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Will Rey Train More Jedi?

Will Rey Train More Jedi?

Rey Skywalker personifies balance with the Force, given her Palpatine lineage and her new surname. If Rey were to train more Jedi, evidence exists that her version of the Jedi Order will differ from the Order we became accustomed to in the Prequel Trilogy. 

Rey could rebuild the Jedi Order, given the parallels of her story to that of Luke Skywalker’s in the Original Trilogy. Since there are other Force-sensitive beings in the galaxy, including Finn, Rey may not be the last Jedi ever. 

Her yellow-bladed lightsaber implies both light and dark aspects of the Force, which parallels the balances both Prime Jedi and the ancient Jedi sought. 

Will Rey Rebuild the Jedi Order?

Rey and her new Jedi Order

In 28 ABY, the Jedi Order collapsed much in the same way it did during the events of Revenge of the Sith in 19 BBY. Another Skywalker, Ben Solo, turned to the dark side like his grandfather, Anakin, and slaughtered his uncle Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order. 

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Enter Rey, who redeemed Solo in 35 ABY before defeating her grandfather, Darth Sidious. 

Following her victory, it’s unclear whether Rey will rebuild the Jedi Order. However, it is clear she is going off to begin her own adventures, according to the writers and J.J. Abrams’ interpretation of how The Rise of Skywalker ended. 

In The Rise of Skywalker, Rey’s journey concluded at the Skywalker Homestead on the Planet Tatooine, which served as the home world to Anakin and Luke Skywalker. 

Leia, separated at birth from Luke, grew up on the planet Alderaan. However, the Death Star blew up Alderaan in A New Hope, leaving it impossible for Rey to return to Leia’s home planet. 

At the homestead on Tatooine, she buried Luke and Leia’s lightsabers before changing her last name to Skywalker, which distanced herself from her Palpatine bloodlines. 

One reason fans believed Rey may not rebuild the Jedi Order stems from the final track of the film, entitled ‘A New Home.’ However, Abrams and Chris Terrio thought of Rey’s return to Tatooine as a pilgrimage to pay her final respects to the last remaining Skywalkers. 

It’s likely Rey will venture out into the galaxy as the last Jedi, perhaps traveling to locate Force-sensitive beings to take on as students and rebuild the Order. But, her Jedi Order would look different than the light side-friendly Order of the past. 

Is Rey the Last Ever Jedi?

Per Screen Rant, Rey is not the last ever Jedi because there is enough evidence to believe she’s going to set out to rebuild the Order. 

One reason is that she may already have an apprentice in Finn, given the revelation in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s novelization that Finn is Force-sensitive. 

all hints that finn was force sensitive in star wars

And it makes sense, as Finn broke through the First Order’s brainwashing methods. The junior novelization implies that, because Force-sensitives are naturally more resistant to brainwashing, it allowed Finn to resist the Order of killing innocents. 

Finn also came across other Stormtroopers who rebelled against the First Order, doing so on instinct instead of decision, another sign of Force-sensitivity. His discovery, along with evidence in The Rise of Skywalker’s novelization, showed Force-sensitive beings still exist in the galaxy. 

However, Jedi is the keyword. Just because someone is Force-sensitive, they are not automatically a Jedi. The Jedi Order is an organization. Therefore, Rey is, at least as far as The Rise of Skywalker goes, the last Jedi. 

But, is she the last Jedi ever? Her status as the last Jedi can change in the future should Rey train a new generation of Jedi. 

Would Rey Train the New Generation of the Jedi?

Even per the old Jedi Code, which in Rey’s situation wouldn’t apply, she is ready to train a new generation of the Jedi. 

Rey completed her Jedi Trial in two ways: 

  1. She confronted and defeated her grandfather, Darth Sidious. 
  2. After Rey buried Luke and Leia’s lightsabers, she constructed her own yellow-bladed lightsaber from her staff. 
Rey Vs Palpatine [Extended Edition]

The yellow-bladed lightsaber symbolizes a lot. If Rey continued the Jedi Order and trained a new generation, her lightsaber hints at striking a balance between the Force. 

This means the Jedi Order will look drastically different than it did during their appearance in the Prequel Trilogy, when they were staunch light-siders and their embracing just one side of the Force led to their near-extinction. 

Rey’s yellow-bladed saber and perpetual balance are also significant for two reasons:

  1. Prime Jedi’s mural in The Last Jedi shows the ancient warrior in perpetual meditation shrouded in both light and dark energy in what strongly resembles a Yin Yang, which signifies a balance between light and dark. 
  2. Also, the ancient Jedi, per Dooku: Jedi Lost, sought balance in the Force, instead of solely embracing the light side. With Rey learning about the Jedi Order from ancient texts on Ach-To, it serves as another clue that Rey’s Jedi Order will seek balance. 

Since Rey now owns the Millennium Falcon, it implies she will travel throughout the galaxy to seek Force-sensitive beings and teach them the ways of this new Jedi Order, if they choose to learn them.

the Millennium Falcon

Where she would teach new Jedi remains a mystery, but another Screen Rant article suggests Tatooine


Tatooine, one of the galaxy’s most remote planets, would be a great breeding ground for a new Jedi Order. One reason behind a proposed Jedi Temple on Tatooine instead of a place like Coruscant is that Rey would avoid yet another mistake the Jedi made:

Placing their headquarters at the Galactic Republic’s capital planet, which entwined them with the Republic’s politics.  

Not only is the stage set for Rey to train a new generation of Jedi; she can also learn from their history and avoid the mistakes that led to the Order’s downfall. 

Star Wars Rumors About Rey’s Faterumor about Rey's fate

One rumor about Rey’s fate further sets off the notion that her storyline, at least in the short run, will continue to mimic Luke Skywalker’s. Her story, while different from Luke’s, also paralleled his:

  1. She sought out a Jedi Master in exile, as Luke did with Yoda. 
  2. She redeemed a Skywalker who had fallen to the dark side, as Luke did with Darth Vader. 

For Rey’s fate to continue to parallel Luke’s, at least in the short term, it makes sense for her to travel the galaxy via the Millennium Falcon and rebuild the Jedi Order–hopefully, at least in Star Wars Canon, with better results. 

Another theory suggests that she remains on Tatooine, perhaps to wait for Force-sensitives to seek her. However, given the interpretation from Abrams and Terrio, the theory regarding Rey is that she will venture out on her own. 

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Michelle Jorgensen

Wednesday 22nd of March 2023

I'm in complete agreement that Rey will be training Jedi, & I can't wait to see that happen