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Darth Maul’s Untold Story: How Did He Survive Being Cut in Half?

Darth Maul’s Untold Story: How Did He Survive Being Cut in Half?

Darth Maul was a fan favorite Sith warrior due to his ferocious appearance, aggressive fighting style, and undeniable power. He was frightening, devilish, and extremely strong in lightsaber combat.

Even though Maul’s participation in the Star Wars saga only lasted from The Phantom Menace to the Star Wars Rebels animated series, he was still considered one of the best Star Wars villains by fans around the world. Some even think he deserved a longer-lasting role in the franchise.

Despite several near-death experiences, Maul lived until his appearance in the Star Wars Rebels series. Many casual viewers assume that Maul died in The Phantom Menace, but this is a common misconception and is contrary to Star Wars canon.

Since Maul went on to live longer than his big-screen debut, this has led fans to wonder about Maul’s life. Keep reading to learn more about Darth Maul, his backstory, and his ultimate death.

How Did Darth Maul Die?

The answer to how Darth Maul died may depend on your view of Star Wars canon. Many fans think that Darth Maul died in The Phantom Menace when Obi-Wan Kenobi cut him in half with a lightsaber.

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Star Wars Episode I - Obi-Wan slices Darth Maul's waist

Although Maul’s fight scenes with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan ended with him presumably dying, this was not the end for Maul according to the official Star Wars canon.

Maul lived on to make many appearances in The Clone Wars animated series and Star Wars Rebels. He even fought Obi-Wan again, years after their first encounter.

According to Star Wars Legends, Maul was born in 54 BBY, making him 22 years old when he first fought Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. Maul went on to live for 30 more years, much of which was undocumented by the Star Wars animated series.

Judging by that timeline, he was 52 years old when he died in 2 BBY during Star Wars Rebels.

Maul’s stint on Star Wars Rebels didn’t last very long, as he only appeared in seasons 2 and 3. However, the animated series brought Maul back to life in a way that a blockbuster movie never could.

Darth Maul died in a lightsaber duel with Obi-Wan on Tatooine in Star Wars Rebels. Though this may not have been as climactic as his fight in The Phantom Menace, many fans consider this death to be a more redeeming end for his character.

Star Wars Rebels 3x20 Darth Maul's Death Scene

How Did Darth Maul Become a Sith?

Darth Maul was born to Mother Talzin on Dathomir, giving him an inherent gift for using the dark side of the Force. Mother Talzin was the coven leader of the Nightsisters, a group of force-sensitive witches.

Darth Sidious visited Dathomir looking for an apprentice when Maul was just a child, and he initially intended on taking Mother Talzin to be his apprentice. However, Sidious then discovered Maul and offered to train him as his apprentice instead.

How Darth Maul Became a Sith - Star Wars Explained

Darth Maul was raised in the dark side of the Force by Sidious for decades, meaning that Maul had effectively been a Sith since he was just a child.

Ironically enough, this has little to do with Maul’s devilish appearance. His looks are simply inherited from his alien race.

Maul was born into a violent and powerful family. This gave him a kickstart to the dark side of the Force and played a large role in leading him to the Sith.

How Old Is The Actor Who Played Darth Maul?

Ray Park is the actor and stuntman who played Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. Park was born in 1974, meaning that he was in his early 20s when he took on the iconic role of Darth Maul.

Ray Park (Darth Maul) and a double-bladed lightsaber

Park also voiced Darth Maul in The Clone Wars animated series. Before any of his Star Wars appearances, he worked on another cult classic, Mortal Kombat.

Park is currently 48 years old, but he has acted and voiced Darth Maul for decades.


Darth Maul may have gotten a short-lived role on the big screen, but his time on The Clone Wars animated series solidified him as a household name in Star Wars canon.

Maul was a fearless warrior who fought many powerful Jedi and lived to tell the tale. Even though he lived on for decades after The Phantom Menace, he died a true warrior’s death.

Even so, fans got a glimpse into his soul during Star Wars Rebels. They saw that he wasn’t as calloused and evil as he seemed.

In his dying moments, Maul talked of the prophecy of Anakin bringing balance to the Force, bringing his character some redemption.

In the end, he wasn’t just a Jedi or Sith. He was a strong warrior who finally laid down his sword.

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