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Why Do Jedi And Mandalorians Fight?

Why Do Jedi And Mandalorians Fight?

The Mandalorians are a collective group of various species that reside on the planet Mandalore.

This clan is bound together by one language, affiliation, and common goal. The planet isn’t green and lush, rather it’s morse desert-like and sits in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy.

Throughout galactic history, the Mandalorians were a flourishing group within the Mandalorian Sector–so much so that they were able to colonize other spaces within the galaxy at large.

Generally, this was an incredibly skilled group of people. Their major craft of choice was something along the lines of martial arts.

They were, of course, talented at combat, but because of a civil war that ensued, the Mandalorian people pivoted to a more pacifistic approach.

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One thing the Mandalorians were known for was butting heads with the Jedi. Given this, did the Jedi and the Mandalorians eventually get along?

A valid question that will be answered over the course of this article. 

Do Mandalorians and Jedi Get Along?

Ever since the two sides became aware of one another, the Mandalorians and the Jedi never got along.

Jedi Ahsoka Tano confront a Mandalorian

They were often butting heads and at each other’s throats.

Even though it’s clear that the hatred between both sides ran incredibly deep, there’s no exact record of the conflict that started it all.

What we do know about this generations-long conflict is that it existed from the very beginning of Star Wars.

Although limited data is available about their raging conflict, it is clear that each side harbored feelings of deep hatred for the other.

This is ironic in and of itself because the Jedi aren’t supposed to have any ill feelings towards any other living being.

As per the Jedi Code, a Jedi is supposed to respect and protect all forms of life, regardless of their affiliation to the Force.

Moreover, the Jedi are big on peace and the preservation of calm surroundings. War is a lot of things, but it most certainly is not calm.

Ergo, this ongoing battle they have with the Mandalorians seems to be somewhat of a violation of this rule.

In some way, the Jedi are holding on to negative feelings towards the Mandalorians, which is yet another thing that could potentially breach the rules of the Jedi Code.

What’s more, given the ancient origin of this war, it’s fair to assume that some of the Jedi and Mandalorians aren’t even aware of why they’re at odds with each other. 

Why Did Jedi and Mandalorians Fight?

The strange war between the Mandalorians and the Jedi has intrigued the entire Star Wars community.

After some research and the piecing together of various episodes in the Franchise, there was a slight insight into why the Jedi and the Mandalorians fought each other.

The History Of The Mandalorian-Jedi War Explained

Essentially, the Mandalorians could not comprehend the abilities the Jedi possess. This was the entire premise that prompted the war that spanned multiple generations.

This is especially evident at the beginning of season two of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The Armorer claimed, “The songs of eons past tell of battles between Mandalore the Great and an order of sorcerers called Jedi.”

In hindsight, it’s understandable why she would call the Jedi sorcerers because, to the unknowledgeable, the skills the Jedi have can be seen as dark magic.

Seeing someone with lightsabers is strange enough. Once the various Force Powers the Jedi use are added into the mix, then it can become too much to comprehend.

Especially when it comes to things like the Jedi Mind Trick and Floating Meditation.


The war between the Mandalorians and the Jedi is a piece of Star Wars lore that has interested the fandom for years and will do so for many more.

The Mandalorians were a people that generally relied more on physical strength and technology as opposed to the Force.

Naturally, they built up an association that believed anyone who used the Force practiced the dark arts.

Unfortunately, the use of the Force is exactly what the Jedi represented. This led to conflict between the Jedi and the Mandalorians.

The Jedi are supposed to be the peacekeeping guardians of the galaxy. Thus, it would make sense that they would have tried to put an end to the feud.

But alas, this did not happen.

Granted, they were fighting in defense of themselves and their people; however, the Jedi Order speaks against this as well.

Needless to say, this War became an anomaly in the galaxy that sparked the interest of viewers from around the globe.

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