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How did Rey Get a New Lightsaber?

Rey’s Lightsaber

At the end of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Rey presents her new yellow lightsaber. What the movie doesn’t show is how she got it.

So far, there hasn’t been an official explanation of how she got it; Only that Rey built it herself.

But by putting together what is known, we can make an educated guess!

Construction on Ajan Kloss

Rey began construction of her lightsaber at the Resistance base on Ajan Kloss.

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Just before the Battle of Exegol, the lightsaber was still in pieces. At this point, it lacked a kyber crystal.

This is seen in the Rise of Skywalker novel when Rey is still on the moon Kef Bir.

The Dantooine system is close to Ajan Kloss and had caves which grew kyber crystals. If Rey was on Ajan Kloss before the battle, she may have had time to collect a crystal.

However, the distance between Ajan Kloss and Kef Bir means that, before going to Exegol, Rey didn’t have time to collect a kyber crystal.

Where Did Rey Get Her New Lightsaber?

Through the process of elimination, the most likely source of Rey’s kyber crystal can be found in a sea of possible locations.

Ruling out Kyber Crystals

colored crystals

To reach a conclusion, a few criteria rule out a majority of sources Rey could’ve gone to.

First is the availability. Any planet which has been mined clean or destroyed will not be considered.

For example: although Ilum was the primary source for Jedis, by this time it had been destroyed and turned into a star.

Second is the properties of the kyber crystals. Different kyber crystals have different properties caused by where they grew.

Some made distinct noises like krayt dragon pearls and ghostfire crystals. While others affected the blade’s appearance like dragite gems and Solari crystals.

Lastly is distance. Throughout the time of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey went to many places.

Crystals which are further away are less likely to have been used than closer ones.

Adega System: Mephite Crystals

Although the majority of Mephite crystals were found on Ilum, they also formed in the Adega system.

The Adgea system was far from where Rey traveled, but it can’t be dismissed either.

The biggest point in this system’s favor is that Luke Skywalker found an ancient Jedi scripture, the Rammahgon, here. In turn, it’s likely that Rey knows about the kyber crystals here.

Although Rey using a Mephite crystal can’t be confirmed now, there is another way that it could be!

Mephite crystals had the unique property that they could be sensed by Force-users who were close enough. This hasn’t been seen with Rey’s lightsaber but might be in the future if this is correct.

Barab I: Barab Ingots

Deep within the mountains of Barab I, a rare type of kyber crystal could be found. They were called Barab ingots and could be found in crystal clusters.

This source is more unlikely due to the planet’s isolation. Still, the crystals have some notable properties that make them stand out.

Due to Barab I being an irradiated planet, the crystals that it grew inherited this property. A blade powered by one would be slightly, but detectably, radioactive.

Additionally, the crystals themselves were hot to the touch. This could be useful information if we ever see a character hold Rey’s kyber crystal.

Christophsis: Christophsis Crystals

Out of the locations mentioned, Christophsis is the most likely source for Rey’s kyber crystals.

This planet saw many battles during and after the Clone Wars. But its importance to the Jedi was more than a strategic location.

Christophsis boasted lush crystal forests and within them: kyber crystals.

Having a source of kyber crystals is good on its own but Christophsis crystals were more than that. Their unique properties made lightsaber blades incredibly powerful!

However, what makes these crystals likely for Rey’s lightsaber, is their location: Christophsis is located in Q-16 on the Galactic Grid.

Rey reveals her lightsaber, completed, on Tatooine which is next door in R-16!

Given the importance of Christophsis in history and where it is, it’s very likely that Rey would’ve traveled there to collect her crystal.

Why Did Rey Get a New Lightsaber?

This still begs the question, though, why did Rey make her own?

She had two functional lightsabers and it’s not unheard of for a lightsaber to be passed down.

The answer has to do with Rey’s journey and her connection to the Force.

Rey: Harbinger of Balance

Throughout Rey’s journey to become a Jedi she learned and fought things far beyond who she was on Jakku.

Being Force-sensitive meant being brought into an old war, and being placed on a pedestal for it.

Rey wielded both Luke and Leia’s lightsabers well, but she also knew that they were not hers. They represented a much older generation of Jedi, one that grew under the oppression of the Empire.

So, Rey fought with these blades, and at the same time represented the undying breath of the old Jedi Order.

Each victory, each loss. She fought with a reflection of her elders in her hands until the end.

With the defeat of the First Order, the age-old battle between Light and Dark was settled for now. And with it, the blades could be put to rest.

Rey buried the lightsabers of her masters in the sand as a symbol of the Force having been defended. Now, all that was left was balance.

The lightsaber that Rey built represents that balance in the Force. The yellow coloration of the blade further backs this up.

Although Rey started from a low place in a dingy corner of the galaxy, she grew immensely while battling against the Dark-side of the Force.

In the end, she knew that she would need a new lightsaber which reflected her, instead of the ones before her. And with that came her new lightsaber.

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