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How Heavy is Baby Yoda?

How Heavy is Baby Yoda?

Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu, is one of the smallest Force-sensitive creatures in Star Wars. Even when compared to others in his species, like Yoda and Yaddle, Grogu, given his young age, is around half their size. 

Grogu is a member of Yoda’s species. So far, he’s its smallest documented member in both height and weight. Grogu contains several other cool facts, both in The Mandalorian and in real-life. And unlike Yoda, he’s not afraid to tap into the dark side. 

How Big is Grogu?

how heavy Baby Yoda is

One common denominator with Grogu and others in Yoda’s species is their small height. Per Useless Daily, Grogu stands at 0.42 meters. This makes him hair over one foot, four inches tall. 

Wookieepedia lists Grogu at a smaller height of just 0.34 meters, or one foot, one inch tall. 

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Even at age 50, A child Grogu is substantially shorter than Yoda, who stood at 0.66 meters, or just over two feet tall. 

So far in the Star Wars franchise, Yoda is the tallest of the species, with Yaddle clocking in at 0.61 meters, or two feet, in height. 

We can estimate that, when fully mature, Grogu will either stand between 0.61 and 0.66 meters. Possibly closer to 0.66, as Yoda’s height implies the species’ males are taller than their female counterparts. 

What is the Size of Baby Yoda?

Star Wars The Mandalorian Galactic Snackin' Grogu

There is no definite measure on Baby Yoda’s exact weight. However, clues exist that help us at least determine this. 

Per Wookieepedia, Yoda weighed 13 kilograms. Multiply 13 X 2.2, and you get 28.6 pounds.

Grogu, per Useless Daily’s measurement, stands 0.42 meters tall, placing him roughly at two-thirds of Yoda’s height. 

Take 28.6 pounds multiplied by two-thirds, and it gives you 18.87 pounds. 

Divide 18.87 by 2.2, and you get a quotient of 8.57 kilograms. 

Using Wookiepedia’s measurement, Grogu is 0.34 meters tall, or 51.5 percent of Yoda’s height. 

Taking 28.6 X 0.515, you get 14.73 pound. Divide 14.73 by 2.2, and Grogu weighs 6.69 kilograms. 

Baby Yoda Other Facts

Grogu has not been around long, having made his debut in The Mandalorian. Despite this, he has become one of the Star Wars franchise’s most distinguished characters. Below, you will find interesting tidbits regarding Grogu’s backstory and some cool behind-the-scenes facts. 


Baby yoda’s first appearance (very cute)

Born in 41 BBY, Grogu is 50 years old, even if he still looks like an infant when the events of The Mandalorian rolled around in 9 ABY. He survived Order 66 in 19 BBY and some believe it was Yaddle who hid him during and following the attack. 

While it’s never been proven, many fans believe Yaddle is also Grogu’s mother since he was nine when she stepped down from the Jedi High Council, leading to the possibility she went to look after him at the Jedi Temple. 

He remained hidden until the New Republic Era before he ended up in a Nikto Camp on the planet Arvala-7. 

Jedi Training

Jedi training with Ahsoka

Grogu was raised in the Jedi Temple, and several Jedi Masters trained him throughout the Clone Wars. 

Din Djarin took Grogu across the galaxy in hopes of finding a Jedi to train him following the New Republic’s establishment. After stumbling upon Ahsoka Tano, she shocked the duo in refusing to train Grogu because she sensed fear in him. 

He also displayed stubbornness in initially refusing to cooperate with Tano, who wanted to test his Force-sensitivity. 

Powers and Abilities

Every memorable moments when Grogu used the Force

Grogu was well-versed in telekinesis, much like his species counterpart, Yoda. He was so good at telekinesis, he once levitated a Mudhorn, saving Din Djarin. 

Despite his incredible feats with telekinesis, Grogu was also raw in the ability, passing out for hours after levitating heavier objects. 

Also, like Yoda, Grogu was proficient in Force-healing to the point he could heal the most serious injuries. Like his telekinesis, the more serious the injury he had to heal, the more likely he would pass out afterward. 

Grogu concealed his Force-sensitivity to hide from the Galactic Empire between 19 BBY and 4 ABY. However, he telekinetically summoned food when necessary. 

He also used his Force powers to protect Din Djarin, who he saw as a father figure. He was so adamant to protect Djarin, Grogu tapped into the dark side at times. This made him resemble Yaddle, whose powers teetered more with the dark side than the benign Yoda. 

One of Grogu’s most infamous acts in harnessing the dark side involved strangling Carasynthia Dune while she arm-wrestled Djarin. 

Failing to realize Dune and Djarin were playing a game, Grogu stepped in and used his abilities to protect the Mandalorian. So while Grogu tapped into the dark side, it was not to cause blatant harm to another, but more out of protection. 

Despite his tendency to use the dark side, Grogu performed several light-sided heroics. His most heroic came when he telekinetically deflected a blast from an Incinerator trooper with a Force barrier.

Baby Yoda Moniker

Baby Yoda Moniker

While popularly known as Baby Yoda thanks to social media and mainstream news networks, Disney was fast to discourage others from referring to Grogu as such. 

Before becoming known as Grogu, Disney carefully merchandised him as the Child, to the point CEO Bob Iger got in trouble for using the name Baby Yoda. Meanwhile, actors called him the Being. 

Inspiration and Puppeteering

Grogu | Behind The Scenes History

Grogu’s roots trace back to a sketch by Dave Filoni, who served as one of the show’s executive producers. Following the sketch, Disney’s art department honed Grogu’s design into the character we know him as today. 

Tamara Carlson completed Grogu’s appearance by creating his costume. 

Rather than just one puppeteer, a team controlled Grogu’s various body parts. Both Mike Manzel and Trevor Hensley controlled Grogu’s body movements, with Jason Matthews controlling the eyes. Hiroshi Ikeuchi took Grogu’s mouth and ears. 

Beyond puppeteering, Filoni and co-producer Jon Favreau also wanted to use CGI to give Grogu even more realistic moves if the puppeteering wasn’t realistic enough to convince audiences. 


Grogu is among the smallest Force-sensitive beings in Star Wars. Given his young age, he’s also the smallest documented member of his species, standing well below Yaddle and Yoda. 

He stands between 0.34 and 0.42 meters tall, depending on the source. And he weighs no more than 19 pounds. 

Grogu also has an interesting backstory and abilities. Like Yaddle, he’s not afraid to teeter with the dark side. Especially when it means protecting Din Djarin. 

In real-life, several puppeteers control him. And his Baby Yoda moniker was not one Disney bestowed on him but the mass media. 

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