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5 Alternative Directions Should The Star Wars Sequels Have Focused On Luke Skywalker

5 Alternative Directions Should The Star Wars Sequels Have Focused On Luke Skywalker

The Star Wars sequels introduced new interesting characters and stories, but many fans believe that Luke Skywalker should have remained the central focus. 

Here are five alternative directions that would have been better with Luke at the forefront.

1. Luke Should Have Played a Central Role in Defeating the First Order

Luke and Yoda at the back with Kylo Ren in the front

The sequels introduced the First Order as the new antagonistic force in the galaxy, rising from the ashes of the Empire. 

As a seasoned Jedi Master, Luke would have been the ideal leader to rally the galaxy against this new threat. 

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His experience, wisdom, and connection to the Force could have provided a strategic advantage in the battle against the First Order. 

By making Luke a central figure in this conflict, the sequels could have shown his tactical genius and his ability to inspire hope and resistance among the oppressed.

Luke’s involvement in the fight against the First Order would have also allowed for deeper exploration of his character’s evolution. 

We could have seen how he balanced the use of military force with the principles of the Jedi, striving to bring about peace without falling into the traps that led to the Jedi’s downfall in the prequel era.

2. Luke’s Adventures Could Have Explored the Star Wars Expanded Universe

The Star Wars Expanded Universe offers a vast array of stories and characters that could have been integrated into the sequels. 

Luke’s adventures in the Expanded Universe are filled with depth and excitement, and incorporating these elements could have satisfied long-time fans and introduced new audiences to the broader Star Wars mythology.

For instance, the sequels could have introduced characters like Mara Jade, a former Emperor’s Hand who becomes a crucial ally and eventually Luke’s wife

young couple Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade

Their relationship would have added complexity and emotional depth to Luke’s story, showing his ability to inspire change and love even in those who once served the dark side.

3. Luke Could Have Rebuilt a New Jedi Order Beyond the Old Flaws

Luke is teaching a Jedi academy

The idea of Luke Skywalker building a new Jedi Order that surpasses the limitations of the previous one is compelling. 

In the original trilogy, the Jedi Order had strict rules and a rigid structure, which contributed to its downfall. 

By focusing on Luke, the sequels could have shown his efforts to create a more flexible and compassionate Jedi Order. 

This new generation of Jedi could have embraced the diversity of the Force, learned from past mistakes, and embodied a more inclusive and adaptable philosophy.

Luke could have adopted a more holistic approach to the Force, teaching his students to balance light and dark, and to understand their emotions rather than suppress them. 

Luke could have also gathered his new Jedi Council, composed of beings from different species and backgrounds, each bringing their own wisdom and experiences. 

This council could have tackled various galactic issues, promoting peace and understanding through their diverse viewpoints.

4. Luke Should Have Been the Key to Uncovering Ancient Jedi Secrets

Luke and Mara jade at the distance

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with ancient mysteries and long-lost knowledge. 

As the last Jedi, Luke Skywalker was in a unique position to uncover these secrets. 

By focusing on Luke, the sequels could have explored the hidden corners of the galaxy, revealing ancient Jedi artifacts, lost temples, and forgotten Force techniques. 

This journey would have deepened our understanding of the Force and its history, providing a richer context for the ongoing battle between light and dark.

Audiences could have followed Luke as he deciphered ancient texts, faced trials designed by long-gone Jedi Masters, and uncovered powerful artifacts. 

5. Darth Vader Joining Luke Could Create a Story of Redemption and Renewal

One intriguing “what if” scenario involves Darth Vader surviving the events of Return of the Jedi and joining Luke in rebuilding the Jedi Order. 

This partnership between father and son, both seeking redemption, could have provided a powerful narrative arc. 

Vader’s struggle with his past actions and his desire to atone, alongside Luke’s determination to forge a new path for the Jedi, would have created a dynamic and emotional story.

This storyline could have explored themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the complexity of family bonds, offering a unique and compelling addition to the Star Wars saga. 

Seeing Vader, now Anakin Skywalker again, working alongside Luke would have been a significant exploration of the light and dark sides of the Force, showing that redemption is possible even for the most fallen.

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