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How Much Is Beskar Worth?

How Much Is Beskar Worth?

The Star Wars universe has its own set of precious materials, and one such material comes in the form of metal. 

They have the basic metals that we have, such as gold, aluminum, and iron. On the other hand, some metals are specific to the fictional galaxy, such as Mythra and the infamous Beskar. 

Beskar is arguably one of the most powerful and worthwhile metals that the inhabitants of the galaxy have access to. This metal has been shown as having great importance in the creation of armor and weapons. 

Naturally, with its perceived significance, many fans have wondered how much Beskar is actually worth. This topic and more will be covered throughout the article, so keep reading as we dive in. 

How Much Is Beskar Worth?

To preface, Beskar (also known as Mandalorian iron or steel), is a metal alloy used in the creation of Mandalorian armor. 

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Mandalorian armor

This metal is known for its extremely high durability. It was so durable, in fact, that Beskar could withstand a direct shot from a blaster. Beskar’s strength was so great it could even repel a strike from a lightsaber. 

Beskar was a super-powered metal that gave those in possession of it a structural advantage over the competition. Beskar is regarded as the Star Wars equivalent of Vibranium.

Given its importance, it’s not a stretch to assume that Beskar is incredibly expensive. 

How Much is BESKAR Worth? | The Mandalorian

Although it was never explicitly stated (or even estimated) how much Beskar is worth, the Star Wars communities have theories as to how much the metal might cost. 

When pitted against other metals, Beskar is seemingly worth more than gold. Therefore, Beskar would be priced at around 20,000 credits per gram (for those who don’t use the metric system, one gram is 0.035 ounces). 

As a little anecdote, credits, officially known as the Galactic Credit Standard, were the currency used throughout the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, non-aligned systems after the Empire’s fall, and the territories of the New Republic. 

Credits are accepted on the majority of planets, aside from the Outer Rim Territories like Tatooine. Here, some of the merchants deem credits to be essentially worthless and would like something more real as compensation for their goods. 

To give a rough estimate of the Galactic Credit in comparison to the currency we use in our universe, one USD is around 1.44 Credits. 

Is Beskar Rare in Star Wars?

Beskar metal

Beskar is undoubtedly a significant resource in the galaxy, and it’s not easy to come by. 

The extreme rarity of Beskar can be attributed to the fact that it can only be mined on one of Mandalore’s moons, Concordia. This rarity is reflected in the price per gram of Beskar. 

Beskar was so rare that it was stolen during Order 66, as stated by the Armorer (the person who turns Beskar bars into armor for the Mandalorians). 

Although the armorer did not disclose who stole the precious metal alloy, an educated guess can be made that Emperor Palpatine had something to do with it. 

Shortly after the massacre of Order 66, the Empire under Palpatine’s rule took control of Mandalore. It’s quite likely that they also took control of the planet’s prized possession, Beskar. 

Why Is Beskar So Valuable?

First and foremost, Beskar is one of the few materials that could withstand the strike of a lightsaber. 

Its ability to withstand not only lightsaber strikes but also blaster strikes makes Beskar even more desirable.

What is Mandalorian Iron/Beskar and Why is it Important? - The Mandalorian Explained

This metal can be seen as the Mandalorians’ version of the Jedi’s Kyber crystal. Additionally, Beskar is worth so much that it was accepted as payment by the bounty hunter Din Djarin. 

In addition to its extreme durability, Beskar is said to be just as lightweight as Durasteel while being significantly stronger. Durasteel is a type of metal that is more resistant than steel but far weaker than basic titanium. 

Naturally, a large factor that plays into how valuable a metal alloy is would be its rarity. When anything is in short supply, the demand for it usually skyrockets. 

In our world, this is known as supply and demand. This is a technique that many businesses use to increase the perceived value of their product. 

The scarcity of the product spikes “fear of missing out” in the public, which means more buyers will run to get it. 

From there, a vicious cycle begins of people running after the product and its value increasing because of the higher demand. 

This is the same thing that happened with Beskar. Because this metal alloy’s amazing attributes have already been proven, more individuals are seeking it out. However, since it is so rare, to purchase Beskar, a pretty penny must be paid. 

Is Boba Fett’s Armor Pure Beskar?

Boba Fett’s Armor

Boba Fett was a former bounty hunter turned crime lord, whose expansive career spanned many decades of galactic history. 

Officially operating under the code name Alpha, Boba Fett was a pure clone of the infamous Mandalorian bounty hunter, Jango Fett

Even though Jango Fett raised the boy as if he was his son, Boba Fett was technically not Mandalorian as he was created on the planet of Kamino. 

Still, as the great Jango Fett’s “son,” Boba was allowed to enjoy some of the perks of being a Mandalorian. He was allowed to partake in the planet’s prized possession, Beskar.

Now, the 2018 canon reference book Star Wars: The Complete Visual Dictionary, New Edition stated that Boba Fett’s armor was made from durasteel instead of Beskar

Regardless of this, episode four of The Book of Boba Fett established that his armor was actually made of Beskar

Was Boba Fett's Armor Made of Pure Beskar | Star Wars Explained

While it is true that Boba’s original armor was made of durasteel and did not contain an ounce of Beskar, his more recent suit of armor was pure Beskar. The suit Boba Fett wore wasn’t even originally his, it was Jango Fett’s and he merely inherited it.

As an homage to his father, Boba Fett decided to wear Jango’s Mandalorian armor that was made completely of Beskar.


Beskar is sacred to the Mandalorians, and for good reason. It is one of the few materials that has proven itself to be durable against both blasters and lightsabers. 

Needless to say, this metal alloy would be the go-to material for any warrior’s armor. The one caveat to this is that Beskar was exceptionally rare and incredibly pricey.

When both the rarity and bewildering abilities of the Beskar are accounted for, it’s no surprise that a mere gram of the metal can cost 20,000 credits. 

Certainly, this is part of the reason why the Mandalorians were so proud of their precious metal and did whatever they could to protect it.

As an honorary Mandalorian, Boba Fett was able to get his hands on armor made of Beskar. This armor was particularly special because it belonged to his father, Jango Fett.

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