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5 Best Lightsaber Soundboards

Lightsaber soundboard

Over the past few articles, we have brushed over methods that will allow you to create your lightsaber.

Whether that method entailed DIY paper lightsabers or a guide on how to make a real-life version of the iconic weapon, we have got you covered. But that was not the end of the story for your customized lightsaber.

No custom lightsaber will impress those around you if it ends up as just a burning hot metal rod swinging through the air. To be able to truly bring your lightsaber to life, you will need to be able to configure a soundboard for your newly made weapon.

Sure, you could make the sounds with your mouth like the actors used to do back when Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was being shot, but that leaves room for a lot of error, and you might not be able to focus on your duel correctly.

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But do not worry if you can not seem to decide what soundboard to get for your lightsaber.

Or even if you do not know how to install one in the hilt of the blade that you created, we have got you covered.

From what Lightsaber soundboard you should get, to what soundboard will suit your needs and keep your budget in mind, to how to install it, this article will cover everything.

So, stick around till the end.

What is a Lightsaber Soundboard?

A lightsaber soundboard is the same as any other soundboard; but if you do not know what a soundboard is, we have you covered.

A soundboard is a combination of a circuit board, a speaker, and a pre-made program with audio files that responds to a variation in readings taken by the gyroscope attached to the circuit board.

The gyroscope will take readings about speed and movement related to the motion of the lightsaber and will relay that reading back to the main circuit. The circuit will then interpret that reading and then give out commands to the speaker to play a certain audio file related to that action.

And just in case that does not make sense to you, a soundboard is a device used to track the movements of any device to play a sound file that will provide sound effects for that object.

By correlation, a lightsaber soundboard will store different sound effects from the movies and play them whenever you will swing your lightsaber or when it will hit another object.

Some of the more advanced models could even recognize when you want to deflect a blaster shot.

What are the top 5 Lightsaber soundboards?

1. The Crystal Focus Sound X Model 3

The first and best product on our list is the 3rd Model of the Crystal Focus X soundboard.

This board has unanimously been proclaimed as the best custom Lightsaber soundboard on the market by platforms all over the internet such as Reddit and Quora.

Made by Plecter Labs and sold by The Custom Saber Shop, the Crystal Focus X MK3 is one of the few boards on the market that is sold separately and does not require you to buy a Lightsaber just for the board.

This factor alone sets the board apart since it does not require breaking your bank.

The Crystal Focus X MK3, designed by Plecter Labs’ own Erv, has been perfected over the past three editions and is now single-handedly the best board on the market to get the most out of your Lightsaber.

This Lightsaber board comes with its SD card pre-installed which means that you will not have to scour the internet for sound files that you can get the speaker to play whenever you are using your lightsaber, although you can do that by customizing the files on the card.

Other than this, the Crystal Focus X MK3 is extremely light in weight, so it does not throw off the balance of your lightsaber’s hilt by a lot.

The board also requires either only one 7.4V battery or two 3.7V batteries, which means that the profile stays small and compact inside the hilt.

This specific soundboard also ships with features like Plecter Labs’ own ‘SmoothSwing’ technology that allows the board to play specific effects for specific movements. This keeps the experience fresh and unpredictable every time you ignite your lightsaber.

These are not even a fraction of the Crystal Board ships’ features and do not even begin to scratch the surface of what the board can do. And while it does have almost anything, the Crystal Focus X does not support magnets for the motion sensor.

The Crystal Focus Model X MK3 is more than just your average lightsaber soundboard. Its build quality ensures that it is built to last and the color accuracy is a class apart from the other boards on this list.

But just in case this was not enough to help you decide, check out the Crystal Focus X MK3 on The Custom Saber Shop’s website below to go through the full list of features and pricing.

The Crystal Focus Model X MK3 is available on The Custom Saber Shop’s website here.

2. The Proffieboard v2

The Proffieboard v2 is the second product on our list of the Top 5 Lightsaber soundboards. And while the Proffieboard is one of the lesser-known editions when it comes to Lightsaber Soundboards, it can still hold its own in this market.

The Proffieboard’s second iteration, known more commonly as the Proffieboard v2, is second to the Crystal Focus Model X for the sole reason that this board is entirely powered by the community. The board is found online and is designed to be built at home before use.

Despite that, if you fear that you will mess up during its construction or that you are not skilled enough to handle intricate electronics, you can order the board online through multiple vendors that sell it pre-assembled.

The board is based on Arduino and is relatively easy for novice-level coders to understand. The board is simple to understand in terms of both hardware and software, and quick start guides, and manuals can be found on the site linked below.

The Proffieboard earns its spot on this list as the second-best lightsaber soundboard because it is completely customizable, and users can change the board and its functionality however they want.

This soundboard also ships with support for the newer Neopixel blades that most custom lightsabers ship with nowadays.

And even if your custom lightsaber ships with its soundboard, the Proffieboard is extremely easy to install and tune to your lightsaber.

Given the fact that the board is mostly community-run and is constantly being supported, bugs or software issues are seldom a concern. And if you do not want to mess with the software aspect, the original code for the soundboard is also found on the Proffieboard website.

The Proffieboard v2.2 website also shows you a customizable menu that will show you the parts you need to build the board yourself, dependent on your lightsaber configurations and how skilled you are with smaller electronic parts.

The user guide for the Proffieboard v2.2 is available online here. The board itself can be bought here.

3. The Diatium 3 Saber Core

Demo of the New Swing Profiles on the Diatium 3 Saber Core, Powered by the Kinetic Engine...

The third soundboard model on our list is the Diatium 3 from Saber Core.

Saber Core is one of the biggest producers of custom lightsabers all over the world and this means that the DIatium 3 comes with a certain degree of premium-ness attached.

The Diatium 3 stands out on this list for two very major reasons. Ironically enough, both reasons are related in a way that one can be perceived as a pro and the other can be perceived as a con. Or both could be perceived as pros and cons. That depends entirely on you.

The first major difference that the Diatium 3 has from the other Lightsaber soundboards on this list is that this is the only soundboard on the list that is not sold separately. This means that if you want to get your hands on this model, you will have to buy a lightsaber from Saber Core.

This might initially sound like a win-win situation because you get a lightsaber out of it too, but this ends up seeming less profitable when you realize that a Saber Core lightsaber can put quite a dent in your wallet.

And while this board is assured to put a hefty dent in your bank account, the Diatium 3 is single-handedly the best pre-programmed and pre-integrated Lightsaber soundboard on the market. But what exactly does that mean?

It means that the Diatium 3 is the only Lightsaber soundboard that you can buy that does not require any form of fine-tuning or adjustments after you have bought it. Irrespective of the fact that it is pre-built into the Saber Core lightsabers and requires some effort to remove.

The board will seamlessly integrate with whatever model of lightsaber you are using or plan to use it with, especially with the included support for NeoPixel blades after their incorporation into the newer Saber Core models.

One of the major advantages provided by the Diatium 3 is that the manufacturer uploads firmware updates directly onto the Saber Core website. This means that any bugs in the system are usually found, dealt with, and removed before they become too much of a problem.

The user guide and further information on the Diatium 3 are available online here. The board itself can be bought here.

4. The Warsabers CerbeRUS NeoCore

Soundboard CerbeRUS NeoCore by Warsabers. Flaming Profiles

The fourth Lightsaber soundboard on our list of reviews is the CerbeRUS NeoCore that is designed and manufactured by Warsabers; a custom lightsaber company based out of Russia and the UK, which means that this is the only board on the list not produced exclusively in the United States.

Even though it is outsourced and not made in the USA, the CerbeRUS NeoCore is arguably one of the cheapest pre-built lightsaber soundboards on the market. The board, on the bright side of things, will not set your bank balance back a lot.

The CerbeRUS NeoCore ships with a multitude of features for its current price point. With three different control profiles and the ability to toggle either single or double button controls, its versatility is extremely impressive.

Other than this, the CerbeRUS NeoCore provides users with the ability to adjust the Turn-On and Turn-Off settings and lets users decide which direction they want the blade to ignite and turn off in. This means that the blade can either turn off towards or away from the hilt.

This soundboard also utilizes different colors to show different interactions with the environment. It utilizes different colored flashes to show actions like clashes and movements that will be used to deflect blaster bolts.

Another great feature that the CerbeRUS NeoCore features is that it has battery level indicators, which means that you will know just how much battery you have left before you go and show off your lightsaber.

The one drawback to the CerbeRUS NeoCore is the fact that in its current state, the NeoCore model does not ship with SmoothSwing integration, even though it has been promised in future updates. More features can be found on the Warsabers website linked below.

The user guide and further information on the Diatium 3 are available here on the Warsabers website. The board itself can be bought here.

5. The Golden Harvest v3

The fifth and final product on our list of Lightsaber soundboards is the third edition of the Golden Harvest soundboard, designed and manufactured by SaberTec. This Germany-based company produces deals almost exclusively in custom-built Lightsabers.

Despite being in the last spot on the list, the Golden Harvest v3 has certain features that make it stand out among the others, the first of which is that this is the only board that comes with color options and can be ordered in either black or white.

The Golden Harvest v3 comes as an upgrade over the previous versions by incorporating features such as NeoPixel blade support and completely customizable accent LEDs on both the board and the crystal chamber.

This lightsaber soundboard is perhaps the easiest to install because of the larger solder pads. The software installed in the SD card is also extremely easy to understand, and functions off of a drag-and-drop system.

The only drawback that the Golden Harvest presents is the fact that it is relatively expensive when compared to the other boards on this list. Other than this, SaberTec does not provide an expected delivery time before you order one, so there is no assurance of when you will get it.

You can find out more on the SaberTec website, which has both the purchase link and the in-depth guide for the soundboard.


In conclusion, all five lightsaber soundboards on this list have their own pros and cons. Nonetheless, our picks for the best soundboard and the most economical soundboard are given below.

The Crystal Focus Model X by Plecter Labs and The Custom Saber Shop stands on top of the list as the undisputed king of custom Lightsaber soundboards because of its constant community support. This board has a medium price point and the most features out of any of the soundboards on this list.

Looking at the more budget-friendly side of things, the CerbeRUS NeoCore by Warsabers is our undisputed pick. With its multitude of features, and even more promised in future software updates, the NeoCore might move to the top of the list in the months to come if its price stays the same.

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