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Does Yoda have Teeth?

Master Yoda Teeth

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes watching Yoda on screen, you’re bound to notice some oddities in his physique that go further than just the standard alien persona.

Everything from his height to his skin color makes him seem like an unknown alien being, but also strangely familiar. 

Some of Yoda’s features are remarkably human. When looking into his face, he can seem much more like a lovable grandpa than a devoted alien warrior. Even his tone of voice is strange, but endearing.

However, some of his features are more noticeable than others.

He has two big, elf-like ears and bright green skin, for example. He also has hands with three fingers and sharp claws.

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Even though some of his features are very evident, some are more subtle. For example, Yoda has wispy, balding hair. He also has surprisingly normal-looking facial features.

This begs the question, does Yoda have teeth?

If his face is so similar to a human face, does he have teeth like humans do?

To give a quick answer, yes, Yoda has teeth. In all the Star Wars movies he’s in, you can get quick looks at his teeth during lines of dialogue.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to get all the answers you’re looking for.

Does Yoda Have Teeth?

Yoda’s teeth are visible in every film that he’s in. They may not be very evident, but you can spot them if you look close enough.

Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace. Yoda Allows Kenobi To Train Anakin. 4K ULTRA HD.

For example, in the scene above, you can see Yoda talking to Obi-Wan Kenobi with a clear mouthful of teeth. Despite his CGI appearance, it’s implied that his teeth are natural and not just an added digital extra.

Even in The Phantom Menace, when Yoda was still a puppet before it got remastered, he still had teeth. Just take a look at the following scene to see the evidence.

Yoda Comparison - The Phantom Menace (1080p HD)

Again, it’s hard to see while he’s talking, but they’re definitely there.

Yoda never bears his teeth in a growl or poses with a big, cheesy smile. It’s never obvious that he has teeth, but they’re visible when he speaks.

Are Yoda’s Teeth Sharp?

Yoda’s teeth bear more of a resemblance to human teeth than animal teeth. They’re definitely not fangs, but depending on which movie you’re watching, they can look different.

In some movies, Yoda’s teeth are almost impossible to see.

Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones - Obi-Wan Kenobi reports to Yoda and Mace - 4K ULTRA HD

In the scene above, you can barely even tell that they’re there. However, that’s not the case in all the prequels.

In The Phantom Menace, Yoda’s teeth look a bit more like human teeth than the original trilogy. In the following scene, we see Yoda’s teeth appear to be dull and white. However, years later, they look a bit different.

The CGI Yoda for the Star Wars release on Blu-ray (The Phantom Menace)

In the following scene from Return of the Jedi, we see Yoda talking to Luke. His teeth still appear to be dull and white, but they are a bit more jagged and spaced out than before.

They don’t look sharp, but they definitely seem more animalistic than his teeth in the prequels.

This could possibly be because of his isolation for years, surviving off the swamp, and his old age.

Teeth can sometimes fall out as a person gets older, and so it’s possible that his teeth started to become more spaced out because of poor diet and his old age in a barren land.

Regardless of the reason, it feels safe to say that Yoda’s teeth aren’t razor sharp like a shark or a wolf. Rather, he is more human-like in his appearance and habits.

Can Yoda Eat?

All beings need to consume food (or energy) to survive, but does that even include alien life forms?

We never see Yoda eat in the Star Wars movies, but we do have enough context clues to assume that Yoda definitely eats food. 

In The Empire Strikes Back, we get an inside look at Yoda’s living quarters when Luke visits him in his hut. In that scene, Yoda is cooking some food over a fire, presumably for Luke and himself.

Empire Strikes Back Yoda's Hut

Even though we don’t see it, it makes sense that Yoda wouldn’t own cooking supplies if he didn’t eat food.

Likewise, he wouldn’t have cooked a meal for Luke if he didn’t also know how to cook and eat food himself.

Another clue we have as to whether Yoda eats in the new Star Wars series, The Mandalorian. The character Grogu looks and acts like Yoda, only as a much younger being.

We see Grogu eat frogs, eggs, and other small creatures in The Mandalorian. Since Yoda and Grogu are of the same species, it’s safe to assume that Yoda can eat those as well. 

This raises the question, does Yoda eat frogs?

It’s hard to imagine a great Jedi master choking down a living frog, but maybe it’s not so farfetched. It’s possible that Yoda ate frog meat and eggs, the same as most humans eat chicken meat and eggs.


Though we may never know for sure, it’s safe to assume that Yoda has teeth and eats food like most other creatures on our planet. There are enough visual clues and context clues to argue that Yoda uses his teeth much like we do.

We rarely see anyone eat in the Star Wars movies, let alone Yoda, who presumably has more important things to do with his screen time.

However, since we can see his teeth, and we know that he cooks food, we can conclude that Yoda has proper, human-like teeth and uses them to consume food, just like us.

It turns out humans and aliens aren’t so different after all.

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