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The Acolyte Nearly Doubles Ahsoka’s Views, Biggest Disney+ Launch of 2024

The Acolyte Nearly Doubles Ahsoka’s Views, Biggest Disney+ Launch of 2024

Disney+’s newest Star Wars series, “The Acolyte,” has taken the streaming world by storm, achieving a staggering 4.8 million views on its first day. This remarkable feat makes it the platform’s biggest series premiere of 2024, significantly outshining previous records.

In comparison, “Ahsoka,” the last Star Wars series to debut on Disney+, garnered an average of 2.8 million views per day over its first five days, totaling 14 million views. The method of calculating a “view” involves dividing the total hours watched by the runtime of the series. By this metric, “The Acolyte” outperformed “Ahsoka” by 2 million views on its debut day alone.

A Glimpse into the Plot

Set at the end of the High Republic era, approximately 100 years before the events of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” (1999), “The Acolyte” takes viewers on a thrilling journey. The story follows a distinguished Jedi Master who delves into a series of mysterious crimes. During his investigation, he reconnects with a former Padawan, together uncovering dark and sinister forces at play.

Media Reviews

The series has garnered mixed to positive reviews from critics:

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian: “Acolyte benefits from being a fresh start for the creators and the audience alike, with no homework required.”

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Anthony D’Alessandro, Deadline: “Headland accomplishes what the Star Wars series were originally about: expanding, intriguing universe.”

Brian Lowry, CNN: “Exhibiting influences that blend martial-arts movies, young-adult fiction and the detective genre, it’s an intriguing if modest addition whose lack of connection to existing canon proves both an advantage and disadvantage.”

Alison Herman, Variety: “In giving itself permission to poke at Star Wars mythology, The Acolyte cultivates the same sense of curiosity it exhibits about its own universe.”

Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone: “This Star Wars prequel series isn’t a force to be reckoned with. Even a veteran Jedi master would lose patience with the latest Disney+ addition to the canon, which focuses on a pair of twins, revenge, and… zzzzz.”

“The Acolyte” has not only set a new benchmark for Disney+ series premieres but also captivated audiences with its fresh storyline and intriguing characters. As the Star Wars universe continues to expand, fans can look forward to more exciting and record-breaking content.

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