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How to Remove the Blade From a Force FX Lightsaber?

Force FX Lightsaber

If you’re one of the many people who like to customize their lightsabers, knowing how to remove the blade is essential.

Whether you’re inexperienced and need instructions, or have customized many lightsabers but are new to Force FX, this guide will help you to remove the blade.

Hasbro’s Force FX lightsaber replicas can have as many differences as they have similarities. Most Force FX lightsabers have their unique way of removing the blade if they can be removed at all.

What Reasons Are There to Remove a Force FX Blade?

If you’re just beginning with lightsaber customization, you may be wondering why you’d need to remove the blade.

Out of all the components, the blade appears to be the simplest and relatively unimportant. But this is far from the truth!

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The blade of a Force FX lightsaber massively changes the appearance of the entire lightsaber.

Upgrading Your Force FX Lightsaber

You might want to make the blade look better, glow brighter, or have a different color. To achieve any of these, the blade must be removed and changed.

The standard makeup of a Force FX lightsaber blade is an outer tube made of polycarbonate plastic, an inner core made of a diffuse rubber-plastic, and a strip of LEDs.

Changing out the default LED strip can give you a brighter blade, custom colors, or the ability to change the colors with a button!

The diffuse material can be changed to make it diffuse more light, or make it more transparent. Both properties affect the brightness and appearance of the blade.

Cleaning Your Force FX Lightsaber

If your lightsaber has gotten a lot of use, it has probably gotten dirty or scratched.

You can clean the outside of the blade, but sometimes dust and dirt collect inside of it. It may also collect inside of the hilt parts!

Cleaning the inside of anything will require taking the blade out of the main assembly.

With a cleaned and polished lightsaber, it’ll look even better than new!

Can a Force FX Lightsaber Blade be Removed?

The wide range of Hasbro’s Force FX line makes it hard to tell if a lightsaber will have a removable blade or not.

Buying a brand-new lightsaber is the easiest way to know. If the listing is accurate, it’ll say if the blade is removable.

Even if it wasn’t listed, the instruction manual that goes with your lightsaber will tell you whether the blade can be removed or not.

If neither of these is an option, what’s the best way to tell?

The best way to find out if your lightsaber has a removable blade is to consult an online resource with Hasbro Force FX manuals.

There is no better source than Hasbro’s consumer care website to find the manual(s) you need!

Which Force FX Lightsabers Have Removable Blades?

All of Hasbro’s current lightsabers with removable blades are part of the “Signature Series Force FX” line. These lightsabers are specifically designed to have easily removable blades.

The current Signature Series Force FX lineup includes Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Maul, Darth, Vader, Kit Fisto, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Star Wars Signature Series Force FX Lightsaber

The Darth Maul version is particularly adaptable . The hilt can be customized to connect with another Darth Maul lightsaber creating a double blade!

How to Remove a Force FX Lightsaber Blade?

Whether your lightsaber has a removable blade or not, there are ways of removing it.

Signature Series blades are the easiest to remove due to their design.

But that doesn’t mean that others can’t be removed! The method for removing them is just more complicated.

How to Know if Your Lightsaber Blade is Removable?

If you have the manual that came with your Force FX lightsaber, you should read through it first. Models with removable blades will have an illustrated guide on how to remove them.

Even without a physical manual, you can find online sources with downloadable manuals. The best source for these is Hasbro’s consumer care website.

The customer care website doesn’t have every manual, though, so it’s best to look up your lightsaber’s manual to check for it in other places.

If there are no manuals available for your lightsaber, it’s likely that the blade can’t be removed.

To be sure, you can try to disassemble the hilt with two common methods: Unscrewing the emitter ring, and twisting off the knobs on the hilt.

When they start to become loose, continue to unscrew them until the hilt slides off.

If neither of these methods works, your blade isn’t designed to be removed.

Removing the Blades of Other Models

Most Hasbro Force FX lightsabers unfortunately have non-removable blades. But that doesn’t mean you can’t remove them!

Although they weren’t designed to be removed, there are methods of removing them.

These methods often require tools, though, so it’s not an easy process.

If you’re determined to remove them anyway, there are plenty of resources online to help guide you. How-to guides can often be found on online forums dedicated to the customization of lightsabers.

To find them, it’s best to search for lightsaber repair/customization guides. Many people like to change the LEDs or internal electronics, so it’s relatively easy to find them.


You may want to remove your lightsaber’s blade to upgrade or clean it. Either way, you’ll need to know if it can be removed.

The best way of knowing if your blade can be removed is to know what type of lightsaber you have. If you remember what kind it is or have the manual, this step is easy!

There are still other ways to figure it out if you don’t. Searching for a list of Hasbro’s lightsabers is the best method for this.

If your lightsaber is part of the Signature Series Force FX lineup, it’s designed to have a removable blade. If not, the blade can still be removed, albeit not easily.

To remove a non-removable blade requires tools and knowing which parts to remove. Using online forums is a great way of learning how to do this.

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