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Are all Sith Pure Evil?

Are all Sith Pure Evil?

The galaxy is split between the light and dark sides of the Force. On each side, some organizations are responsible for seeing the desires of their side come to fruition. 

Still, some don’t associate with either side and choose to remain in the gray area of the Force. Most of them are known as Gray Jedi, or simply as free agents of the Force. 

Even so, the light side of the Force has the Jedi and the dark side has the Sith. The two are natural enemies of one another and oppose each other in almost everything. 

Where the Jedi believe in peace over all else and the maintenance of a pure vessel for the Force to fill, the Sith believe in passion. A passion that would allow them to gain ultimate power over the entire galaxy. 

Due to the lack of the same moral compass as the Jedi and the Code of Sith that they must adhere to, the Sith are free to do as they please. This raises the question, are the Sith pure evil? 

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Keep reading as we dive into the answer to this question and more. 

Are all Sith pure evil?

Are All Sith Evil?

In comparison to the others in the galaxy, it can be deduced that the Sith are, in fact, evil. Despite this, there are still complexities to this question. 

Although the Sith are generally evil, it seems as though they simply choose to be this way. There is no particular cause that sticks out. In fact, they may not even know they are evil. 

Take, for instance, the Sith Code, which speaks to having passion over peace, power in strength, and victory in power. This isn’t an inherently evil philosophy to have. Nowhere in there does it speak to commuting acts of genocide and stepping on anyone to get to the top. 

The Sith chose to interpret this to allow them to unleash hell on anyone in the galaxy that did not follow suit with the ways of the dark side. Thus, corrupting the otherwise reasonable Sith Code into something more perverse. Which, in and of itself, is an evil thing to do.

Are there any good Sith? 

Even though the vast majority of Sith are evil, that does not mean that they are all evil. There were some Sith who weren’t as bloodthirsty and power-hungry. 

One such Sith is Darth Plagueis. Darth Plagueis, the tutor to Darth Sidious, otherwise known as Palpatine, was not like any other Sith Lord. Although he was a ruthless warrior and when he needed to be, Plagueis was far more fascinated by the scientific aspect of life than anything else.

The Story of Darth Plagueis

He was focused on experimenting with different ways he and his apprentice, Palpatine, could live forever. Because he lusted for immortality, Plagueis could not be bothered with the quest for power his comrades pursued. 

Moreover, Darth Plagueis was one of the few Sith who built relationships with those around him. He showed kindness and affection towards his students and developed bonds, which was not a common thing to do among the Sith. 

Unfortunately, it seems as though his caring nature was his downfall, as he was betrayed and murdered by his apprentice. 

Furthermore, some Sith are known as Light Sith because they do not believe in the harmful ways of the regular Sith. What’s more, the Light Sith would use the Sith code in tandem with light-side teachings to do good in the galaxy.

Do the Sith know they are evil?

the Sith military

Many people live in delusion, and the Sith are no different. Everyone believes that they are the heroes of their own narrative, so it is safe to say that the Sith aren’t even aware they are evil. 

The Sith believe that their way is the right way. They may have thought that their way was the only way. Even the Sith Lord, Darth Vader, was under the impression that he was doing the right thing for the good of the galaxy. 

Through his actions, he believed he was restoring balance to the Force. At large, the Sith and the Empire thought that the Force was unbalanced concerning the light side. Therefore, they saw it as their duty to return the Force to its state of perfect harmony. 

Still, there is a handful of Sith who know that what they are doing is evil, but they simply do not care. 

Does Sith mean evil?

The real reason the Sith called the Dark Side the “Dark Side” [Canon] - Star Wars Explained

The Sith is not synonymous with evil. Rather, they have been stigmatized because they belong to the dark side of the Force. The way the Jedi saw the dark was almost as though it were a drug. 

The dark side could seduce and corrupt anyone who isn’t strong enough to resist. Once you fall to the dark side, you’re then stuck in its evil, addictive embrace for the foreseeable future. 

But to the Sith, the dark side seemed to be the more powerful part of the Force. And since their ultimate goal was the restoration of balance and the accumulation of power, the dark side was the only way to go. 


In theory, the Sith are an evil group of people. Given all the genocide and carnage they released onto the galaxy, it’s clear to see why. All the same, there are some Sith that are good, such as Darth Plagueis. 

Despite his ruthless antics, he was still relatively kind and affectionate towards some people. He didn’t care for galaxy domination; all he wanted was to crack the code for immortality. 

Still, some Sith wanted no part of the hurt the Sith rained down on others. These individuals were known as Light Sith, and they would use the Sith Code to help instead of harm.

Naturally, this led to them being viewed as traitors to the Empire, which prompted them to live at a distance for their own protection.

Of course, the Sith are not aware that they are the evil ones in the Jedi’s story, as they wholeheartedly believe they are doing the right thing. 

They think that all the people they’ve hurt and the lives they’ve taken are just minor sacrifices that must be made to restore the Force to its harmonious state.

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