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Did Jedi Ever Wield Red Lightsabers?

Did Jedi Ever Wield Red Lightsabers?

Red lightsabers are often linked to the dark side of the Force, and most people believe they are only used by Sith. 

However, in the Star Wars Legends universe, a few Jedi did wield red lightsabers. 

This might sound surprising, but it’s true! 

Let’s dive into the stories of Adi Gallia, Sharad Hett, and Luke Skywalker to understand why they chose to use red lightsabers.

Adi Gallia Constructs a Red Lightsaber

Who Is Jedi Master Adi Gallia? #shorts
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Adi Gallia, a respected member of the Jedi Council, was known for her innovative thinking.

Born into a diplomatic family, she was always looking at problems from different angles. 

During her years of service as a Jedi Knight, she built a lightsaber with a red blade. 

This choice was not random; at that time, the Sith were thought to be extinct, and the color red was not automatically linked with evil.

On a mission to stop a criminal named Olmar Grahrk from starting a war, Adi Gallia wielded her red lightsaber alongside fellow Jedi Eeth Koth. 

Using a red lightsaber helped her blend in and gain the trust of people who might otherwise be suspicious of her. 

Her fellow Jedi were shocked when they found out. 

Many traditionalists believed that using a red lightsaber could confuse others and make them distrust the Jedi. 

However, Adi Gallia explained that her goal was to complete the mission and serve the greater good.

When Darth Maul appeared and the Sith threat became real again, Adi Gallia replaced her red crystal with a blue one. 

This switch showed her readiness to return to traditional Jedi values in light of new dangers.

Sharad Hett Chooses a Red Lightsaber on Tatooine

The ONLY Tusken Raider JEDI Explained! (Sharad Hett)

Sharad Hett was a talented Jedi Knight known for his fighting skills and strong sense of justice. 

He used a lightsaber with various blade colors during his time as a Jedi. 

His life took a tragic turn when his family was killed, causing him to question the Jedi way. 

Feeling lost, he chose to leave the Jedi Order and live on Tatooine. 

There, he joined the Tusken Raiders and became their warlord.

During his time as a warlord, Hett’s lightsaber had a crimson blade. 

This red blade symbolized his break from the Jedi and his new identity. 

It also represented the inner conflict and rage he struggled with. 

As a leader among the Tuskens, Hett led many raids but also showed moments of kindness. 

His red lightsaber was a constant reminder of the thin line he walked between light and dark.

Hett’s story is that of a tragic hero. 

When a report reached the Jedi Temple in 32 BBY about a Tusken Raider using a lightsaber while leading a war band, it led the Jedi to identify the man wielding it as Hett. 

His fame made his lightsaber instantly recognizable to many Jedi, including Grand Master Yoda. 

Hett eventually dueled the fallen Jedi Aurra Sing, and before becoming one with the Force after she stabbed him, he gave his lightsaber to his son, A’Sharad Hett. 

A’Sharad would go on to use this lightsaber during the Clone Wars before ultimately becoming Darth Krayt.

Luke Skywalker Builds a Red Lightsaber Shoto

Why Luke Skywalker USED a Red Lightsaber

Perhaps the most surprising example of a Jedi wielding a red lightsaber is Luke Skywalker. 

Luke Skywalker, the last hope of the Jedi, was famous for his commitment to the light side of the Force. 

He defeated the Empire and helped redeem his father, Darth Vader. 

However, during his battles with Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith, Luke made a surprising decision. 

He built a red-bladed lightsaber shoto, a shorter secondary weapon, to fight her.

Luke’s decision was practical. 

Lumiya used a lightwhip, a weapon that was hard to counter with a regular lightsaber. 

The red shoto allowed Luke to fight on equal terms with her. 

This choice showed his strategic thinking and his willingness to adapt to difficult situations. 

Luke’s use of a red lightsaber shoto was a reminder that even the most devoted Jedi sometimes have to use unconventional methods to win. 

It also showed that what matters most is not the color of the lightsaber, but the intent and actions of the person wielding it.

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