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SuperNeoX Lightsaber Review: “A New Hope” for Collectors

SuperNeoX Lightsaber Review: “A New Hope” for Collectors

Hey there, fellow Jedi enthusiasts and curious minds! Today, I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on a lightsaber that’s really making waves, especially for fans of the iconic Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

This isn’t just any lightsaber; it’s the Obi-Wan SE model (Proffie V2.2) from Superneox, crafted to not just mimic but embody the essence of what it means to wield a Jedi’s weapon. 

It promises not only to be a trusty sidekick in your imaginative escapades across the galaxy but also to bring a tangible slice of the “Star Wars” saga right into your grasp. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our Obi-Wan SE model lightsaber.

A blue lightsaber review 

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First Impressions

The moment I unboxed the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber, the first thing that struck me was its substantial feel – light, yet undeniably solid in my grip.

As I carefully lifted it out, the weight distribution was immediately noticeable; it felt designed to be wielded, suggesting a readiness for action. 

Hilt of lightsaber

A hilt of lightsaber

The hilt, with its detailed craftsmanship, provided a tactile experience that spoke volumes about its quality. It was cool to the touch, the metal conveying a sense of durability and readiness.

Lightsaber hilt

The end of the hilt

Inspecting it closer, the hilt’s design caught my eye, its aesthetics faithfully echoing the legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. 

Lightsaber hilt

The attention to detail was impressive, from the texture that promised a firm grip during the most intense duels, to the way the light would eventually play off its surface.

Hilt of the lightsaber

The hilt of the lightsaber

Turning it on for the first time, the blade ignited with a satisfying sound, a vibrant column of light that filled the room with its glow. 

The color was rich and deep, the sound effects crisp, altogether creating an immersive experience that transported me!

Green Lightsaber

Design & Handling Experience

The hilt, crafted from the finest aerospace aluminum, feels like a seamless extension of your hand, with its fully cylindrical handle offering a smooth and comfortable grip.


It’s lighter than its EP3 counterpart, making it ideal for those intense dueling sessions or prolonged displays of Jedi mastery without causing arm fatigue.

For those unfamiliar, achieving the delicate balance between weight and maneuverability in a lightsaber’s design is akin to composing the perfect melody—it demands precision, intuition, and a grasp of harmony.


The Obi-Wan SE lightsaber’s light, yet not insubstantially so, strikes a perfect equilibrium that ensures the wielder can engage in combat with both agility and a satisfying sense of presence in the hand.

Sound and Light Experience

First up, the sound. Each hum, clash, and swoosh from the lightsaber doesn’t just sound good; it feels right. With over 25 preset sound fonts to choose from, it’s like having a whole orchestra at my fingertips, each perfectly tuned to the emotions of a duel. 

Whether it’s the menacing crackle of a Sith lord’s weapon or the pure, clear tone of a Jedi’s defense, the sounds are rich and immersive. 

When I swing the lightsaber, the sound responds in kind, matching my movements with auditory precision that’s just uncanny. 

It’s not just background noise; it’s an integral part of the dueling experience, making each moment feel cinematic.

Now, onto the light. The LED strip inside the blade illuminates with such intensity and clarity, it’s hard not to feel a bit awe-struck every time I power it on.

Blue lightsaber

“It wasn’t dark yet, but the lightsaber’s blade still emitted an impressively bright light.”

The colors are vivid, and with 12 customizable options, it’s like holding a rainbow in my hands. But it’s not just the colors themselves that impress; it’s the way they’re used. 

Green Lightsaber in the park

The blade effects—like the gradual light-up and down that mimics the movies so closely—add a layer of realism that transforms a simple backyard duel into a scene straight out of “Star Wars.”

Red lightsaber

“Darth” Kenobi?

The interaction between light and sound is where the magic truly happens. When the blade clashes against another or I simulate blaster deflections, the light and sound sync up to create a feedback loop that’s incredibly satisfying. 

It’s these moments, when the light flashes upon impact as the clash sound rings out, that I’m most immersed in the fantasy.

One of my favorite features has to be the ignition effects, offering 25 different ways to bring the blade to life, each accompanied by its unique soundfont.

It’s like the lightsaber has its own personality, one that I can change based on my mood or the setting of my latest galactic adventure.

Lightsaber with many color

And let’s not forget the practical side of things. The lithium-ion battery keeps the light bright and the sound sharp for hours, making it reliable whether I’m at a convention, filming a fan video, or just practicing moves at home. 

Charging it is simple, even if getting the battery out the first time was a bit of a puzzle.

In short, the “Sound and Light” of the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber are what elevate it from a mere prop to an interactive piece of the “Star Wars” universe. 

Each swing, clash, and ignition isn’t just seen and heard; it’s felt, creating an experience that’s genuinely transportive.

Red lightsaber

Exploring the Proffie V2.2 Core

Before we dive into the thrilling world of dueling with the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber, let’s talk about what makes this lightsaber truly special: its heart, the Proffie V2.2 core. 

This is the latest and greatest version, designed to deliver an unparalleled experience.

At the center of the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber’s magic is an open-source chip, which means it’s built for customization and tailored to give you the ultimate lightsaber experience. 

Here’s a simple rundown of what this incredible tech offers:

  • Blade Color: You get 12 customizable colors. This means you can switch up your blade to match your mood, costume, or even your allegiance – be it Jedi or Sith for the day.
  • Sound Font: There are over 25 preset sound sets to choose from. Each sound font enhances your experience, making every swing and clash more dramatic.
  • Blade and Ignition Effects: With more than 9 blade effects and 25 ignition effects that change with the sound fonts, your lightsaber comes alive with every activation and movement.
  • LED Light: A powerful 50W strip light ensures your blade shines bright, casting vibrant colors that captivate all who see it.
  • Battery Life: Powered by a Lithium-ion 18650 battery with a 3200mAh capacity, it’s built to last through even the longest of battles or cosplay events.
  • Gesture Ignition & Smooth Swinging: Yes, gestures like a flick of the wrist can ignite the blade, making you feel like a true Force user. The smooth swinging response adds to the realism, perfectly syncing your movements with the lightsaber’s effects.
  • Interactive Effects: Features like Blaster, Locking, Flash on Clash, Melt/Force/Drop Effects bring the heat of battle to life, responding dynamically as you engage with your environment or opponents.
  • Customization: With a 32GB SD card included, you have the freedom to customize sounds and colors. This means your lightsaber can be as unique as your own journey in the “Star Wars” universe.

In simple terms, the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber, powered by the Proffie V2.2 core, offers an immersive experience that’s customizable down to the finest detail. 

Whether you’re swinging, clashing, or just showing off your lightsaber, the technology packed into this hilt makes every moment feel genuinely connected to the “Star Wars” saga.

Now, let’s move on to how all these features come to life in “The Dueling Experience.”

The Dueling Experience

Red lightsaber

“Shall we?”

Getting into the specifics of dueling with the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber, I have to say, it’s been quite the hands-on experience. The first thing I noticed was how naturally it felt in my hand when I turned it on. 

The ignition, with a simple flick of my wrist, was smooth, and the sound that followed was just as you’d expect—crisp, clear, and utterly satisfying.

The weight balance really stood out to me. It’s light enough to maneuver easily, but it still has enough heft to make you feel like you’re holding something substantial. 

This balance is crucial when you’re swinging it around; it doesn’t feel flimsy or like it’s going to fly out of your hand.

Yellow lightsaber

During a mock duel with a friend, the responsiveness of the blade to our movements impressed me. When our blades clashed, the lightsaber lit up and vibrated slightly, giving that immediate feedback that our ‘blades’ had met. 

This, coupled with the clash sound effects, really immersed us in the experience. It’s one thing to swing a lightsaber solo, but when you’re actually sparring with someone, these features make all the difference.

We also played around with the blaster deflection effects. Hitting a button to activate the sound and seeing the corresponding light effect made us feel like we were truly deflecting blaster bolts. It’s a small thing, but it adds so much to the feel of a duel.

In essence, my time dueling with the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber has been a blast. It’s given me a tangible piece of the “Star Wars” universe to hold, not to mention a fantastic way to engage with friends who are just as into the saga as I am. 

Every swing, every hit, and every moment spent figuring out the controls has been a step deeper into a world I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

The Weaknesses?

All right, diving into my experience with the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber, I’ve encountered a couple of snags worth mentioning, just to keep things honest and clear.

The single-button control really caught me off guard at first. This button does everything: turning the lightsaber on and off, changing colors, and switching between sound effects. Imagine trying to use your TV, phone, and computer all with one button—it’s pretty much like that.

It was confusing at the start, but after some time and practice, it became much easier. But don’t worry, I’ve got the hang of it now and I’ll share a simple guide on how to use it below.

Charging the lightsaber introduced another challenge: removing the battery. This part was a bit tricky because the battery fits snugly inside the hilt, and you need something thin and flat to pry it out. It felt like I was performing a delicate operation each time. 

“The charger is quite light, feels a bit “cheap”.

Not the most convenient design, but once you figure out a technique, it becomes part of the routine.

Then there’s the issue with the blade sometimes feeling loose in the hilt. A few times, I noticed a slight wobble during use, which made me wonder if I hadn’t attached it properly or if it was a design thing. 

I started checking and tightening it before use, which helped but it was definitely something I had to keep an eye on.

Even with these challenges, I’ve really enjoyed using the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber. These issues haven’t ruined the fun for me; they’re just small obstacles to navigate. 

I’ve had a blast learning the ins and outs of this lightsaber, and despite the hiccups, it’s been a fantastic addition to my “Star Wars” collection.

Practical Matters

On the practical side of things, the lightsaber comes with free worldwide shipping (5-10 days, mind you), a 30-day free return policy, and a 1-year warranty. 

Safety and security in checkout are guaranteed, and with the lowest prices and money-back guarantee, it’s as if the stars have aligned in favor of your next purchase. 

Plus, it’s on pre-sale with shipping starting April 1, so you might want to hurry.

Our Simple How-To-Use Guide

Here’s a straightforward guide to getting started and mastering your Obi-Wan SE lightsaber:

Setting Up

  • Charge the Battery: Ensure the battery is properly attached and charged. Usually, it comes with some charge right out of the box, so you can jump straight into action.
  • Power On: Insert the battery, and you’ll hear a notification tone signaling you’re good to go. Press and hold the main button for about 3 seconds. You’ll hear a “power on” voice, and the button will light up, indicating the lightsaber is awake and ready.

Note: To remove the battery from the lightsaber, simply rotate the part at the end of the hilt.


Basic Operations

Now, let’s break down the controls into two main scenarios:

1. When the Button is Lit and Blade is Off

  • Ignite the Blade: A quick tap on the button, or simply twist the saber.
  • Volume Adjustment: Press and hold until the button flashes once. Release to cycle through loud, soft, or mute settings.
  • Boot Effect: Hold until the button flashes twice to switch effects.
  • Blade Effect: Hold until three flashes to change the blade’s visual effects.
  • Sound Fonts: Hold until four flashes to cycle through character sound modes like Anakin, Darth Vader, Yoda, and others.

After selecting your desired options, simply twist the saber or tap the button to activate the blade with your chosen visual effects.

If the button flashes beyond the 4th time, reaching the 5th or 6th flash, the lightsaber will power off (power off).

2. When the Button is Lit and Blade On

  • Blaster Deflect: Tap the button to simulate blaster deflects.
  • Use the Force: Hold until the button flashes once for Force effects.
  • Color Change: Hold until it flashes twice, then tap to select your blade color.
  • FOC (Flash on Clash): Hold until three flashes to toggle this feature on or off.

Advanced Moves (Button is Lit and Blade On)

  • Drag: To simulate dragging the blade across a surface, hold the button and swing.
  • Melt: For a melting effect, hold the button and tap the saber.

This guide should help simplify the learning curve, making it easier to unleash the full potential of your Obi-Wan SE lightsaber. Enjoy the journey to becoming a master of your saber!

Final Thoughts

Diving into my experience with the Obi-Wan SE lightsaber, I hit a few snags right off the bat, especially with the single-button control. 

It felt a bit like trying to solve a puzzle without the picture, requiring some patience and a lot of button pressing to figure out. Then there was the battery—taking it out for a charge was more complicated than I expected, needing a careful approach to avoid any mishaps.

But honestly, these issues quickly became minor once I got the hang of things. The lightsaber itself, with its impressive sound and light effects, really made me feel like I was part of the “Star Wars” universe. 

Every time I turned it on, the room would light up, and I’d be transported to another galaxy.

So, despite the initial learning curve and the fiddly battery, my overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

For anyone on the fence about getting one, I’d recommend it. It’s an experience that brings a lot of joy and fun.

May the force be with you!


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