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Darth Vader vs. The Bendu: Who Holds the True Power of the Force?

Darth Vader vs. The Bendu: Who Holds the True Power of the Force?

Imagine a clash of titans: Darth Vader, the fearsome enforcer of the Galactic Empire’s will, against The Bendu, the ancient and powerful embodiment of the Force’s balance. 

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? 

This confrontation isn’t just about strength; it’s a battle of ideologies, a duel between darkness and the very essence of neutrality.

Welcome to Darth Vader vs. The Bendu, a tale of darkness, balance, and the indomitable spirit of the Force.

Introducing Bendu: A Force-sensitive Entity


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In the “Star Wars Rebels” series, Bendu is introduced as a force-sensitive entity that embodies the Force’s neutral center, remaining unaffiliated with either the light or dark side.

Residing on a remote planet, Bendu remains indifferent to the galaxy’s fate, embodying neutrality.

Bendu makes his debut when Kanan, a Jedi Knight, catches his padawan, Ezra, exploring a Sith Holocron—an archive filled with Sith wisdom and capabilities, which only adherents of the Sith teachings can unlock. 

Concerned by what Ezra is dabbling in, Kanan takes the Holocron away.

While pondering over the Holocron in a desolate landscape, Kanan hears Bendu’s voice, beckoning him.

This encounter leads him to Bendu, who extends an offer of assistance.

Upon their meeting, Bendu commits to helping Kanan recover the vision he lost due to Darth Maul’s deceit. 

Guided by Bendu, Kanan masters Force Sight, enabling him to perceive the world around him without relying on his eyesight.

Beyond restoring sight, Bendu plays a pivotal role in mending the bond between Kanan and Ezra, helping them confront and overcome their inner turmoil and fears. 

Star Wars Rebels - The Bendu Trains Kanan "To See"

The Power of Bendu 

Seeking refuge from the Empire, the Rebels hid on Atollon, a planet also home to Bendu. Their sanctuary was compromised when Grand Admiral Thrawn uncovered their location, leading him to target the Rebels with destruction.

However, their hiding was ultimately revealed by Grand Admiral Thrawn. 

Upon discovering their location, Thrawn resolved to unleash his wrath upon the Rebel Alliance hidden on Atollon.

Kanan hoped Bendu would aid their resistance against the Empire. Instead, Bendu, consumed by rage, transformed into a storm and vanished. 

Faced with Bendu’s refusal and feeling a sense of despair, Kanan made the decision to return and stand alongside the other Rebels in battle.

Yet, under Grand Admiral Thrawn’s cunning and merciless leadership, the Empire nearly succeeded in capturing and was on the verge of annihilating the Rebel group. 

At this critical juncture, Bendu, now transformed into a storm, swept across the battlefield. 

Manifesting as the storm, Bendu unleashed lightning strikes against both Rebel and Empire forces, compelling them to leave the planet Atollon.

Bendu’s purpose is so clear that from the beginning, he remains indifferent to the fate of the galaxy. Thus, it doesn’t matter to him if the weak are being bullied by the evil forces.

In the midst of the storm’s chaos, Kanan and the Rebels took their chance to escape, leaving Admiral Thrawn and his forces stranded on Atollon with Bendu.

Confronted by Bendu in his powerful storm form, Thrawn directed his soldiers to focus their attacks on him. Despite Bendu’s might, the barrage brought him crashing down to the ground.

Star Wars Rebels: The Bendu Attacks Thrawn

The shot wounded Bendu, temporarily immobilizing him. Following this, Thrawn approached to uncover Bendu’s true nature. 

Bendu revealed to Thrawn that he could foresee Thrawn’s future and the eventual downfall of the Empire. Thrawn, poised with his blaster, believed his shot would end Bendu’s life. 

However, Bendu, utilizing his powers, disappeared right before Thrawn’s eyes, leaving him astounded.

Star Wars Rebels: Bendu Looks Into Thrawn's Future

Darth Vader vs. Bendu

Vader vs Bendu

We’re aware of Bendu’s strength and the formidable power Darth Vader wields with the Force. 

It’s uncertain how Bendu would react to a confrontation with Vader, whether he’d choose to engage or not.

Likely, Bendu would attempt to reason with Vader first, discussing Vader’s destiny as the chosen one meant to bring balance to the Force, a role somewhat akin to Bendu’s own position of neutrality within it.

This interaction could calm Vader or incite further anger, especially considering his perceived failures as a Jedi and his inability to save his loved ones. 

Despite Bendu’s ancient wisdom and his significant lifespan, we’ve seen that he’s vulnerable to physical attacks, as evidenced when he was shot down by AT-AT fighters under Grand Admiral Thrawn’s command.

If Vader opted for a lightsaber attack, he could potentially harm Bendu, though Bendu has shown the ability to disappear, evading such threats as seen in his encounter with Thrawn. 

Provoking Bendu to anger might cause him to assume his storm form, yet even then, Vader’s profound Force skills might allow him to harm Bendu, exploiting his vulnerability to damage in any form.

Who’s Taking Home the Victory?

Darth Vader vs Storm Clouds

From what we’ve seen on screen, Bendu possesses considerable power. 

He has the ability to materialize and dematerialize at will, and can even transform into a storm by manipulating his surroundings. 

Despite these abilities, he was once knocked out, indicating a certain vulnerability.

Bendu also has the gift of foresight, allowing him to glimpse into the future. 

However, these powers may not be sufficient when pitted against the formidable Darth Vader. 

It’s a widely accepted notion that Darth Vader, with his mastery over the Force, could ultimately defeat Bendu. 

For instance, Vader’s infamous Force Choke could potentially incapacitate Bendu with ease.

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