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How Did Yoda Get His Kyber Crystal?

How Did Yoda Get His Kyber Crystal?

One of the most iconic and important parts of Star Wars is the lightsaber. I mean, can you imagine Star Wars without lightsabers? I know I can’t.

But how exactly do the characters get their lightsabers?

Well, unlike us here in the real world, they can’t just buy one off of Amazon. They have to go through an entire process to acquire their lightsabers.

The first part of constructing a lightsaber is finding a Kyber Crystal. As one of the final stages of Jedi Knight training, the Padawans must go on a journey to Crystal Cave to find their crystals.

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Once found, the crystal reacts to the Jedi holding it and changes color to suit the Force within them. From there, the lightsaber is created with the crystal.

Now, as you may have noticed, it was mentioned that the Jedi are the ones who find the Kyber crystals. This is because the Sith are filled with too much negative, dark energy to get a reaction out of the crystal

Therefore, they get their lightsabers from the Jedi they defeat and bleed the crystal of its positive energy. Then they fill it with all the rage, hatred, and other negativity that runs the dark side.

This turns the crystal red, thus giving the Sith their iconic red lightsabers.

With how important the Kyber crystals are in lightsaber making, the question arises as to where the greatest swordsman in galactic history, Grand Master Yoda, got his.

No worries, we will answer this question and more throughout this article, so keep reading!

Where Did Yoda Get His Kyber Crystal?

Master Yoda was one of his generation’s most powerful Jedi. His wisdom and talents that spanned 900 years made him a force to be reckoned with.

The True Power of Yoda - Yoda’s Greatest Force Feats [Legends] - Star Wars Explained

Arguably one of his most impressive feats is that, to this day, Master Yoda is dubbed the greatest swordsman the universe has ever seen.

This raises the question of where he found his lightsaber.

Yoda too had to go on a voyage to find his Kyber Crystal. He engaged on his eventful journey to the ice-ridden caves of Ilum where he found his crystal.

Once acquired, the onus was on him to take his crystal back to the Jedi Temple and have his lightsaber forged.

How Did Yoda Get His Kyber Crystal?

The finding of Yoda’s Kyber crystal was not particularly difficult. While it was as eventful as any other mission, it was nothing that the Jedi Master could not handle.

While in the Caverns of Ilum, Yoda found his crystal and followed the regular procedure to change its color.

That is, he focused on the crystal and aligned his force powers with it, thus shifting it from colorless to green.

Now it must be stated that the color of the lightsaber is not particularly important, as it does not add nor take away from the effectiveness of the lightsaber. Its effectiveness is completely in the hands of the wielder.

With that said, the Jedi Order is noted for mainly having blue and green lightsabers. Yoda, as the head of the Jedi Order and the one who sat at the helm of the Jedi High Council, would have one that matched his comrades.

Therefore, it was befitting for him to have a green lightsaber.

What Made Yoda’s Lightsaber Unique?

Once the crystals were acquired, they were taken to Professor Huyang. This architect droid was with the Jedi Order from its inception.

Professor Huyang served as the forger for hundreds of Jedi, including the Jedi Grand Master. Yoda built his lightsaber under the guidance of the Professor.

Although his lightsaber underwent the same general procedure as hundreds of others before him, Yoda’s was a bit different.

To begin, Yoda himself was a unique being. His eye color was a blend between yellow and green. His skin had wrinkles of wisdom and a green tone.

More importantly, he had a small stature that allowed him to be underestimated and to consequently shock those who underestimated him.

Certainly, an individual that is this complex deserves to have a lightsaber that fits his needs.

Yoda vs Naruto

To that account, Professor Huyang helped Jedi Grand Master Yoda to create a lightsaber that was shorter than the average one.

It was a perfect fit for him and allowed him to easily wield his lightsaber without restrictions. But don’t let the small size fool you.

Yoda’s small lightsaber was just as impactful as regular-sized lightsabers used by others.


Needing no introduction, Jedi Grand Master Yoda is one of the most interesting, complex, and impressive characters in the Star Wars universe.

He was capable of far more than anyone else in his generation. He saw the Galactic Republic through its birth and demise.

He also fought valiantly in the horrific events dubbed the Great Jedi Purge and was able to impart his wisdom and impeccable training into the minds of multiple generations of upcoming Jedi.

This includes Luke Skywalker, who was responsible for rebuilding the Jedi Order.

Of course, among those skills lies the unmistakable talent that gained him the title of “Greatest Swordsman of All Time.” Naturally, to acquire such a prestigious status, one must be very good with a lightsaber.

This is where Yoda’s custom lightsaber came into play.

Seeing the small-statured individual wielding an even smaller lightsaber would be almost laughable in the eyes of an enemy. However, this would bode well for the Jedi Master as he was an absolute beast in combat.

He was capable of holding his own against foes like Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, and no one in the galaxy could hold a candle to his combative skills.

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