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Creative Assembly Reportedly Working On A Total War: Star Wars Game

Creative Assembly Reportedly Working On A Total War: Star Wars Game

A new report from DualShockers suggests that Creative Assembly, the studio behind the popular Total War series, is working on a Star Wars-themed Total War game. 

This exciting news comes as part of a broader revelation that the studio is developing three new Total War titles. 

You can read the full DualShockers article here.

Creative Assembly Is Developing a Total War-Themed Star Wars Game

DualShockers has learned that one of the new Total War games in development at Creative Assembly is an officially licensed Star Wars game. 

This project marks a return to a fantastical setting for the series, following last year’s Total War: Pharaoh, which had a more grounded historical approach. 

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Known for their successful adaptations of various IPs like Warhammer and Alien Isolation, Creative Assembly is expected to bring the same level of detail and innovation to the Star Wars universe.

Total War: WARHAMMER III - Immortal Empires Launch Trailer

The new Total War: Star Wars entry will likely blend strategic gameplay with the epic battles that the series is known for, set in a galaxy far, far away. 

Fans are hopeful that the large-scale battles and strategic depth of the Total War series will translate well to the Star Wars setting, creating a unique and exciting gaming experience.

NEW Star Wars Game LEAKED! Total War Star Wars Game by Creative Assembly!

Fans Anticipate the Star Wars Total War Game

The news of a potential Total War: Star Wars game has sparked a wide range of reactions from fans. 

Many are excited but cautious due to the history of Star Wars games being canceled before release. 

A Reddit user commented, “I’ll believe it when it’s downloaded on my PC because the track record with Star Wars games getting silently canceled is too big.”

Some fans are optimistic about Creative Assembly’s ability to deliver a high-quality game. 

One fan noted, “Creative Assembly has a good track record with implementing IP. Just look at how they have adapted Warhammer and the level of detail in Alien Isolation. So if this is true, it could be a very good Star Wars game.”

Others expressed skepticism and concern about the game’s potential scope and mechanics. 

A fan wrote, “I mean, that would be one hell of a way for CA to get out of their slump – if they do it right. Full-scale planetary invasions, combined space and ground battles, and so on. If they just give us ground troops with Star Wars skins, I’m rioting.”

The excitement around this potential game shows that fans are eager for a fresh and innovative take on the Star Wars universe. 

If Creative Assembly can deliver, Total War: Star Wars could become a highly anticipated addition to both the Total War and Star Wars franchises.

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