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How Do Jedi Mind Tricks Work?

How Do Jedi Mind Tricks Work?

It’s no question that the more Force-sensitive beings of the Star Wars universe have an advantage over the rest. 

They are the ones who can source and use the full potential of the Kyber Crystal. Well, the light side Force users are, to be exact.

Force-sensitives are the ones who have an extended life span. Not only that, but they can get into the minds of animals through a technique called Animal Bonding.

As amazing as these things sound, they are just the tip of the iceberg when coming to the impressive feats Force-sensitives can meet.

One skill worth mentioning is the Jedi mind tricks, which is exactly what this article is about.

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So without further ado, let’s dive into all things that have to do with the Jedi mind tricks. 

How do Jedi mind tricks work?

Just like almost everything else in the Star Wars universe, Jedi mind tricks work solely because of the Force. 

The Force resides within all living things. It serves as a bonding agent to connect all living things regardless of their status, species, or another defining character trait.

For that reason, the Force is an incredibly powerful component in the everyday happenings of the galaxy.

So much so that the Force can have a strong impact on those who are weaker-minded than others. This is what the Jedi mind trick depends on.

The Jedi mind trick allows the Jedi to infiltrate the consciousness of someone who has less control over their mind.

This talent allows the Jedi to embed a suggestion into the invaded minds of the individuals. From there the person is more likely to bend to the Jedi’s will.

Thus allowing them to complete their mission with more ease. 

JEDI MIND TRICK (Canon) - Star Wars Explained

Do Jedi mind tricks work on everyone?

The Jedi mind trick, as incredible as the premise is, does not work on everyone.

As stated above, the Jedi mind tricks need to be used on a weak-minded person to be successful.

That being the case, once a person has a strong grasp of their mind, then the Jedi mind trick cannot work on them.

Why must the person be weak-minded, you may ask?

Well, weak-minded people are far more impressionable than other individuals.

A person’s willpower, and the control it brings, is the first form of defense their mind has against anything.

Once there is a simple tear in the control they have over their mind unwanted things can enter.

From there, it’s a slippery slope that often leads to the individual doing things they wouldn’t under normal circumstances, through no fault of their own.

This is the exact thing that the Jedi mind trick banks on. 

How do you resist Jedi mind tricks?

Certain species seemed to have some resistance or immunity to the mind tricks, throughout the galaxy. 

Particularly the Toydarians, Hutts, Yuuzhan Vong, and Yinchorri. As these species are generally Force resistant. 

Jabba the Hutts

Even so, fighting the Jedi mind trick isn’t a very difficult task. It’s something that can easily be taught.

Take, for instance, the Jedi.

From the minute they become Padawans they are taught to become one with the Force. They are trained in keeping a clear mind and a pure, peaceful disposition about them at all minds. 

Because Jedi go through years of training to control their minds, they are not susceptible to mind tricks.

Therefore if someone follows some of what the Jedi did and learns to be more strong-willed,  they too would resist Jedi mind tricks. 

Can Sith do Jedi mind tricks?

Sith Dart Sidious and the Force lightning

In terms of the Jedi’s rivals, the Sith can use mind tricks.

Technically anyone who is inclined to the Force and is trained in the craft can utilize mind tricks.

However, the ability to invade another person’s mind is an incredibly dangerous thing in the hands of the dark side troopers, the Sith.

This would allow for them to get any and everyone who is weak-willed to be at the mercy of the Sith.

In theory, this would allow the Sith to double their army in the fight against the light side. All this without the hassle of having to clone themselves multiple times.

Luckily for all beings across the galaxy, mind tricks seemed to be more the Jedi’s thing.

To tell the truth, there was not an instance where a Sith felt the need to use mind tricks

Can Clones be mind tricked?

clone troopers in star wars

The Clones in Star Wars were created by the Galactic Republic to subsidize their military units.

These clones were almost exact replicas of their host person. Of course, with the absence of Force sensitivity, it just exists because the Force cannot be created.

With this in mind, it’s safe to conclude that the minds of the original clonal template are also copied. Therefore clones can certainly be mind tricked.

In actuality, it may be easier to mind trick a clone than the person they’re modeled after.

This is because no matter how good science and technology are, it’s virtually impossible to get 100 percent accuracy in the clones. 

Their minds would be slightly different from the originals, almost diminished.

When a Jedi is replicated, not only does the clone lose the ability to lose the Force, but they also lose all the control the Jedi had over their mind.

This is mainly because training cannot be transferable. 


The Jedi, as well as other Force users, have many clear advantages in their lifetime. Being able to tap into and manipulate the minds of others is just one such advantage.

Despite that, there is a limitation to that skill in that it only works on those with a weak mind. Therefore it’s quite simple to resist if someone tries to use mind tricks on you.

All you have to do is learn to control your mind and be strong-willed.

The Jedi had the right idea to train themselves to keep a clear mind. Granted, their techniques have not been the healthiest, but the whole remaining emotionless aspect.

However, there’s a method to their madness as the Jedi are among the few who cannot be mind tricked.

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