite the sight! Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a sneak peek of Plo Koon without his mask. Prepare to be intrigued!

Plo Koon's face without mask

You can catch a glimpse of Plo Koon without his mask and goggles in the Star Wars: Pudge: Second to Die comics. 

Henry Gilroy, who wrote for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, shared that George Lucas thought Plo Koon’s face might be a bit too unconventional for fans’ tastes. Seeing him without his mask is quite the rarity!

Maybe that’s the reason behind the iconic mask and goggles look, not to mention the whole backstory with his home planet, Dorin. It’s all in the details, right?

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