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Is Master Yoda Male Or Female?

Is Master Yoda Male Or Female?

In our world, gender has become one of the most complex things. 

What was once cut and dry, male or female, has blossomed into an amalgamation of new gender associations and pronouns that allow people to be their full, unadulterated selves. 

There is no doubt that the world of Star Wars is the same. Most species opted to use the regular “male” or “female”, or their species’ equivalent. Even so, there are an estimated eleven genders spread throughout the galaxy. 

Of course, we can’t forget about those who identify as genderless. 

Because of this, a lot of the Star Wars communities have been a little confused by the gender of the non-human characters. Particularly Master Yoda

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So, is Master Yoda male, female, or something else? Without further ado let’s dive right into the answer. 

Is Master Yoda a Male or Female?

Jedi Master Yoda in the Star Wars universe

Jedi Grand Master Yoda is one of the most legendary Star Wars characters to grace our screens. 

Living to the ripe age of 900, Master Yoda certainly witnessed many events during the centuries of galactic history he endured. 

He saw the rise and fall of the Galactic Republic and impressively lived through the Great Jedi Purge. Master Yoda was able to have a front-row seat to Luke Skywalker’s rebuilding of the Jedi Order

Despite his age, Master Yoda was still incredibly talented. Not only was he perhaps the most dedicated Jedi the galaxy has ever seen, but Yoda was also a beast when it came to lightsaber combat. 

He was so exceptional at using the lightsaber that he was deemed the greatest swordsman of his time. Master Yoda’s talent allowed him to be at the highest tier of swordsmanship and no one could even come close to his skill. 

Given all that is known about Master Yoda, it is a bit surprising that there are still so many questions surrounding him. One major one being, what exactly his gender is. 

Master Yoda is, in fact, a male. This is confirmed throughout Star Wars, as Master Yoda is consistently referred to as “he.” 

Moreover, Wookipedia, likened to the holy grail for all things Star Wars, has Master Yoda listed as a male. So it’s safe to use he/him pronouns when speaking of the Grand Master. 

Is Grogu a Boy or a Girl?

Star Wars: The Tiny Book of Grogu

Grogu, also lovingly known as Baby Yoda, has been a blessing to the Star Wars community. 

Even though many have speculated that Baby Yoda is a reincarnation of Master Yoda or perhaps his child, this is not the case. 

Baby Yoda is a Force-sensitive being that belongs to the same unknown species as Master Yoda. Hence, the uncanny resemblance. 

Just like his predecessor, Baby Yoda seems to have a strong inclination to the Force

To that account, Star Wars: The Mandalorian has shown that Baby Yoda can use Force techniques with little to no actual training. 

This is quite an impressive feat, as he was only a Jedi Initiate at the time of Order 66. From that point onward, Baby Yoda had a bounty placed on his head by the Galactic Empire

Why did they want Grogu so badly? Well, they wanted him for his blood. 

Confirmed: The SHOCKING Real Reason The Empire Wanted the Child! | The Mandalorian Season 2

As far-fetched as it may seem, the Galactic Empire believed that Baby Yoda could have been one of the first bioengineered beings to ever have Force-sensitivity transferred to them. 

Because of this, they assumed that once their scientists could harvest Baby Yoda’s blood then they could use it in their clones and have Force-sensitivity transferred to them. 

Fortunately for the galaxy at large, this experiment failed miserably, and Baby Yoda was rescued by the same bounty hunter that was assigned to deliver him to the Imperial soldiers. 

With all this knowledge that we have surrounding Baby Yoda, there is still the question as to what gender he is affiliated with. Just like Grand Master Yoda, Baby Yoda is identified as a male. 

Star Wars The Child Plush Toy, 8-in Small Yoda Baby Figure

When he isn’t referred to as The Child, Baby Yoda, or simply by his name, Grogu, he/him pronouns are used throughout the franchise when speaking about or to Baby Yoda. 


Gender and sexuality are a spectrum. Ergo, everyone is allowed to refer to themselves as whatever they want to be. 

Just like with most things, George Lucas mimicked this in the Star Wars franchise. Therefore he implanted approximately eleven different genders plus the few who were genderless. 

Yet, contrary to popular belief, Master Yoda and Baby Yoda did not fall into the genderless faction. Rather, they are both identified as male and utilize he/him pronouns.

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