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Why Was Moff Gideon So TERRIFIED Of Luke Skywalker?

Why Was Moff Gideon So TERRIFIED Of Luke Skywalker?

Moff Gideon, a cunning and ruthless leader of the Galactic Empire, had always appeared fearless. 

He commanded respect and fear, aiming to restore the Empire to its former glory. 

However, everything changed when Luke Skywalker entered the scene. 

In this article, we will explore why Moff Gideon was so terrified of Luke Skywalker, breaking it down into three main sections: Gideon’s Ambitions and Ruthlessness, The Legendary Threat of Luke Skywalker, and Gideon’s Fear and Desperation.

Gideon Pursues Power and Control

Moff Gideon in his Darktrooper Suit - The Mandalorian Season Three (2023)
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Moff Gideon was not just an ordinary Imperial officer; he was a man driven by a thirst for power and control. 

His primary goal was to capture Grogu, an infant of Yoda’s species. 

Gideon believed Grogu’s powers could be the key to replicating the Force through cloning, which would help him rebuild the Empire. 

This determination showed Gideon’s ambition and his willingness to do anything to achieve his goals.

Gideon’s ruthless nature was evident in his actions. 

He did not hesitate to kill fellow Imperials if they stood in his way. 

For instance, he killed the Client and his stormtroopers without a second thought and ordered an officer to commit suicide to avoid capture. 

His tactical genius and skills in psychological warfare made him a formidable enemy. 

He was confident in his army’s capabilities, especially the dark troopers, which he considered unbeatable.

However, Gideon’s confidence was not just about his resources but also about his belief in his cause. 

He saw himself as a patriot of the Galactic Empire, ready to restore order to the galaxy. 

Despite his ambitions, Gideon’s desire for power was selfish. 

He wanted control of the Imperial Remnant for himself, showing no moral standards in his pursuit.

Luke Skywalker Becomes a Legendary Threat


Luke Skywalker’s name alone struck fear into the hearts of Imperial officers. 

His heroic deeds during the Galactic Civil War made him a legend. 

Luke destroyed two Death Stars, defeated Darth Vader, and overthrew Emperor Palpatine. 

These achievements made him the embodiment of chaos and destruction in the eyes of the Empire.

Imperials saw Luke as an unstoppable force. 

His actions not only weakened the Empire but also shattered its image of invincibility. 

The fear of Luke was not just because of his past deeds but also because he was the last known Jedi, possessing incredible power. 

Gideon, like many other Imperials, viewed Luke as a symbol of everything that could go wrong for the Empire.

The reputation of Luke Skywalker grew with each victory. 

For someone like Moff Gideon, who valued order and control, Luke represented the ultimate threat. 

Luke’s presence meant the failure of Gideon’s plans and the end of his ambitions. 

The fear of Luke was amplified by stories and firsthand accounts of his extraordinary abilities.

Gideon Faces Fear and Desperation

When Luke Skywalker arrived, Gideon’s confidence shattered. 

Gideon had personally overseen the creation of the Dark Troopers, upgrading them to the formidable Phase 3, which he believed made them invincible. 

He even donned a Phase 4 Dark Trooper armor made from beskar, further bolstering his assurance of victory.

Moff Gideon


The moment Luke effortlessly defeated the dark troopers, Gideon realized he was outmatched. 

His belief in his army’s invincibility crumbled, leaving him in a state of panic. 

Gideon’s actions during this encounter revealed his desperation.

In a desperate attempt to regain control, Gideon tried to kill Bo-Katan Kryze and Grogu. 

When both attempts failed, he turned the blaster on himself, preferring death over capture by the New Republic. 

This act showed the depth of his fear and his refusal to face defeat. 

Gideon’s willingness to kill Grogu, whom he once saw as crucial to his plans, highlighted his lack of moral standards.

The psychological impact of facing Luke Skywalker was immense. 

Gideon, who had always been a master of manipulation and control, found himself powerless. 

Luke’s arrival represented an unstoppable force that Gideon could not counter. 

This fear drove him to extreme measures, showcasing how even the most formidable enemies can fall apart when faced with true power.

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