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Why Was General Grievous So PATHETIC When He Fought Obi-Wan In Revenge Of The Sith?

Why Was General Grievous So PATHETIC When He Fought Obi-Wan In Revenge Of The Sith?

Have you ever sat down to rewatch Revenge of the Sith and found yourself scratching your head during the Obi-Wan vs. General Grievous fight? 

There I was, popcorn in hand, thinking, “Isn’t this the guy who’s supposed to be the Jedi Slayer? What’s with the quick exit?” So, let me take you through why Grievous, despite his collection of lightsabers and that terrifying cough, didn’t quite measure up to our dear Obi-Wan.

1. Grievous: The Guy Really Needed a Doctor

First up, let’s talk about Grievous’s condition. Beyond his habit of collecting Jedi lightsabers (which, by the way, is a pretty creepy hobby if you ask me), the General was dealing with some serious health issues. 

Remember that scene where Mace Windu Force-crushes his chest plate? Yeah, that left him with more than just a bad cough. 

By the time he faced Obi-Wan, he was essentially fighting with one lung tied behind his back. Not the best form for a showdown with one of the Jedi Order’s finest.

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General Grievous vs Mace Windu

2. Obi-Wan: The Soresu Maestro

Now, onto Obi-Wan. The guy’s basically the Roger Federer of lightsaber defense. His mastery of Soresu, the defensive form of lightsaber combat, is like watching a ballet dancer avoid raindrops – he’s that good. 

While Grievous is all about the offensive with his whirlwind of blades, Obi-Wan is the calm in the storm. He waits, he watches, and then, when you least expect it, bam! It’s over before Grievous even realizes his opponent has him figured out.

Watching Obi-Wan in action, you can tell he’s not just waiting for Grievous to tire himself out; he’s looking for that one opening. And with Grievous wheezing like he’s run a marathon in a sandstorm, it wasn’t long before Obi-Wan spotted his chance. 

A quick slice here, a nifty move there, and suddenly, it’s lights out for the General.

Essentially, Obi-Wan’s defensive fighting style was the perfect counter to Grievous’s aggressive tactics.

Obi-Wan vs General Grievous - "Hello There" | Star Wars Revenge of the Sith 2005 Movie Clip HD 4K

3. Underestimation and Overconfidence

Grievous strutted into battle with the swagger of someone who’s collected Jedi lightsabers like they’re going out of style, thinking Obi-Wan would just be another notch on his belt. Big mistake. 

His overconfidence blinded him to the reality of Obi-Wan’s skill set. It’s like showing up to a gunfight with a fancy sword, only to realize your opponent is a sharpshooter who doesn’t miss. 

Grievous underestimated Obi-Wan, and in the world of lightsaber duels, underestimating your opponent is pretty much asking to be on the losing side of history.

Obiwan Kenobi

So, What’s the Real Scoop Here?

Alright, breaking it down: why did General Grievous seem to fumble the ball so badly against Obi-Wan? 

First off, Grievous was practically wheezing his way through the fight – not exactly in tip-top shape due to some previous Jedi-inflicted injuries. But there’s another layer here: Grievous strutted into battle oozing overconfidence, convinced he could take down any Jedi, Obi-Wan included. Big miscalculation.

And then, he faced Obi-Wan Kenobi, not just any Jedi, but a master of defense. In essence, Grievous’s big moment turned into a bit of a flop because, well, he bit off more than he could chew. 

He brought his A-game, sure, but Obi-Wan’s defense was on another level – a level Grievous couldn’t hack, especially not with his health issues and his overinflated confidence clouding his judgment.

So, between his less-than-stellar health, an overestimation of his own abilities, and going up against the Jedi equivalent of a defensive wall, it was hardly a fair fight. 

It’s like trying to sprint with a sprained ankle while also blindfolded; you’re not going to break any records, and you’re definitely not outrunning someone who’s in peak condition and can see the finish line clearly.

General Grievous 

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