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Are All Jedi Good Pilots?

Are All Jedi Good Pilots?

In the Skywalker Saga, we see many examples of Jedi who have become master pilots. From Anakin and Luke Skywaker to Rey Skywalker, their Force-sensitivity makes them just as effective from the air as they are from the ground. 

Force-sensitivity is not a prerequisite to becoming a good pilot, and not all Jedi become good pilots. There are several examples throughout the Star Wars franchise of non-Force-sensitive pilots controlling their aircraft better than their Jedi counterparts. 

Are All Jedi Good Pilots?

Contrary to what we see in Star Wars, not all Jedi are good pilots. However, The odds will rest in a Jedi’s favor, given their Force-sensitivity. But their natural Force-sensitivity guarantees nothing if they don’t use it toward becoming better pilots. 

Some Jedi will, but others will instead direct, deepening their Force-sensitivity elsewhere, such as lightsaber combat. 

During the Skywalker Saga, we often saw outliers like Luke and Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader mastering their ships with ease, leading to the belief that all Jedi fly just as well as the father-son duo. 

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While you can consider the Skywalkers naturals, becoming a good pilot from a Jedi standpoint almost always requires special abilities within the Force, like precognition. An ability not all Jedi develop. 

Even with plenty of phenomenal Jedi pilots in Star Wars, non-Force-sensitive beings have also tasted the limelight. Pilots like Poe Dameron, Hera Syndulla, and Iden Versio are three of many examples in the saga who can match any Jedi, perhaps even Anakin and Luke. 

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7 Best Jedi Pilots in Star Wars? 

1 – Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Skywalker excelled in the Eta-2-Actis-class interceptor, and many, like Obi-Wan Kenobi, thought of him as the best pilot in the Star Wars universe. His early accomplishments included winning pod races and destroying the Trade Federation Space Station in The Phantom Menace.

Of course, his accomplishments weren’t all for the greater good. As Darth Vader, he destroyed Rebels from the air with ease, as seen in A New Hope. No one escaped Vader in an air battle, except his son, Luke. 

While Luke escaped Vader’s wrath, you need to put an asterisk beside that accomplishment, since Han Solo and Chewbacca came to his aid. 

2 – Luke Skywalker

You may best remember Luke Skywalker excelling in his X Wing Starfighter, and it’s inconclusive to this day whether Luke or Anakin were better pilots. 

Like his father before him, Luke played a major role in taking out space stations when he downed the first Death Star. He also maximized his Force-connection regarding his piloting abilities, once using it to land a craft on Coruscant. 

While the X Wing Starfighter served as his ride of choice, Luke mastered piloting several aircraft. 

STAR WARS - The DEATHSTAR BATTLE re-edited pt. 1

3 – Rey Skywalker

Rey Skywalker

Rey’s combination of Force-sensitivity and survival instincts set her apart. Something we see when she became a self-taught pilot. Using the old Millennium Falcon as her ride of choice, Rey’s piloting skills outlasted both the non-Force-sensitive Han Solo and fallen Jedi, Kylo Ren. 

While on Jakku, she also became an expert mechanic by teaching herself how to repair a spacecraft. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon Scene

4 – Plo Koon

Star Wars The Black Series Plo Koon Toy 6" Scale The Clone Wars

In the Prequel Trilogy, Koon was one of few Jedi to rival Anakin Skywalker. And if he managed to outmaneuver his clone troopers following Order 66, Koon may have matched Anakin’s pedigree. In fact, most have only ranked Anakin and Saesee Tiin over Koon. 

Often seen piloting the Blade of Dorin, Koon was one of those Jedi who used his impeccable Force-sensitivity to maximize his piloting skills. 

A Jedi Master who also served on the High Council, Koon’s credentials also included participation in Geonosis and Khalida Shoals. 

5 – Adi Gallia

Like Koon, Gallia also fought in the Clone Wars. She was so good from the air, Mace Windu ordered her to lead the Jedi Knights during the Battle of Geonosis. It was one of several missions she carried out for the Jedi Council. 

6 – Saesee Tiin

He ranked second only to Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. Tiin also served as a trainer to many aspiring Jedi pilots. Using the Force to perform hyperspace jumps, Tiin also utilized telekinetic abilities to slow down enemy projectiles. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Battle of Lola Sayu - rescue operation (Plo Koon & Saesee Tiin) [1080p]

Was Every Jedi a Better Pilot than the Best Non-Force Pilot?

Every species in Star Wars, Force-sensitive or non-Force-sensitive, possesses natural advantages and disadvantages. Just because someone was Force-sensitive, it did not automatically mean they were any better than the non-Force-sensitive masses. 

Force-sensitive individuals just knew how to augment their natural abilities using the Force, allowing them to become physically stronger and more athletic than the average being. 

But does this translate to aeronautics? 

The answer is subjective, so not every Jedi was a better pilot than non-Force-sensitive pilots. For example, Jedi could be well-versed in one area, like telekinesis, but if they lacked proficient precognitive abilities, they wouldn’t have great piloting or even hand-to-hand combat skills. 

Poe Dameron serves as a fantastic non-Force-sensitive capable of performing better than Jedi pilots. Often hailed as the “Resistance’s best pilot,” Dameron excelled in both offensive and defensive maneuvers. 

His reflexes allowed him to out-maneuver enemy spaceships and he rarely missed a shot when taking down enemies. 

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Why are Not All Jedi Better Pilots?

In our galaxy, we all know at least one individual with a perfect blend of natural athletic and cognitive abilities. Just as a Jedi had natural Force-sensitive abilities, they can all go to waste if they didn’t train to maximize them. 

Many Jedi failed to rise in the ranks to Jedi Knight and some didn’t even rise to the Padawan rank. They were shunted into the Service Corps or they left the Jedi Order. 

Since their Force-sensitivity was either ultimately limited or they just didn’t train it to the extent they should have, it showed that Jedi can’t just hop into an aircraft and automatically have an advantage over any non-Force-sensitive. 

This even translated to the battlefield. If the non-Force-sensitive trained harder in any combative aspect, they could overpower a Jedi not just from the air, but in any situation. 

It all comes down to the midi-chlorians, which only measure Force-sensitivity, and nothing else. Midi-chlorians didn’t automatically turn the Jedi into warriors. 

Luke's Point of View: Midi-Chlorians EXPLAINED [CANON]

Since Jedi underwent rigorous training to deepen their connection to the Force and to use the Force in combat, they often boasted significant advantages over non-Force-sensitives. But their advantage was not set in stone. 

In Star Wars, we saw the highest-level Jedi Knights and Masters, which may have led to the belief all Jedi are better fighters both on the ground and in the air. But in actuality, non-Force-sensitives could outlast a Jedi. 

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