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What Jedi are Left-Handed?

What Jedi are Left-Handed?

While it appears all Jedi fight right-handed given their stance during lightsaber duels, the possibility exists that some are left-handed. This topic has received little attention throughout the fandom, but we can point to a few clues to discover which Jedi favor their left hand. 

There are few known left-handed Jedi besides Luke Skywalker and Rey. However, the Sith Species, who bred with the Dark Jedi, favored left-handedness. Also, a handful of Jedi become ambidextrous, and they are also listed below. 

1 – Luke Skywalker

While lightsaber duels show Luke fighting Vader as a righty, it’s important to note Mark Hamill is left-handed. Therefore, it’s easy to spot this in translation to the films where he picks multiple items up with his left hand. 

So why is Luke wielding Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber in his right hand when Obi-Wan Kenobi gives it to him?

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One reason we see every Jedi duel or handle their lightsaber in a right-handed stance points to choreography. With most of the population being right-handed – 90 percent – it’s easy to see why nobody in Star Wars duels left-handed. 

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t left-handed Jedi. And Luke drove that point home in the Original Trilogy. The well-known fansite Wookieepedia has listed Skywalker as ‘ambidextrous,’ which further lines up with his actions in the Original Trilogy.

2 – Rey 

Rey is another Jedi who fought right-handed but was seen using her left hand multiple times. In The Force Awakens, Rey both eats and marks her board left-handed.

OVERDUBBED - Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Rey Makes A Meal

However, she fights right-handed. This could also pertain to choreography. Other fans state she fights right handed because her Jedi Masters also fought right-handed and taught her the same stances. Or, she favored a right handed fighting style. 

Rey is not listed as ambidextrous on Wookieepedia, but the Sequel Trilogy provides clear evidence she was at least born left-handed. Further evidence shows her lineage, as clone troopers could be right or left-handed, but were trained to be ambidextrous. 

Clone commando Atin Skirata was even quoted saying, “I reckon that’s the real reason we were trained to be ambidextrous.” 

Therefore, Rey’s father could have been left-handed, or at least ambidextrous. 

3 – Ajunta Pall

In Star Wars Legends, Ajunta Pall was the manifestation of Typhojem, the Left-Handed God. An ancient Jedi born 7,000 BBY, Pall was a well-respected Jedi, rising to the rank of Jedi Master. However, the Jedi Order feared his jaunt into alchemy and the reshaping of human life. 

The First Sith EVER: Ajunta Pall - Star Wars Explained

This led to a fallout with the Jedi, prompting Pall to lead the Dark Jedi into the Hundred-Year Darkness. Eventually, the Jedi exiled him and his followers, later becoming the First Dark Lord of the Sith. 

He lived over 100 years, with his physical death occurring sometime after 6900 BBY. However, Pall’s spirit resided in his tomb. Until 3,956 BBY when Darth Revan entered and released him. 

4 – Sith Species

While technically not Jedi, the Sith Species favored left-handedness given their genetic predispositions. Bone spurs and facial tentacles also distinguished the species. They would eventually inbreed with the Dark Jedi exiled to their planet of Korriban in 6,900 BBY. 

Star Wars: The Secrets of the Sith

The Sith Species were also naturally drawn to the Dark Side of the Force, building an entire culture around it. They also had a high rate of Force-sensitivity, and it’s believed most if not all Sith were Force-sensitive. 

5 – Anoon Bondara

One of several ambidextrous Jedi, Anoon Bondara  possessed remarkable skills with a lightsaber. 

The Story of Anoon Bondara - The Greatest Lightsaber Duelist of the Jedi Order

Listed as ambidextrous, Bondara’s lightsaber skills show she may have used both a right and left-handed fighting style.

Since in our galaxy’s world of sports, those who participate left-handed in fencing, boxing, and MMA all have an advantage given the number of right handed opponents they face. 

6 – Depa Billaba

Billaba trained under Mace Windu and became so skilled with a lightsaber she nearly defeated him upon their confrontation on Haruun Kal. Billaba’s skill also allowed her to fight both right and left-handed. 

Among her other talents, Billaba was also able to speak several languages. She even served on the Jedi High Council when Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi presented Anakin Skywalker. 

7 – Kyle Katarn

Katarn was one of the most unique Jedi of the age. A self-trained Jedi, he wielded more than just a lightsaber going into battle. In fact, he mastered every weapon he came across, thanks to prior training at the Imperial Academy. 

Star Wars: Who Was Kyle Katarn?

Katarn was so gifted with weapons, he carried a blaster in one hand (or any long range weapon) and a lightsaber in the other. 

Most Jedi frowned upon using long-range weapons like blasters and Obi-Wan Kenobi went as far as to refer to them as “uncivilized.” Katarn didn’t stop there. He also wielded Force lightning and the Force choke. 

While Luke and Rey hold top honors in most Jedi popularity contests, Katarn may win out against any Jedi that did not appear in the Skywalker Saga. 

8 – Vodo Siosk-Baas

Unique among Jedi, Siosk-Baas preferred a quarterstaff to a lightsaber, which he mastered using both his right and left hands. And given his talents in battle, Siosk-Baas became well-known for his combat reflexes. 

Vodo-Siosk Baas - Martial Training & Weaponry (Outdated sample)

Despite his preference not to use lightsabers, he knew them inside and out. He became an expert at crafting lightsabers, and even taught younglings how to properly make and wield their Force-sensitive weapon. 

Though he fought well with his staff, it wasn’t enough to save him when he eventually died a little under 4,000 BBY at the hands of Exar Kun, who wielded a double-bladed lightsaber. 

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