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Can Anyone Become a Jedi?

Only Force-sensitive beings can become Jedi

Force-sensitive beings are taken from their families when they’re too young to develop emotional connections or any traits that deviate from the Jedi Code. 

They go on to live a sheltered lifestyle, before a select few rise in the rankings as Padawans, Knights, and Masters. 

Only Force-sensitive beings can become Jedi. However, it takes more than just Force-sensitivity. True Jedi must continually develop their connection with the Force along with the path they take, such as that of a Guardian, Consular, or Sentinel. 

Why Can’t Non-Force-Sensitives Become a Jedi?

Can Anyone Be Force Sensitive - Star Wars Explained Weekly Q&A

Since the Force exists in all living things, it has led some to believe that anyone in the Star Wars universe can become a Jedi. The Last Jedi even left a clue that it “democratized the Force,” implying anyone can become a Jedi. 

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To an extent, this is true and it’s probable the Jedi knew this. 

However, only beings with power to build a strong connection to the Force were suited to become Jedi Younglings. 

We know this because of how rigorous of a training regimen Younglings endure. Not all advanced to the rank of Padawan and not all Padawans completed their Jedi trials to ascend to Knighthood. 


These Jedi hopefuls had limitations with the Force, even if their sensitivity was higher than beings that lacked it. But some who tapped into the Force well enough to join the Jedi Order either left after they did not advance to the Padawan rank, or they joined the Service Corps. 

This shows us that if Force-wielders did not all become Jedi, it would be nearly impossible for someone without such sensitivity to accomplish this feat. 

What Makes a Person a Jedi?

what makes a person a Jedi

While devotion to the Force ultimately makes a person a Jedi, it alone is not enough. 

In both Star Wars Canon and Legends, we meet the strongest Jedi in the galaxy from era to era. You’re probably familiar with the Skywalker Saga, and it shows us the following Jedi:

  • Yoda
  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Mace Windu
  • Qui-Gon Jinn

We could name another dozen, but they all have one thing in common: Each ascended to the rank of at least Knighthood. 

What else do they have in common?

They not only showed devotion to the Force; they also developed their skill-sets, such as honing combat abilities. And it resulted in them earning a spot among the strongest Jedi in the galaxy. 

Accomplished Jedi Knights and Masters did not need to reach Mace Windu’s or Yoda’s level of Mastery. However, they still needed to apply the same devotion and building of their craft to advance beyond the Padawan rank. 

Qui-Gon Jinn let Anakin Skywalker know early that becoming a Jedi was not an easy endeavor. It’s a path few are chosen to take, and even fewer spend their entire lives pursuing. 

What is the Rarest Species to Be a Jedi?

Yoda’s Species was the rarest to be a Jedi, although there are three well-known characters of this species who pursued the path in Canon and Legends: Yoda, Grogu, and Yaddle. 

Yoda's Species Explained - Star Wars Explained

Such little is known about Yoda’s Species because they were rarely seen in the galaxy. The name of the species continues to be unknown to this day, as does their home world. 

What we know about Yoda’s Species is that they’re one of the galaxy’s most ancient. Yoda lived to be 900 and interacted with hundreds of Jedi. However, he revealed little about his species.

Judging from both Yoda’s and Yaddle’s devotion to the Force and their elite abilities with lightsabers despite their collected demeanors, it’s easy to conclude this species made some of the best Jedi. 

While we only met three, a few more resided in the background. Each was Force-sensitive, and like Yoda, kept their origins shrouded in mystery. 

Perhaps one day Star Wars Legends will clue us in, but don’t expect it. George Lucas has remained tight-lipped about the species. Going as far as to discourage licensing for Yoda’s species and never confirming a large number of the species existed. 

How can I Become a Jedi in Real Life? 

how to become a Jedi in real life

Before you decide to become a Jedi in real-life, you must first ask yourself, What is a Jedi?

Jedi are selfless people who live to serve others. They uphold peace and justice, never initiating force (not the Force), or showing aggression. The Jedi allow their Code to dictate their lives, practicing peace, knowledge, serenity, and harmony. 

Their goal is immortality, but not with their living body. Instead, they achieve this when they die and become one with the Force. 

In the words of George Lucas, he described Jedi as, “designed to be a Buddhist monk who happened to be very good at fighting.” 

He also intended to use the Jedi as a symbol to teach what spirituality and faith are outside of organized religion. 

Dressing Like a Jedi

How To Make A Jedi Costume!

The Jedi have a dress code, which involves wearing brown and cream-colored robes. These colors represented the element of earth, symbolizing their connection to both the Force and all living things in which the Force resides. 

Your best bet to dress like a Jedi is to find something that resembles a Friar robe. Ensure the robe reaches the floor, and make sure the robe is a comfortable fit. If you’re crafty, you can also create your own. 

Training Like a Jedi

mental training as a Jedi

Jedi stick to a strict training regimen throughout their lives. In our galaxy, a growing number of people find ways to remain active and fit, while having a fun time doing so. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see something like The Modern-Day Jedi Workout.

These workouts, just like what Jedi had to go through, are intense. They won’t make anyone look like a bodybuilder or even a professional athlete. However, they will condition you into building strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

Most Jedi workouts, like The Modern-Day Jedi Workout, involve the following:

  1. Sprinting.
  2. Bodyweight pushing and pulling movements.
  3. Variations of deadlifts. 

Since we’re not fitness professionals, we won’t prescribe you a workout. However, you can easily modify workouts like The Modern-Day Jedi Workout to fit your personal fitness level so you too can start training like a Jedi.

Remember, training like a Jedi goes beyond physical training. It also involves mental conditioning. 

Meditation is a great place to begin. Breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and progressive relaxation also form the foundation of a Jedi-like regimen. 

Living Like a Jedi

living like a Jedi

The best place to begin when you want to live like a Jedi is to learn and understand the Jedi Code. 

You need to live a peaceful life while building a connection and knowledge of your chosen faith (if applicable). Rely on instincts, consider your peers’ family, love with compassion, and refrain from becoming attached to anything materialistic. 

An important aspect of living like a Jedi is to achieve peace with death. Jedi knew they would die, and ascend into what was called the Cosmic Force

Most importantly, realize you, like the Jedi, have light and dark inside you. So strive each day to augment positive traits like serenity and harmony, and you will suppress the dark side in you.

To live like a Jedi, it means to conquer the dark side. As Yoda once said to his soul’s shadow, “Power over me you have not. Through patience and training, it is I who control you.” 


The Force exists in all living things, but only those with a deep sensitivity to the Force will become Jedi. Not all Jedi younglings become Padawans and not all Padawans become Jedi Knights, this shows just how deep one’s Force sensitivity must be to become Jedi. 

Yoda’s species is the rarest known species in the galaxy and since there are so few of them in Star Wars, they are the rarest in the Jedi Order. They are so rare that no one truly knows of the unnamed species’ home planet. 

In real life, you can live by the Jedi Code and the Jedi lifestyle. The lifestyle comprises physical and mental training, choosing peace and harmony above all else, and suppressing the dark side in you. 

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