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‘The Acolyte’ Fire Scene Makes No Sense, But Is It Really a New Issue?

‘The Acolyte’ Fire Scene Makes No Sense, But Is It Really a New Issue?

The release of The Acolyte on Disney+ has sparked a heated debate among Star Wars fans.

While critics praised the show’s story and cast, some fans have taken issue with a particular scene depicting fire in space, arguing it defies practical science.

However, this backlash seems to overlook the franchise’s long history of scientific inaccuracies.

WARNING: Spoilers below for The Acolyte

In Episode 1 of The Acolyte, viewers are introduced to Osha, a former Padawan working as a “Meknek” who performs repairs on the outer hull of a starship.

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During one such repair, a fire breaks out, which Osha manages to extinguish. This scene has drawn significant criticism online, with fans arguing that fire cannot exist in the vacuum of space due to the lack of oxygen.

The criticism has been intense, with some fans claiming such errors wouldn’t have occurred under George Lucas.

One Reddit user even remarked, “I’ll buy space magic over galactic distance but I can’t buy flames that act as though they are surrounded by oxygen in both form and nature while our protagonists are in full extra vehicular suits because they are in a vacuum.”

Despite the uproar, this isn’t the first time Star Wars has depicted scientifically implausible scenarios.

From the explosions of TIE Fighters and X-wings in A New Hope to the flames on the surface of the Executor in Return of the Jedi, fire in space has been a staple of the franchise since its inception.

George Lucas himself prioritized storytelling and visual spectacle over scientific accuracy, famously stating, “In my world, there is air in outer space when I want it.”

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In defense of The Acolyte, some fans have proposed theories to justify the scene, suggesting that the fire could have been sustained by gas leaking from the starship.

However, this defense underscores the broader issue: demanding strict scientific accuracy from a franchise that has never adhered to real-life physics seems unreasonable.

While fans are entitled to their opinions on The Acolyte, the current backlash over the depiction of fire in space appears to miss the mark. The Star Wars franchise has a long history of bending scientific rules to enhance its storytelling.

As The Acolyte continues to explore the High Republic era, viewers should perhaps focus more on the narrative and character development rather than the franchise’s established creative liberties.

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