10 Strongest, Most Powerful Jedi of All Time

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The Jedi Order was a group of force-sensitive individuals called Jedi Knights. They had a strict philosophy under the Jedi Code, although sometimes questioned by certain members.

By using the Force and their lightsabers, which they referred to as tools rather than weapons, they defended the Galactic Republic. However, when Order 66 was executed, the Jedi were divided and abolished. Those who survived went into hiding.

After this dark turn of events, the Republic was replaced by the New Order, also known as the First Galactic Empire. However, it was covertly ruled by Darth Sidious.

Now that we’re a little more knowledgeable, let’s get to know ten of the most powerful Jedi of the Star Wars universe.

11. Qui-Gon Jinn

Dooku’s Padawan and eventually Obi-Wan Kenobi’s master, Qui-Gon Jinn is a master in his own right. In fact, he even turned down the title of Jedi Master when it was offered to him.

If this Jedi Knight never doubted Jedi Code and even defied the orders of the High Council, he would never have taken in and informally trained Anakin Skywalker.

With his single-bladed green lightsaber, he fought using Form IV or Ataru. This style is quick, aggressive, highly acrobatic, and advantageous in open areas.

Nonetheless, Ataru has its weaknesses. For one thing, using it in enclosed spaces is impractical; for another, long and drawn-out fights using this form would lead to exhaustion.

Many of the fans speculate that this is the cause of his defeat in the hands of Darth Maul. Due to the prolonged duel, they believe that Form IV drained Qui-Gon Jinn. In his state, the enemy was able to critically wound him, which later caused his death.

His Force powers included telekinesis and mind-control which proved to be useful during missions. But his abilities far exceed this because even after death, he was able to use his abilities to come back as a Force Ghost.

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10. Plo Koon

This cool and composed wise Jedi Master was also part of the Jedi High Council. Even Darth Maul recognized him to be one of the most powerful Jedi.

A very powerful but forbidden technique he practiced was called Electric Judgment. It allowed him to use the Force to shoot lightning from his fingers.

With his blue single-blade lightsaber, he was a Master of Form V: Shien and Djem So. This technique favored the use of hostility and oppression in order for it to stop blaster bolts counter the attacks of opponents.

Aside from being revered for his swordsmanship, he was also known as the best Starfighter Pilot among the Jedi. When Order 66 was carried out, his entourage of pilots opened fire on him, and he was killed in the explosion of his craft.

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9. Quinl​​​​​an Vos

Another survivor of Order 66, this Jedi Master also tended to oppose Jedi mantra. Perhaps, because of this tendency and the help of Ventress, he was also able to use the dark side of the force.

A unique power he used was psychometry. This ability allowed him to see the history of items by simply touching them.

In terms of swordplay, he was a master of Ataru but also employed the reverse grip from Form V. During the Mission to Raxus, his fighting skills and use of the Force’s dark side helped him combat Dooku, he even managed to land a kick on the Count’s face.

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8. Mace Windu

Before Yoda was the Grand Master, Mace Windu held this position. Serious and intimidating, this Jedi Master was a conservative thinker.

He had no patience for any Jedi who questioned the old ways. Therefore, this built a rift between him and Jedi such as Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker.

As for his Force skills, he has a special technique called the Shatterpoint. This allowed him to see the weakness of his enemy.

Windu’s lightsaber was unique as it was a rare Amethyst color. He made this lightsaber from the crystals he received as rewards during his time on the planet Hurikane.

He was a practitioner of Form VII or Juyo, something that the Jedi restrained because it could possibly cause a Jedi to fall to the dark side. Because of this, Mace Windu created a Juyo variation called Vaapad.

Through this, the user is able to traject their darkness into the light. It also conducts the enemy’s powers and sends it back to them as a form of attack.

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7. Nomi Sunrider

Although she was never trained, she was a  Force-sensitive human married to Andur, a Jedi in training. However, her husband was killed by Bogga the Hutt’s men.

Andur’s Force Ghost appeared to Nomi and told her to pick-up the lightsaber to save herself and their daughter. She managed to kill two of the assailants and some retreated back to Bogga.

Eventually, she trained under Master Thon and became a Jedi. With guidance and discipline, she was able to use the Force and master Battle Meditation.

Although she did not agree with the use of weapons of war, she accepted the use of the lightsaber. Mainly because the Jedi did not see it as a weapon, but as a tool of peace.

Her lightsaber was a green single-blade that she used in the Naddist Revolt. Incredibly, she managed to conquer many enemies on her own.

When she fought in the Great Sith War, she actually used her Force abilities to completely disconnect Qel-Droma. This means that he can no longer tap into the Force’s power again.

In her lifetime, she ascended through the ranks and became a Jedi Master, and ultimately the Jedi Grand Master.

6. Obi-Wan Kenobi

The apprentice of Qui-Gon Jinn and mentor of Anakin and Luke Skywalker. He was also a Jedi Master and a member of the High Council.

He was known to be extremely wise and powerful with the blade and the Force. In the Duel of Mustafar, the display of his skill and discipline in Form III is obvious, but his compassion and love for Anakin shine through.

He tries his best to talk Anakin back to the light, but the darkness’ grip was far too strong. With no other choice, he chops Skywalker’s legs with his blue saber, expresses to him his anguish, and leaves him for dead. At least, that’s what we thought.

In A New Hope, Anakin, or should I say Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan have a rematch. But the Soresu master drops his defenses and sacrifices himself.

There are varying theories on why he had done this but initially, you would immediately think that it was in order for Luke and the others to escape. After dying, he becomes a Force Ghost and continues to help Luke.

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5. Revan

Even after falling to the dark side and becoming a Sith Lord, this powerful Jedi managed to return to the light.

It suffices to say that his story is one intense roller-coaster ride. That says a lot since we’re talking about Star Wars.

Just like his experiences, his lightsabers, too, vary in color. When he was a Jedi, he made a blue single-blade lightsaber.

When he was Darth Revan, he replaced the crystals in his lightsaber causing it to become red. However, when Malak betrayed him, he destroyed the saber.

When he had returned to the Jedi Order, he made a second blue lightsaber but he changed it to green once he had defeated Darth Malak. Of course, before his defeat, Malak revealed to Revan his past.

As his secondary weapon, he wielded a purple saber. It signifies how he had both dark and light within him, although he did shift from one side to the other.

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4. Ana​​​​​kin Skywalker

Even though he was called the Chosen One, he inevitably fell to the dark side. There were many instances where he showed doubted the Jedi philosophies and sought to leave the order.

He was a prodigy in fighting and was proficient in Ataru and Djem So. Equally powerful was his Force abilities, especially when it came to Mind Probe and Influence.

At the age of 13, he made his first lightsaber from the pieces he built during the Gathering. This blue lightsaber was made from an Ilum Crystal and was designed especially for Form V. 

The second one he made was made out of Blue Adegan Crystals. This is the one that Obi-Wan Kenobi picks up when he leaves Mustafar.

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3. Yoda

Don’t let his size deceive you. As the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, this little guy packs a punch.

With his green shoto-style lightsaber, he is a master in all Forms except Juyo. But he uses Form IV as his main fighting style.

His Force Empathy is known to be the strongest but he has many other abilities including Force Push, Force Wave, Force Valor, Telekinesis, and many others.

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2. Luke Skywalker

Despite his short training at such a late age and his inexperience, Luke was a quick learner in both fighting and the use of the Force. Some would even say prodigious.

In fact, when he first came into combat with Darth Vader, he only had a brief lesson with Yoda and Kenobi. So it was a surprise that he was able to use his father’s blue lightsaber to stand his ground.

He even used Form V even without learning it prior to his following encounter with Darth Vader. Fans speculate that Luke has the ability to apply a technique by just observing someone else do it.

His second lightsaber was a green one which he used to cut off Vader’s hand. One thing led to another and Vader saves Luke from the Emperor. At the end of it all, he re-formed the Jedi Order and became the Grand Master.

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1. Rey

Now there might be some serious dislike for Rey’s character and doubt how powerful she is. Granted, I also think that it just seems so unlikely that she’s so good at dueling and using the Force at that level.

After the first 2 movies of the sequels came out, I was cautious about her power. But when Episode IX came out, I was starting to see just how powerful she is.

This girl barely had any training with the lightsaber and the Force. Luke and Princess Leia taught her well but it isn’t exactly the same calibre as what Padawan’s learned in the Jedi Order.

She demonstrated Raw power. She could fight so well, it made me wonder about the rate at which she improved during training and the events in the movie.

And then there’s her Force powers. When she used so many different Force tricks that other Jedi before her had to train so hard for, I was even more perplexed.

Perhaps she was just naturally gifted or her Palpatine blood may have something to do with it. Eventually, she used Force Lighting in Episode IX and I just had to stop making sense of how she got so strong.

I think they just made her uncharacteristically gifted in fighting, and a Force genius at the same time. It may not make sense altogether, but as the Star Wars universe grows, I hope they explain more about her and why she is so powerful.


How Do Jedi Make Lightsabers?

The Jedi have many traditions integrated into their training. One of which is the Gathering.

This ritual starts on the planet Ilum where Jedi Younglings, are tested to enter the Jedi Temple on Ilum. This helps them adjust to their abilities to use the Force.

Once inside the temple, they learn more about the Jedi Order, lightsabers, and kyber crystals. Then, they are tasked to go into the cave and retrieve their own crystals.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds because when they enter the cave, the younglings must separate and embark on their own journeys. Because the younglings had to split up, the Force’s effect grew stronger.

This manifested in how the Force reflected their weaknesses and self-doubt. If the youngling was able to confront this, then the kyber crystal would sing and they can take it for their own.

This crystal is essential in creating a lightsaber, which is the next step. By the time they get back to the ship, they are taught by Huyang, a thousand-year-old Mark IV architect droid professor.

For thousands of years, Huyang had taught countless Jedi, including Master Yoda, on how to make their own lightsabers. And with the knowledge imparted, the Jedi are able to create their own weapons when necessary.

Who is the Dark Jedi in Star Wars?

We know that the Sith are those who use the Force’s dark side. But there are those who do not follow the Sith Code, but use the Force’s dark power, anyway. These are the Dark Jedi.

There are those who have become both Sith and Jedi, such as Quinlan Vos and Raven. Unfortunately, some of these Dark Jedi completely fall to the Sith eventually.

Xendor was one of the Jedi that rebelled against the Jedi Code. He was also the first Jedi who tapped into the dark side of the Force.

Another Dark Jedi was Ajunta Pall. He was the leader of the Dark Jedi, and eventually became the first Dark Lord of the Sith.

Can a Jedi Use a Red Lightsaber?

In the book “The Making of Star Wars”, there’s a line that mentions how the Force has nothing to do with lightsabers. “It’s just a weapon,” they state further.

It has been shown in the movies that one does not need to be a Force user in order to wield a lightsaber. Therefore, although the owner might affect the blade’s color, having someone else simply use it, will not affect the hue.

The Sith made their lightsabers from synthetic crystals, but this isn’t what makes their lightsabers crimson colored. As proof, Luke’s second lightsaber was made from a synthetic crystal but it was green; therefore, synthesis is not what causes it to be red.

In the novel “Ahsoka”, it clearly mentions how the crystals were corrupted by “bending” them to their will. This corruption process was called making the crystal “bleed”, thus the color.

In hindsight, if the Sith are able to use Blue Lightsabers, it goes to show that the Jedi can also use Red ones. It’s more likely a matter of choice.

One Jedi who did so was Adi Gallia. It’s important to note, however, that the time in which she used a red saber was when the Sith were believed to be extinct. But when that was discovered to be false, she changed her lightsaber to blue.


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