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The Thought Bomb & How Darth Bane Shaped the Sith’s Future Post-Event?

The Thought Bomb & How Darth Bane Shaped the Sith’s Future Post-Event?

Welcome, Star Wars fans! You may already know about Darth Bane and his unshakeable Rule of Two, which has guided the Sith Order. 

But before this rule came into existence, there was the event of the Thought Bomb, which played a crucial role in helping Bane shape the new Sith Order. 

How did it all unfold? Come along, and I’ll take you through the scenario of how Bane established his new Sith Order.

Let’s get started!

Darth Bane and the Creation of the Thought Bomb

The Thought Bomb is a powerful and destructive force in the Star Wars universe, a weapon of mass destruction that was created and used by the Sith. 

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The Thought Bomb is a manifestation of the dark side of the Force, created when multiple Sith Lords combine their powers and hatred.

This weapon has the ability to annihilate all life within its radius, absorbing the souls of its victims into a vortex of torment.

Bane and thought bomb

Bane discovered the holocron created by Darth Revan, and from it, he learned about the Thought Bomb.

Bane, on his own, couldn’t create such a destructive weapon. So, he manipulated Kaan, the leader of Brotherhood of Darkness into creating the Thought Bomb.

Bane knew that Lord Kaan and his followers would not be able to resist the allure of such a powerful weapon, and that they would ultimately use it. 

Kaan, his ultimate goal was to destroy the Jedi and the Republic, and he saw the Thought Bomb as a means to achieve this end.

Bane’s Strategy to Eliminate the Old Sith Order Using the Thought Bomb

Darth Bane with mysterious look

Bane thought the old Sith Order had lost its way. He felt they cared more about personal power and small fights than truly understanding the dark side of the Force. 

So, Bane came up with a plan to get rid of the old order and start a new one that followed the old Sith traditions.

Bane wanted to follow the Ancient Sith Order, which he thought held the real teachings of the Sith.

He wanted to go back to focusing on strength, power, and survival, which he thought were the main ideas of the Sith.

Getting rid of the Brotherhood was Bane’s main goal. He knew that Kaan’s strong wish to win the long war against the Jedi and Galactic Republic would make him use the thought bomb.

During the last battle of Ruusan, all the Dark Lords joined Kaan in a bunker underground. As the Jedi’s Army of Light surrounded the area, the Sith started the thought bomb ritual. 

The next morning, led by Jedi Lord Hoth, 100 Knights chased after Kaan and faced the Brotherhood in the cave, trying to stop their dangerous use of power.

But they were too late. The thought bomb was already made, and as Hoth ran at Kaan, the Dark Lord set off his weapon. 

In an instant, he, the entire Sith Brotherhood, and all 100 Jedi in the cave were gone, their spirits trapped in a swirling void

Bane’s Creation of a New Sith Order and the Introduction of the Rule of Two

Bane and Zannah

When the Brotherhood of Darkness was wiped out, Darth Bane was the last Sith standing. This gave him a unique chance to reshape the Sith Order. 

Bane set up the New Sith Order following the Rule of Two, believing this would keep the Sith alive and powerful.

The Rule of Two was a guideline that Darth Bane put in place for the Sith Order. It said there should only be two Sith at any time – a master and an apprentice. 

This rule also had another strategic advantage: it allowed the Sith to operate in secrecy.

With only two members at any given time, the Sith could effectively hide in the shadows, away from the prying eyes of the Jedi. 

This secrecy was crucial for their survival, as it allowed them to avoid the intense pursuit of the Jedi. Over time, this strategy enabled the Sith to grow stronger and eventually rise again.

Bane made this rule to stop the power fights and internal conflicts that had troubled the Sith.

One reason for having only one apprentice was to prevent a group of apprentices from teaming up to overthrow the master.

This would lead to a never-ending cycle of betrayal and instability, with apprentices always plotting against their masters and each other.

Also, the master would pass on all their knowledge to the apprentice.

The apprentice could only take the place of the master by showing they were stronger and smarter, especially by outdoing their own master. 

Each new generation of Sith was ensured to be stronger than the one before.

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