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Does Yoda have Feet?

Does Yoda have Feet?

Jedi Master Yoda may look far fetched as a green alien lifeform, but his basic anatomy is more similar to humans than you may think. He still resembles earthlings in some ways, and even has realistic human facial features. 

Despite his short stature, long ears, green skin, and jagged claws, he’s not so different from you and I. However, some questions still remain about Yoda’s features that aren’t so easily answered.

This begs the question, does Yoda have feet? It’s easy to see that he has three-fingered, clawed hands, but what about his feet? 

Are they more like human feet? Or are they different?

If you’re curious about Yoda’s feet, keep reading. We’ll break it down and answer all your questions.

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Does Yoda have Feet?

The simple answer is yes, Yoda has feet. They’re hard to see in the films, but he does in fact have feet that look similar to his hands and allow him to move around with the help of his walking stick.

You may ask, how else is he supposed to get around? Well, with the bizarre features of aliens in the Star Wars cinematic universe, having feet isn’t exactly a given.

Star Wars: A New Hope - Luke Skywalker Enters the Cantina [CLIP] | TNT

Many creatures we see in the films have tails, tentacles, robotic limbs, and dozens of extra appendages. For example, the aliens in the scene above, at the iconic cantina prove just how wild Star Wars characters can get. 

However, despite all the potential possibilities, Yoda just has two legs and two feet. We see Yoda walking frequently in the films, but we rarely get a look at what he’s walking on. Lucky for us, there are a few scenes that make it clear that Yoda has feet.

For example, the following scene in The Empire Strikes Back is Yoda’s first appearance in Star Wars, it also shows his two feet clearly on the big screen:

Luke Meets Yoda Empire Strikes Back

They’re small and green, just like the rest of him, but they’re feet nonetheless. What’s more interesting however, is that his feet are clawed just like his hands. This gives him a more animal-like anatomy than his fellow Jedi.

How Big are Yoda’s feet?

It’s always hard to judge how big or small something is on a screen, especially when they’re attached to a miniature alien being. It’s not like Yoda advertised his shoe size in any movie dialogue.

However, what we can see is that his feet are proportional to his body. They look about the same size as his hands, maybe a little bigger. They’re big enough to stabilize him, but not overly noticeable or clumsy.

They are meant to be functional feet, after all. Since Yoda is a nimble Jedi master, it makes sense that his feet are small and compact just like the rest of his body. 

He’s built to move quickly with the power of the force. If you don’t believe me, just check out the following scene from Revenge of the Sith. With claws for traction and an efficient toe design, he can move naturally without any hindrances:

Master Yoda VS Darth Sidious

Does Yoda have 3 or 4 toes?

If you look closely at Yoda’s feet, you can see that they have three prominent toes in the front with claw-like nails at the ends of them. They resemble his hands, which have two fingers and a thumb (three fingers total). 

Master Yoda VS Darth Sidious

However, if you look at the specific timestamp above, you can see a small fourth toe on his heel. This is similar to some dogs and cats that have a pad or claw on their heel in addition to their front toes. This provides additional balance, traction, and speed.

Since Yoda is more animalistic than his fellow Jedi, it makes sense that he would have more animal-like features. We don’t get many other glimpses of the bottoms of his feet, so it’s difficult to determine the specific design of his feet.

Given the few scenes we have to go on, it feels safe to say that Yoda has four toes total, three in the front and one in the back. Can you spot any more details on his feet?

Does Yoda have a tail?

Despite all the screen time Yoda gets, we never see him in anything besides his Jedi robes. This can make it hard to determine if he has a tail or not.

Even though we have a limited view, it seems clear that Yoda doesn’t have a tail for the simple reason that there’s never any evidence given that he does have a tail. In fact, Star Wars forums devoted to detailed lore of the characters never mention a tail in Yoda’s species.

Yoda moves around in battle quite a bit, but given his shape, stature, and Jedi robes, no tail ever seems to make an appearance. Even in the following scene where he’s flipping upside down and moving around, we never see any hint of a tail poking out:

Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones - Yoda VS Count Dooku - 4K ULTRA HD.

Either Yoda is doing an excellent job of making sure no one ever sees his tail, or he simply doesn’t have one. For our intents and purposes, it’s easier to claim the latter.


It can be hard to scour the Star Wars films for visual evidence of Yoda’s features, but the proof is right there in front of us. 

Just by watching the films, we can deduce that Yoda has feet, they have four clawed toes, and they’re more like animal feet than human feet.

George Lucas designed some amazing lifeforms with all kinds of different features, both alien and human alike. We’re here to help you get the details on all your favorite characters from their heads all the way down to their toes. 

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