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Daisy Ridley Wants John Boyega to Return as Finn in Her New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Daisy Ridley Wants John Boyega to Return as Finn in Her New ‘Star Wars’ Movie

Daisy Ridley is excited to return to the Star Wars universe and has one wish: to bring John Boyega back as Finn. 

Fans are buzzing with anticipation, hoping for a reunion between these two beloved characters. 

Many feel that Boyega’s talent was wasted in the previous films, and they want to see his character finally get the spotlight he deserves. 

Ridley’s enthusiasm is contagious, making fans hopeful that this time, things will be different.

Daisy Ridley’s Excitement for John Boyega’s Return

In a recent interview, Daisy Ridley is eager to return to the Star Wars universe and hopes her co-star John Boyega will join her. 

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She expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Absolutely, of course. It feels like we should, yeah,” when asked if she wants Boyega to be part of the new Star Wars film. 

This statement underscores not only her personal bond with Boyega but also her professional admiration for his talent. 

Ridley’s desire to reunite with Boyega highlights the strong bond they formed during the original sequel trilogy. 

Rey lifts rocks/reunites with Finn scene - Star Wars The Last Jedi

Their on-screen chemistry was a major highlight for fans, adding depth and emotion to their characters’ journeys. 

This bond is something Ridley believes can be further explored and developed in future films.

Fans Regret Wasted Potential in the Sequels

Many Star Wars fans share Ridley’s sentiment, expressing disappointment over the wasted potential of Boyega’s character, Finn. 

The sequel trilogy initially set up Finn as a character with immense promise—a stormtrooper who defects from the First Order, grappling with his conscience and seeking redemption. 

Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens - Finn & Rey Vs. Kylo Ren [4K 60fps]

However, as the trilogy progressed, many felt that Finn’s character arc was sidelined and underdeveloped. 

Comments from fans reveal a common belief that both Ridley and Boyega’s talents were underutilized due to poor writing and character development. 

One fan commented, “Honestly, they’re talented actors but they were just given poor writing and character development. Not their fault.” 

This widespread regret among the fanbase emphasizes a strong desire for the new film to correct these past missteps. 

The hope is that the new storyline will finally do justice to Finn’s character, giving Boyega the material to truly shine.

High Hopes for the Next Rey Skywalker Movie

Expectations are high for the upcoming Rey Skywalker movie, with fans hoping for better character utilization and story development. 

Many believe Boyega’s Finn deserves a richer narrative, potentially exploring his hinted Force sensitivity. 

This aspect of his character was subtly introduced but never fully explored, leaving fans yearning for more. 

A fan remarked, “Hopefully they actually utilize him as a character this time.” 

There’s a strong desire among fans to see Finn’s character grow and evolve, bringing a sense of redemption for the mishandling of his storyline in the past.

The potential return of Boyega as Finn also opens up exciting narrative possibilities. 

Finn’s journey from stormtrooper to potential Jedi is a compelling story that fans are eager to see unfold. 

His hinted Force sensitivity could be fully realized, adding depth to his character and providing a fascinating parallel to Rey’s own journey. 

Additionally, the dynamic between Rey and Finn could evolve into a deeper partnership, showcasing their growth and resilience.

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